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edition 066 | SUMMeR | 2013
Health & Beauty | Hair & Beauty | Health & Fitness | Good clean fun? | Smiles ahead
Health & Beauty

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150 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
Fabled products come to enex 100
Adding to the luxury brands at Enex100 is cult beauty brand Aesop. You can expect the full range of skin-, hair- and body-care products at its second signature store in WA. Our pick for summer is the new Protective Lip Balm ($19) that has SPF 30 and contains UV filters, acting as a shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Head to Shop H126 Enex100, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth (08) 9486 9471, aesop.com.
best in the west
WA��s finest spas and beauty salons walked away with a number of the major awards at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards. Beauty Therapist of the Year was Rhiannon Mitsopolous from Advanced Beauty Concepts in Claremont; Best Customer Care was awarded to Cove Spa in South Perth; Best Spa/Salon (four rooms or less) went to Spoilt Rotten in Falcon, and finally Day Spa of the Year was awarded to the iconic Keturah Day Spa in Nedlands.
compiled by Clare Ryan
Summertime. It��s the season of effortless hair, bronzed skin and glowing from the inside out. This edition is jammed with what��s new, what works and what to try now. We test the latest hair and beauty products, trial the latest ��on trend�� health companies launching out of Perth, and have a chat to industry experts who reveal their top advice in all matters of health and beauty. Now get outside and enjoy this time of year and the season��s delectable new selection of health and beauty delights.
Subiaco highlights
Time for some summer highlights in your hair? Focusing on the popular freeform highlighting technique is a new hair salon, Balayage. Joanne and Richard Bumford have created a relaxing environment where you can sit back and let the Keune Colour Expert Salon take care of your locks. Located at 20-38 Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco (08) 6161 6180, balayagesubiaco.com.au.
the heat is on
Stuart Wright, owner of Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach, has opened a new Bikram Yoga studio in Cottesloe. ��There has been a growing demand for Bikram Yoga in Perth as people have experienced the mental and physical benefits the practice offers,�� says Stuart. ��Word has definitely spread quickly.�� Located upstairs Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre, 460 Stirling Highway, Peppermint Grove 0424 424 870, bikramyogacottesloebeach.com.au.
Alchemy lab
Need to escape from the hectic crowds and road works in the city? Head to new yoga studio Yoga Alchemy on William Street in Northbridge. Located on the first floor of a beautiful heritage building, the studio has floor-to-ceiling windows that create a relaxing ambience. Visit yogaalchemy.com.au.
lululemon in Applecross
Ladies of Perth, Applecross is now home to the latest lululemon boutique. The new store is full of the label��s popular yoga-inspired fitness gear and renowned assortment of complementary in-store events that includes yoga classes, running groups and more. The opening coincides with the debut of new local ambassadors Lara Dwyer, founder of Sukha Yoga, and Tim Almond, founder of Box 33 (personal training specialising in kettle bells). Visit 37 Ardross Street, Applecross, lululemon.com.

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152 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
Brow Specialist
Brows and make-up by Matt-Y uko. Model: Asha Barret.
Believe the difference an eyebrow makeover can do to your whole look. Matt-Yuko Studio in Claremont specialise ONLY in redefining your eyebrows so you can look the best you possibly can. Your eyebrow makeover is $80 and may involve waxing, tweezing, snapping, tinting & bleaching but no tattooing & is available to both men & women. Make an appointment today to give your eyebrows the royal treatment with WA��s very own Eyebrow King. Also available in-studio are Matt-Yuko eyebrow gels, tweezers, eyeshadows and lip glosses. Tattooing is also available. Yuko ws and ble.
Level 1, 30/22 St Quentin Ave, Claremont E: mattyuko@mattyuko.com.au
08 9385 2006 or 1300 MATTYUKO
Perth Fashion Festival
All eyes were on the chic makeup on the runway at Ellery��s closing show for this year��s festival. Makeup director Beverley Wood of Lauren Wood says the natural and minimal look is always stunning. ��Ellery Closing Night was one of my favourite looks during the week of PFF 2013. We used Vita Liberata ��Capture the Light�� product that reflects light and creates a healthy ��barely there�� makeup look. The next step was to brighten the face with some added highlighter to the brow bone, top of the lip (Cupid��s Bow) and bridge of the nose.�� For the cheeks, Beverley blended a touch of cream bronzer on the cheeks and temples, and finished the flawless look with a luscious full red lip. Simple, easy and the ultimate inspiration for a chic summer look where less is more.
Vision of the future
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery is a bladeless procedure with minimal downtime that can transform your eyesight. According to WA Laser Eye Centre Opthalmologist and director of surgery Dr Robert Paul, the surgery has many benefits and only takes ten minutes. ��If you��re short-sighted, generally 98 per cent of people will achieve 20/20 vision in the day after the operation, and by about a week that improves to 99 per cent,�� he says. If you��re long-sighted your chances are just as high, with a 95 per cent success rate of 20/20 vision. ��We aim for a permanent treatment, and as long as your eyes are stable, you��ll get that result,�� he says. Visit walasereye.com.au.
p hotography Stefan Gosatti
Summertime, and the latest hair and makeup styles are easy... at least they should be. Here are Scoop��s picks to get you through the season looking fresh and effortlessly cool.
Beach hair
The trick for beach hair is a refreshing salt spray. Spray on wet hair straight after the shower or a swim, and twist and twirl your hair to give it some volume and shape. Swedish company SACHAJUAN��s best- selling Ocean Mist Spray ($35) is sweet-smelling and doesn��t make your hair too stiff and brittle. It also works like magic on thin hair. WA stockists, visit sachajuan.com.
Soft skin
Scoop��s obsession with local beauty brand Sodashi continues with the complementing duo Sodashi Jojoba Bead Bodypolish ($106.50), which smoothes the skin and dead skin cells, and Vanilla Body Butter ($130.90) which deeply nourishes the skin with plant oils and essences. WA stockists, visit sodashi.com.
Bronze glow
Just in time for summer comes the debut of Australian-made sunless tanning product Sunescape. The tan is easy to apply (no mess or fuss), the smell is minimal in comparison to other brands, and it uses natural ingredients and Eco-Cert approved DHA. It��s also free from petrochemicals, parabens and animal cruelty. The Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse is $39.95. Visit sunescape.com.au.
decade oF style
Congratulations to Ebony & Ivory for reaching 10 years as WA��s leading Afro, Asian and Caribbean hair specialists. Owner Joan DellaValle came to Perth from Zambia in 2001, and has since taken her salon to new heights and even won Belmont Business Woman of the Year in 2011. Located at 25 Barrack Street, Perth (08) 9325 4001, eihair.com.au.
on trend

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154 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
5/6 324 Onslow Road, Shenton Park
9382 2471
Five minutes with...
Perth athlete and Olympic kayaker Alana Nicholls
what are your tips for starting a new fitness regime? The hardest part of exercise is getting into a routine. Make the promise to yourself that no matter how bad you feel, you will get out of bed, get dressed, and at least attempt the session you have planned for yourself. A bad run is better than no run! Do what you enjoy, find a friend to go with, or enter a competition. Most importantly have a goal set for yourself and enjoy it. what do you eat as a healthy snack when you��re on the run? Be sure to plan ahead to have nutritious snacks and meals ready for when you need them. I��ll generally have a green smoothie that��s jam-packed with goodness ready for when I get home from work. You can add your favourite ingredients, but as a base I use BSc Naturals Vanilla Protein, kale, baby spinach, broccoli, frozen banana, frozen berries and cinnamon. It��s delicious and you can have it anywhere, anytime. you��re in the sun quite a bit, how do you protect your skin? My skin and hair are exposed to the elements daily, so I make sure sun protection is part of my morning regime. I apply a moisturiser with SPF every morning to my face and neck, and use ELEVEN Australia��s Miracle Hair Treatment to help protect my hair. What is it? A soundproof pod that is filled with 1000 litres of water and 500kg of Epsom salt that lets you float as if you��re in zero gravity. The water is kept at 35.5 degrees, which is skin-receptor neutral, so you lose track of where your body starts and ends. The door is closed, the lights go off, and you float in complete darkness, totally detached from the outside world. There��s an abundance of research about the benefits (both physical and mental) associated with floating, such as relieving stress, recovering from injuries, eliminating chronic pain and more. Where? Beyond Rest, 125 Edward Street, Perth (08) 9228 4062, beyondrest.com.au. subject a Male, early 50s, a float-tank regular. Verdict I became a float tank convert, having experienced the unique relaxation technique years ago in Broome. Lying in your pod in body temperature high-saline solution for an hour is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience allowing your mind and body to completely lose contact with the stress of the outside world. I emerge completely ��chilled out�� and arrive home with a silly grin (so my wife says). It lowers my stress levels and also helps with mechanical issues and back problems. subject b Female, late 20s, first-time float-tank user. Verdict I��m not going to lie. I��m claustrophobic and hate the pitch black, so I was freaking out about lying in a closed pod in the dark. But at 29, with high-blood pressure, lower-back issues and an insanely busy lifestyle, I��m constantly on the search for anything that will help me relax. And it worked. I jumped into the pod and let the floating take hold of my body. My shoulders hurt for the first 20 minutes while the salts gave me a deep tissue massage, then I just let my mind drift away. I had a few moments where I sat up and looked around and turned the pod light on and off, but after that I lost track of time and the next thing I knew the session was over. Driving home I felt like someone had lifted a weight off my chest and shoulders, I was lighter and I didn��t have a million thoughts running through my brain. To combat my claustrophobia, I turned the light on in the pod every now and then, but you can also prop the lid open with a towel if you like. I��m hoping to build myself up to eventually laying there in complete darkness.
Running scaRed? You��ll feel a whole lot safer when you��re running alone in the dark on those hot summer nights, with the Aussie-designed app Safe Runner. It not only tracks the distance you��ve run and calories you��ve burned, if needed, it will automatically notify your emergency contact that assistance is needed, using your GPS location and video footage. Visit Saferunner.co.
top gear
Rejuvenate your workout wardrobe by paying homage to classic hues.
Over that same-old same-old spin class? The latest craze out of the gym is a 30-minute high-intensity workout, GRIT Strength from Les Mills. The full-body-group workout is a mixture of short and sharp exercises that combine weightlifting, running and plyometrics. Available at Fitness First, visit lesmills.com.au.
pictured Sprite Racerback bra in grey, $49.95, or Sprite Racerback bra in black, $49.95, both Icebreaker, au.icebreaker.com. Energise training vest in graphite, $109.95, Canterbury, canterburynz.com.au. Pace supportive singlet in ebony, $89.95, Helly Hansen, hellyhansen.com.au. Summer Glow shorts in black, $29.99, Russell Athletic, russellathletic.com.au. Rex women��s runners in white/blue, $40.00, Spalding, spalding.com.au.
Everyone is busy, working longer hours and stressed to the max. On a quest to escape the world and relieve stress, two Scoop staffers trial the latest in floatation therapy at Beyond Rest.
Drift away

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156 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
PHONE 6143 5655
Upstairs Old Theatre Lane Suite 30/50 Bayview Terrace, Claremont WA 6010 info@dentalquarters.com.au
• Whitening • Cosmetic smile rejuvenation • Invisalign and orthodontics • Ceramic veneers We are located opposite the Claremont Quarters Shopping Centre
It��s not your shoes. It��s not your hand bag. It��s not your clothes.
It��s your smile that says it all��
Everyone��s doing it: enthusing about that new, clean-living diet they��re on, the one that��s supposed to have given them healthier bodies and beautiful glows. But do they actually work? Clare Ryan puts her mind and body on the line to trial three of the season��s most talked about health kicks.
We all have something in our diet that we suspect we consume too much of. For me, it��s sugar, so first off the mark on my health quest was annihilating it for a month. I grabbed trusty bible I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson (everyone swears by it) and after a quick read I realised how much sugar was in my diet, from fruit to honey. Even though I was eating what I thought was healthy sugar, it is still sugar: as sarah Wilson explains, ��the chemical composition of sugar – whether it��s in a mango or a Mars Bar – remains the same. And it��s highly addictive.�� I didn��t sign up for Sarah��s eight-week diet plan (I prefer baby steps) just cooked her recipes and followed her advice. I cut down my fruit to only a banana a day, downed my coffee intake to only one a day, and I cut out all processed sugars (chocolate, ice-cream, sauces and so on). It wasn��t fun. At the beginning, I struggled with juggling work, life in general and my new eating habits, which involved going to the markets and buying organic food, cooking and preparing meals, and finding ways to get a chocolate fix, minus the sugar.
The results
What no one tells you is how hard it is at the start, while working your day job. It��s not convenient to have headaches (caused by your system ridding itself of toxins) if you have a busy lifestyle. But within two days I was surprised that I was waking up in the morning feeling fresh, rather than so tired I could cry. My skin cleared; my moods lightened and my
chest felt lighter. I had more energy, and was happier.
Did I continue?
I haven��t touched chocolate (not counting desserts at restaurants) since I started the challenge. It took a month to shake off my decade-long habit of eating it at least three times a day.
For more info
Author sarah Wilson has released a number of books all related to quitting sugar. There��s even a dedicated chocolate cookbook for people like me. Visit iquitsugar.com.
words Clare Ryan

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158 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
Far more than a ��beauty clinic��, our medically proven, non-invasive treatments are carried out by a Registered Doctor and Qualified Nurse, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.
�� Laser & IPL �� Cosmetic injectables �� Chemical peels �� Medical Grade Skin Needling �� Microdermabrasion
(MDA) & Microhydrabrasion (MHA)
To book your consultation, call (08) 9200 7722 or visit our website www.liiftaesthetics.com
Perth��s premier new aesthetic & anti-ageing clinic, Liift Aesthetics, has arrived.
Are you ready to
Restore. Rejuvenate. Revitalise.
Level 1, 160 St Georges Terrace, Perth.
It started (as always) with Miranda Kerr, and stumbling across the YouTube video in which she reveals her Ultimate Morning smoothie. Maybe it was the hope that I would magically turn into a supermodel, but after hearing the words ��maximum energy��, ��vitality�� and ��power smoothie��, I thought it couldn��t hurt to follow the herd and try my hand at it. I blended her ingredients (fresh coconut water, cold-pressed coconut milk, chia seeds, acai berries, maca powder, spirulina, goji berry powder, raw cacao powder and vegan rice protein powder)�� and it tasted horrible. plus, I don��t have time in the morning to do my hair, let alone measure out superfoods. I turned instead to new local company Green Smoothie Co. Founded by Athanae Lucev and her partner Todd Soulas, the company provides pre-packed sachets of superfoods. ��I was in the middle of a 30-day green smoothie challenge when we came up with the idea,�� says Athanae. ��Some days the recipes I was coming up with were great, and some days they were awful. I was spending much longer than I wanted making the smoothies in the morning, and I found buying all the ingredients in large packets both inconvenient and expensive. I spent part of the month in Melbourne for work, and I had to measure out the ingredients into zip-lock bags – it was just way too much work!�� one serve was all I needed, plus a few additional ingredients (banana, water and spinach)
A health kick doesn��t have to be long and excruciating, so I thought I��d give a three-day juice cleanse a go. I have friends who do juice cleanses all the time; one even did one for 10 days! But I don��t own a juicer, so I called in the expertise of juice advocates Annette Gohl and Jacqueline Forth (inset) from new, Perth-based company Pure Glow Cleanse. Their juice cleanses/detoxes are delivered to your doorstep in adorable jars with motivating tips and guidelines to getting through your cleanse. All you have to do is be home and put the juices in the fridge. Oh, and be mentally prepared. I��ve never done a juice detox, so this was quite the experience. I had to commit to three days of drinking six juices a day. Sound easy? Combine a stressful workplace, late nights and a full social calendar, and it��s challenging. Prep for the detox involves drinking lots of water, avoiding coffee for the lead-up, and having a light meal the night before you start. Then, you start the juices, one roughly every two hours. The juices themselves taste amazing, but after three, all I really wanted was a bacon and egg roll and a coffee. I found it incredibly hard at work, and had a headache within a few hours. This is a good thing, according to Pure Glow Cleanses�� nutritionist, Angela Ferguson. ��If your diet has been high in processed foods including sugar, wheat, coffee and alcohol then your symptoms will be more than likely more severe,�� she says. ��These may include headaches, nausea, excessive body odour, body aches... it is actually a good sign as it shows that the fasting is working in eliminating toxins.�� The upside of the cleanse is that you get to drink healthy juices that are full of nutrients, such as my favourite, Good Karma, which is a blend of carrot, red apple and ginger. Angela says that a juice cleanse is a good break for the digestive system, which doesn��t have to spend so much time and energy breaking down foods, and can put this energy into detoxifying and healing instead. ��The juices contain high amounts of antioxidants which are great at removing toxins from the body, and are beneficial to the liver and kidneys and help to cleanse the blood,�� she says.
The results
I struggled. Clearly I had too much coffee in my system pre-detox. But the juices are refreshing and so full of nutrients that I found my body actually craved one in the morning and one around 3pm. I did feel lighter and healthier after the detox, but I��m not sure if I managed a glow.
Did I continue?
I bought a juicer and it��s sitting on the kitchen table... I haven��t put it together yet. I still crave the goodness from the juices, and if Pure Glow Cleanse launched one-day cleansers or juices that you can buy just to enjoy over a few days then I would snap them up in a second. I would try the cleanse again, but I would ensure that it was over a weekend or not during a stressful time at work.
For more info
Visit pureglowcleanse.com.au. S
to create an amazing smoothie full of goodness. My first sachet was Brain Food, a mixture of spirulina, mesquite, cacao, wheatgrass, maca and chia, designed to help transport oxygen to my cells and boost my mood. I��m not sure if I felt happier, but I now find that I am actually craving these smoothies every day. ��We are getting great feedback from parents who are feeding their kids green smoothies as breakfast or afternoon tea, from people who don��t have the time to measure out recipes of superfoods each day, and from people who have always wanted to try a green smoothie but didn��t know what to do – this makes it really easy,�� says Athenae.
The results
They��re easy, quick to use and you��re getting a hit of fantastic nutrients. The great thing about Green Smooth Co is that they have all of the nutritional information online for you to see what is going into your body and they have clearly listed the benefits of each superfood mixture.
Did I continue?
I just put in an order for additional sachets and now there is a chocolate-inspired flavour Crazy For Cacao. You get five serves/sachets for $20.
For more info
Visit greensmoothieco.com, or email hello@ greensmoothieco.com.
��I don��t have time in the morning to do my hair, let alone measure out superfoods.��

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160 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
SKYN 187 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, 6009 Ph: 9389 9022 E: info@skyn.com.au www.skyn.com.au Open Monday-Saturday Centres in Mandurah, Mundaring & Pinjarra
Wrinkle Relaxers Dermal Fillers Liquid Facelift angel PRP Microdermabrasion elos Sublative elos Sublime Skin Tightening elos Skin Rejuvenation elos Laser hair removal elos LVA (veins) Clear + Brilliant Medical Needling Fat Lipolysis
Love the Skin you��re in
While a dazzling white smile
is indispensable for any celebrity on the red carpet (it ain��t called a ��Hollywood smile�� for nothing), pearly whites have become both a social accessory and a dating essential for lesser mortals, too. A new study by Match.com, for instance, reveals the smile is the first thing both men and women notice about each other. This isn��t a statistic that surprises Dr stephen chan of The Dental Quarters in Claremont. ��A perfect smile is often associated with status, health, beauty and youthfulness,�� he says. ��A lot of clients come in with worn, chipped and aged teeth from years of neglect or grinding, and just want to look less stressed. often square, worn and shortened teeth tend to have a more masculine appearance and women want their teeth to be restored back to a longer, narrower feminised appearance.�� Dentist and prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich of Aria Dental says that a rejuvenated smile can have wide-reaching benefits. ��It��s the first thing people notice when they meet you, so the psychological impact of a healthy smile should not be underestimated,�� he says. ��A confident smile lets you be your best self with others, and that��s attractive.�� Perhaps this growing popularity is a reflection of the changing face of the industry. New trends and approaches have made the dental experience more stress-free and technologies push faster results, better aesthetics and less pain. Additionally, while the concept of dentistry has always been about prevention and preservation, dentists are now responding to demands for a better service. ��Gone are the days of emergency drill-and-fill dentistry – it has become a much nicer, friendlier service,�� says Dr Chan. ��Our boutique practice was developed out of my personal fear of going to the dentist as a child, and was refined on feedback from patients about what they would like to see in an ideal dental practice.�� Similarly, Aria Dental��s new state-of-the-art practice in Raine Square, in Perth��s CBD, reflects this accessible approach. ��Boutique premises are committed to the best technology, materials and a modern approach to dentistry, but also the patient experience,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��We fitted our new space with a luxurious, bespoke design including plush lounges and personal TV screens.�� And it��s not just the surroundings that have improved. ��procedures that use the latest technology are quicker, more comfortable, last longer and look better,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��Having a filling replaced can be a totally different experience to how you remember it. We now use cAD cAM (computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing) technology to make realistic, tooth-coloured fillings in one appointment, instead of taking a mould of your teeth and asking you to come back once the filling has been made.��
Your smile affects everything from how you��re perceived at work to your prospects of finding a partner. It��s no wonder the number of people turning to cosmetic dentistry to enhance their chances is on the rise.
��A perfect smile is often associated with status, health, beauty and youthfulness.��
smile maKeoVers
Are the ��smile makeovers��, as seen in reality TV shows, a realistic approach to dentistry? ��We��ve certainly noticed an increase in people asking about ��smile makeovers���� says Dr Zaninovich. ��It should be noted, though, that often inexpensive and simple techniques such as teeth whitening or veneers can make a dramatic change to someone��s smile.�� ��Complete smile makeovers as you see on TV are uncommon; there really isn��t such thing as a quick fix,�� says Dr Chan. ��What you see tends to be temporary and very often they need to come back on subsequent visits to achieve the final results.�� Dr Chan says in cosmetic dentistry they refer to such procedures as full mouth rehabilitation, or smile rejuvenations. ��It involves restoring the dental tissues back to a stable, functional position without compromising and improving on aesthetics.�� An assessment of a smile typically involves several procedures, such as veneers, dental implants, gum sculpting and teeth whitening. A full mouth reconstruction may be used to correct functional problems with the patient��s bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure. ��A smile makeover is best achieved by a prosthodontist,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��A prosthodontist works with patients on complex reconstruction issues such as malalignment, missing teeth or very short and painful teeth. For us, it��s as much about comfortable function and longevity as aesthetics.��
words Jessica Rule

Page 8
162 scoop SUMMER 2013/14
Dr Chan says digital dentistry has been the game-changer. ��We have scanners that take digital records of your teeth and can be wirelessly sent to a six-axis milling unit (like a printer) that makes precision-fit fillings, crowns and veneers in as little as 15 minutes. That points to another element of today��s dentistry – it is all about customisation.�� Dr Chan says whereas a ��one size fits all�� approach used to be the status quo, dentists now customise teeth-work and combine cosmetic procedures according to the surrounding lip support, cheeks, arch support and facial proportions. ��It��s all about enhancing while looking natural. My goal is to have clients�� friends and families say, ��You look great,�� without knowing what they have had done.�� Another development will come with the revision of current Australian Dental Association policies restricting the use of Botox and fillers for cosmetic reasons. ��A greater understanding of these techniques has allowed us to work with our cosmetic GP practitioners to plan a more holistic result of combining teeth, lips and cheek support for a more natural smile,�� says Dr Chan. S
��Gone are the days of emergency drill-and- fill dentistry – it has become a much nicer, friendlier service.��
doWn in the mouth?
Then perhaps its time to check out the most popular cosmetic dental procedures on the market.
For a straight-up Hollywood smile, veneers may be the solution. ��They can alter the shade and shape of your teeth, and make small changes in the position of your teeth,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��They��re also less invasive than crowns.�� Advancements have seen the translucent quality of today��s veneers provide a more natural appearance. ��Ten years ago, we were pushing our cosmetic materials to 1mm, we now have limits of 0.1mm in thickness,�� says Dr Chan. ��This means less or no contouring of teeth.�� Custom-designed, wafer-thin shells of tooth- like material – porcelain or composite resin – are applied to cover worn enamel and rough edges, uneven tooth alignment or spacing (like gap- tooth), crowding and staining, and mask poorly shaped teeth, chips or cracks Porcelain creates the most natural look, but is almost always irreversible because the tooth is reshaped. Composite is less cost and has no tooth intervention, but it is more opaque than porcelain and doesn��t mimic the translucency and characteristics of tooth enamel quite as naturally.
Dental implants
Nothing says poor dental health more than missing teeth, which also cause the face to collapse and look older. ��Although some people still have dentures, implants are largely superseding them,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��Implants these days are brilliant – they look and feel very similarly to natural teeth, are very comfortable and last a long time.�� Today��s implants are made from titanium and surgically placed in the bone, taking around four to six months to become integrated into the jaw. A ceramic porcelain tooth restoration is then matched to the original tooth colour and attached. These feel more natural than conventional replacement bridges or dentures and are more durable. ��We are now able to have a 3D scan of your jaw bone and carry out ��virtual�� surgery before we even start to check for potential complications�� says Dr Chan. This ensures optimal results for our clients, plus outcomes are more predictable. We also focus on perfecting gum architecture, because there is no point having a beautiful picture (implant teeth) with a wonky picture frame (gums).��
Dental Quarters, Claremont.
• Specialised skin consultations • Anti-ageing specialists • Facials - anti-ageing, clearing, calming • Massage - hot stone, deep tissue, relaxation • IPL Photorejuvenation • Emerge & Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing • Cosmetic Doctor - wrinkle relaxers, fillers • Hair removal - IPL and waxing • Microdermabrasion & Peels • Mineral Make-Up & skincare products
Where luxury meets technology..
Awarded by VOGUE Australia as WA��s Best Medi-Spa Group, we��re proud to offer a range of health and beauty services across Perth. Our specialised therapists are experts in their field and will work with you to achieve your goals, from improving the condition and appearance of your skin, to de-stressing and relaxing your life! Skindeep��s four salons are still proudly owned and run by founder Helen Golisano, an award-winning Paramedical Therapist for 31 years.
Pamper packages and gift vouchers available now in-salon and online!
Gum lift
A beautiful smile inevitably includes healthy looking gums. ��One of the most underrated treatments for improving your smile is working with a periodontist (gum specialist),�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��They can reshape the gum line to improve the position and show of the gums to enhance your smile.�� This surgical procedure involves lifting, positioning and shaping the gums to improve not only their appearance but also the size and shape of the teeth. In some cases the dentist may use a laser to remove excess tissue. A gum lift may be required for one or two teeth, or the full mouth.
More adults than ever are indulging in orthodontics to straighten teeth and correct malocclusions or bad bites. The premise is applying constant pressure to the teeth, which pushes the teeth towards the correct position. The four common treatment options are: standard metal braces; clear braces; concealed braces (placed on the inside of teeth); and Invisalign (the virtually invisible plastic or polymer aligners). ��Removable clear aligners (such as the Invisalign system) are a very effective way of gently moving teeth to their ideal position,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��People love the way they look and their convenience compared to conventional fixed braces.�� The length of treatment varies anywhere from several months to several years, and patients wear a retainer after conclusion.
For those with discoloured or decayed teeth, smaller gaps or chips, fillings can be applied on the edge of a tooth. Modern fillings made out of tooth-coloured ceramic and resin, are stronger and last a lot longer. ��We frequently recommend replacement of suboptimal fillings with tooth-coloured ceramic fillings,�� says Dr Zaninovich. ��Not only is this a cosmetic improvement, it eliminates the need for crowns (or caps).�� Composed of resin and glass particles, and cemented and shaped to the existing tooth using a bonding agent, they blend invisibly.
Teeth whitening
Whitening reigns supreme as the most common cosmetic dental procedure. Whether in the form of one-hour bleaching sessions at a dentist��s office, home kits with a dentist-made mouthguard, pure laser or kick-start laser – or a combination of the above – there��s something for everyone. ��Teeth whitening has had a reputation as being painful in the past, however we��ve aimed to minimise any discomfort with our new combination approach,�� says Dr Chan. ��We utilise both a painted on solution followed by a mouth-guard whitener in-office, which takes around 90 minutes, and then prompt patients to use an at-home method to adjust the shade of their teeth.�� Where the laser methods tend to be more costly, home kits are affordable and see the patient fitted with a tailor-made mouthguard at their dentist. The mouthguard filled with whitening gel does not harm the teeth but slightly changes the composition of the dentine – the part of a tooth that is hard, contains calcium and lies underneath the enamel – making it appear whiter. Virtually everyone will see moderate to substantial improvement in the brightness and whiteness of their choppers. However, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution and requires maintenance and repeat treatments. contacts Aria Dental (08) 9226 2135, ariadental.net.au The Dental Quarters (08) 6143 5655, dentalquarters.com.au
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