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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
in Hand

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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Flint Cultural Center Corporation
Our Mission
To foster cultural activity and community vitality through history, science and the arts.
Our Vision
The Flint Cultural Center Corporation (FCCC) will position the Flint Cultural Center as the premier regional destination, educational resource, and entertainment venue for history, science and the arts.
Corporation Governance and Operation
The FCCC is responsible for all aspects of governance and operation of Robert T. Longway Planetarium, Alfred P. Sloan Museum, and James H. Whiting Auditorium. The FCCC also maintains a central administrative staff to provide additional leadership, support services, and other resources.
Campus-wide and Community Endeavors
The FCCC works closely and collaboratively, through its member organizations and central administrative staff, with other Cultural Center campus institutions, community groups, public agencies, and regional institutions to jointly develop and coordinate programs, activities, and special initiatives that help increase public interest, awareness, and use of the Cultural Center campus and its institutions.
Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Dr. D.J. Trela, Chair Jeremy Piper, Vice-Chair Robert S. Piper, Treasurer  Cheryl D. Gallon, Secretary Jeanne Pepper, Immediate Past Chair Marsha Barber Clark, Interim President & CEO Ex-Officio
Board Members
Betsy Aderholdt Rick Carter Daniel Coffield Brad Fogleman Dr. Amy Fugate Steve Heddy Dr. Thomas Henthorn Lubna Bathish Jones Antoinette Lockett Elizabeth S. Murphy Betty Ramsdell Dr. Kimberly Roberson April Scrimger Dr. Ernestine Smith Ridgway White
Jody Blackburn, Director of Finance Marsha Barber Clark, Interim Director of The Whiting Linda L. Moxam, Director of Development Tim Shickles, Director of Sloan*Longway
Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, and The Whiting are member organizations of the Flint Cultural Center Corporation.

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Hand in Hand
EO ent gway
Dear Friends,
Some communities know little about their history and have few artifacts to remember years gone by—but we do, thanks to Sloan Museum. Other communities do not have regular access to dance, music, comedy, and drama—but we do, thanks to The Whiting. And no community in Michigan has immediate access to the state��s largest planetarium—except us, thanks to Longway Planetarium. These valued institutions remain vital and continue to prosper through the hard work and support of donors, patrons, volunteers, and staff members who help to make them unique places that enrich our lives and strengthen our community. This is done by working hand in hand. Together, we are able to preserve our local history through Sloan Museum and its Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center; to stage special exhibits such as CSI: Crime Scene Insects and 100 Years of Chevrolet; to bring world-renowned theatrical performances such as Swan Lake and Grease to The Whiting; to thrill students with the wonders of the universe through astronomy shows at Longway Planetarium; and to expand our outreach programs to area schools and senior centers. At the FCCC, we work tirelessly every day, inspired by our mission to foster cultural activity and community vitality through history, science and the arts. Come visit us soon at Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, and The Whiting and see all that has been accomplished together...by working hand in hand. All my best, Dr. D.J. Trela, Chair Flint Cultural Center Corporation
The Flint Cultural Center Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors that volunteers its time and talent.
Working Together Hand in Hand
Dr. D.J. Trela

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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
In 2010–2011, Sloan Museum
had a total of 56,150 visitors, including 18,332 K–12 students. Guests enjoyed a vast array of offerings, including vintage car shows, special science exhibits, and programming in history, science, and technology. Two nationally touring exhibits, Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body and CSI: Crime Scene Insects, were presented in partnership with Mott Community College. Mott faculty worked with museum staff to develop complementary programs and educational activities for the public and for school groups. Other exhibits included Box City, which showcased model cities created by elementary school students as they learned about urban development, and 100 Years of Chevrolet, a series of popular exhibits celebrating Chevy��s 100th birthday. Highlights also included hosting the 39th Annual Sloan Museum Auto Fair attended by more than 9,000 participants and spectators; opening Wisner��s Whizbang Emporium, an in-house children��s area for families to play and learn together; staging the exhibit African American Inventors: Past and Present created and curated by Pierce Elementary School students; continuing vintage auto restoration work by college and high school interns at Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center; and completing important research and acquisitions work with the help of dedicated volunteers in Sloan��s Perry Archives.
Sloan*Longway is comprised of Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum��s Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center.
Alfred P. Sloan Museum
2010–2011 Year in Review

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Hand in Hand
��Life after work��it��s fulfilling!�� That��s how Bob Florine describes his twenty years of volunteer service at the Perry Archives in Sloan Museum��s Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center. A mechanical engineer, Bob retired in 1991 after thirty-five years with General Motors and began looking for something interesting to do that would benefit the community. His wife Shirley, a Sloan volunteer, recruited Bob to help document unidentified items in the museum��s collections knowing that Bob��s curiosity and attention to detail would be wonderful assets. Many of the 150,000 artifacts in Sloan��s collections were donated by residents, businesses, and organizations and have not been fully researched. Bob found his calling as an investigator and began exploring, organizing, and cataloging these priceless pieces. He recently completed a three-year project identifying more than 1,000 photographs taken between 1850 and 1870 of local buildings and businesses. With jeweler��s loop in hand, Bob painstakingly scrutinized every picture, analyzing landmarks, landscape features, railroad routes, rivers, streets, clothing fashions, vehicles, and license plates for hidden clues. He also used city directories and other references.
Reaching into the past. Bob Florine Handles Our History With Kid Gloves
��Working with photographs has been a challenge— but an enjoyable one. It��s important to identify and preserve our community��s past.��
in e

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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
s Michigan��s largest planetarium, Longway Planetarium serves as a regional learning center attracting 51,781 patrons last year. Teachers from nineteen Michigan counties brought 40,730 pupils to astronomy shows such as Dark Matters and Skeeter Scarecrow��s Starry Sky. Students also attended a variety of education classes offering hands-on science activities. Their all-time favorite class, Ice Cream, allowed them to study, measure, and mix ingredients to create and eat liquid nitrogen-infused ice cream. Visitors participated in workshops, community science outreach programs, and viewed popular laser and star shows such as Planet Chase and What Happened to Pluto. Summer Science Camps, Family Science Days, and Boy Scout and Girl Scout camp-ins continued to thrive. Longway��s community partnerships with UM-Flint strengthened. A new pilot program was launched with university guest lecturer Dr. Rajib Ganguly on How Many Ways Can a Black Hole Kill You. Continued successes included readings at Poetry Under the Stars by UM-Flint Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, and use of the planetarium for astronomy lab classes by the Science Department. The planetarium has become an increasingly popular place for family gatherings and meetings, where nearly 2,500 guests attended private functions there last year. The dome also served as a romantic venue for weddings, where vows were shared under a year-round starry sky.
Sloan*Longway is comprised of Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum��s Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center.
Robert T. Longway Planetarium
2010-2011 Year in Review

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Three days of exciting hands- on science await girls in grades 3–6 this summer at Longway Planetarium��s Camp Alpha Omega. Each year, the camp focuses on a special topic such as exploring the earth through rocks, fossils and coral formations, or studying physics through creative movement and body recall. The Alpha Omega Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society created the camp in 2009 to expose more girls to science and math careers. This professional organization of local women educators provides the teachers and classroom materials for activities that include experiments, lab work, lectures, and field trips. To enhance writing skills, each girl is given a notebook to record thoughts and ideas about her experiences. The camp charges a modest fee, with scholarships being available. ��The purpose of camp is to encourage girls to go into the fields of science and mathematics,�� says Delta Kappa Gamma Society International State President Olive Horning. ��Alpha Omega members enjoy teaching the girls and gain a lot of satisfaction from the experience.�� Alpha Omega members hold the camp as an annual community service project, raising money throughout the year through raffles, restaurant partnerships, and member donations. They spend six months and nearly fifty hours of advance preparation time planning the year��s educational programming.
Shaping girls�� careers.
Hand in Hand
Girls Explore Hands-On Science Camp
��Alpha Omega members enjoy teaching the girls and gain a lot of satisfaction from the experience.��
The Alpha Omega Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society

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s a valuable performing arts center, The Whiting seeks to create memorable life experiences by bringing performing artists and audiences together in an elegant and inviting environment. The Whiting welcomed more than 78,000 people of all ages who enjoyed world-class music, drama, dance, and comedy. Offerings ranged from Michigan-native Jeff Daniels, to the critically acclaimed The Color Purple, the excitement of animal expert ��Jungle Jack�� Hanna, and the boisterous exuberance of Spamalot. Serving more than 6,200 students and adults, The Whiting continued to strengthen its education and outreach efforts. Wednesdays at The Whiting and Introduction to Technical Theater enabled high school students to explore theater occupations. Entertainment Express took local artists to area senior citizen centers for performances and workshops, reaching many underserved adults who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience performances at The Whiting. Garry Krinsky��s Toying with Science enthralled 2,260 elementary school students with the principles of physics through interactive performances featuring acrobatics, music, and mime. Mid-Michigan��s premier performance venue since 1967, The Whiting will continue to meet the cultural and educational needs in our community for generations to come.
Our 2009–2010 Annual Report profiled Douglas Bloodgood, a wonderful supporter who initiated and funded an effort to produce 40 ��Whiting Red�� booster cushions for children. The demand was so great that Douglas secured an additional 20 cushions for our young patrons.
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Rusty Wright of the Rusty Wright Band
2010–2011 in Review

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Dr. Ernestine Smith was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, famously known for its thermal water, race tracks, and abundant cultural opportunities. ��We were fortunate to have theater, music, and literature as part of our lives and were taught that we had an obligation to share these worthwhile experiences with others,�� she recalls. Realizing that college was essential to advance beyond working in Hot Springs�� tourist industry, Ernestine earned a Bachelor��s in Zoology, a certificate in Physical Therapy, a Master��s in Public Health, and a Doctorate in Administration and Supervision. This career path eventually led her to Hurley Hospital. In Flint, Ernestine met her husband Lavoy, and raised a daughter Shelia. Ernestine expresses her love of performing arts by supporting The Whiting as a Platinum Ticket Subscriber. This provides the perfect opportunity for Ernestine to reach out to her spheres of influence and invite them to attend a Whiting performance, continuing her family��s legacy of sharing rich cultural experiences with others. ��If we value this treasure of The Whiting—and I do—we have to make a commitment to ensure its success.�� Ernestine devotes countless hours and thoughtful leadership on the Flint Cultural Center Corporation Board of Directors and as chairperson of the Fund Development Committee. She is also a member of the Ambassador Society which supports the excellent programming offered by our member organizations.
Applause! Applause! Love of Performing Arts Draws Dr. Ernestine Smith to The Whiting
Hand in Hand
��If we value this treasure of The Whiting—and I do— we have to make a commitment to ensure its success.��

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24% 4% 2% 7% 35% 2% 23% 0.1% 0.4% 4%
46% 24% 7% 18% 5% 1%
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Financial Overview
2010–2011 Year in Review
Admissions & Classroom Store & Rental Ticket Fees and Surcharges Other Revenue Foundation/Trusts Contributions Corporate Contributions Individual Contributions Government Grants In-Kind Contributions Endowment/ Investment Revenue
Sources of Revenue
$5,852,416 $6,216,353
$1.0 $2.0 $3.0 $4.0 $5.0 $6.0
Operating Revenue and Expenditures
Total Revenue Total Expenditures
Salaries and Benefits Programming Marketing Operations General and Administrative Professional Services
Expense Breakout by Percentage
The Flint Cultural Center Corporation remains a vital and stable investment in our community. Another strong year resulted in a balanced budget despite continued economic uncertainty in state and local economies. Building upon the previous year��s success in building a leaner, more efficient organization, positive results were achieved with income exceeding expenses by $363,937. Containment of costs and securing additional funding sources largely contributed to this surplus. This balanced budget was achieved while maintaining the same level of programmatic excellence for which Sloan*Longway and The Whiting are known.

Page 11
Thanks to the generosity of nearly 1,400 contributors, the Flint Cultural Center Corporation development team and volunteers raised more than $2,157,636 for Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium, and The Whiting. Individuals, businesses, trusts, and foundations invested in education, theater arts, science, and history. We thank them— and you—for making such rich experiences possible for 168,940 patrons and visitors. Many donors gave to the Annual Fund, providing unrestricted dollars for operating and maintaining a first-class museum, automotive gallery, planetarium, and theater. Others contributed to specific programs. Growing Up Artfully, the FCCC��s signature fundraising event, supported 20,000 underserved youths and families with outreach opportunities provided by Sloan*Longway and The Whiting. Foundations and trusts provided general operating funds, which, along with corporate sponsorships, helped to bring some of the year��s most memorable performances, exhibits, and programs.   Sloan*Longway��s Portable Dome Theater Special Gifts Campaign raised all the funds to purchase an inflatable dome and state- of-the-art digital sound system. Accommodating up to 30 students at a time, the dome can take a wide variety of programs in astronomy, history, and other subjects, directly to area schools.  The Whiting launched a Safety and Beautification Initiative to resurface the parking lot, install auditorium handrails, and replace aging carpeting. Many donors contributed to this effort and are recognized in the annual report. The campaign��s final phase will occur in the next fiscal year.
Working hand in hand, the FCCC and its many donors accomplished much in 2010–2011.
Hand in Hand
Pierce Creative Arts Community School Students
Fund Development
2010–2011 Year in Review

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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Long and successful newspaper careers have given Tom and Pat Reynolds a strong sense of community and a love for the Flint area and its cultural institutions. They want to ensure that future generations will enjoy the offerings of Longway Planetarium. Sloan Museum, and The Whiting. The Reynolds moved to Genesee County in 1985 following Tom��s distinguished career with several Detroit-area publications. They received a warm welcome and decided to make the Flint area their permanent home. ��It was a good decision,�� said Pat. ��Over the years, this community has been very good to us, and we want to be good to our community.�� They have mentored future community leaders and contributed to many charitable and professional organizations. Tom and Pat recently joined the James H. Whiting Legacy Society to take advantage of the power of estate planning to support the work of the FCCC and member institutions. Through planned gifts, they are creating a lasting legacy that will extend their generosity beyond their lifetimes. ��We want the wonderful things in our community to continue long after we leave,�� said Tom. ��Some people have an ability to give but don��t.  We hope to influence others to contribute. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference.�� 
Touching future lives.
For more information on the James H. Whiting Legacy Society, please contact Linda L. Moxam at 810.237.7382.
Tom and Pat Reynolds Plan a Lasting Gift
��We want the wonderful things in our community to continue long after we leave.��
Tom and Pat Reynolds

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Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand
The Wilbons Believe in Education
Annetta and Kelvin Wilbon are strong advocates of Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum. They have volunteered at many events including After Hours Under the Stars, an annual fundraiser held at Longway Planetarium where proceeds support the museum��s educational programs. Annetta has served as co-chairperson of ��AHUTS�� since 2010. ��We volunteer because it��s our way of giving back to the community and supporting Sloan*Longway��s strong educational programs.��
��Car Show Sue�� Helps Preserve Our Automotive History
Sue and Paul Harrison have volunteered for the Sloan Museum Auto Fair for nine years. Proceeds from the two-day event support Sloan Museum and its Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center��s automotive collection. Fondly known as ��Car Show Sue,�� Sue has served as committee chairperson for the past three years. ��Preserving our automotive history is good for Flint, good for our community, and good for families.��
Gail Freeman Inspires Enthusiasm
For the past two years, area real estate agent Gail Freeman has volunteered as an usher at The Whiting and is widely recognized among staff and other volunteers for her enthusiasm and positive demeanor. Gail volunteers out of her love and belief in Flint. ��The programs, plays, and musicals enrich the spirit of the community and promote growth; offer a variety of social views; display diverse cultures; provide entertainment; and enhance the culture for the citizens of Flint.��
Volunteers Provide Hands-on Help
Gail Freeman Sue and Paul Harrison Kelvin and Annetta Wilbon

Page 14
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Made-in-Flint Planetarium Show Opens to Rave Reviews
Skeeter Scarecrow��s Starry Sky is a delightful original show that debuted at Longway Planetarium. Cartoon character Skeeter Scarecrow helps children understand basic astronomy. Longway Astronomy Specialist Richard Walker wrote the show for children age six and up. Mott College students created the artwork, Flint Youth Theatre��s Samuel L. Richardson provided the voice of Skeeter, and Sylvia Pittman��s four-year-old students from the Flint Institute of Music sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the soundtrack.
Genesee Regional Women��s Hall of Fame at Sloan Museum
Sloan Museum is home to the Genesee Regional Women��s Hall of Fame. Created by Zonta Club of Flint, the exhibit honors women who have played a significant role in Genesee County. Area women are honored whose contributions are of an enduring nature, have significantly advanced the status of women in our society, and have served as positive role models for area youth and women.
Literature to Life Alliance
In partnership with New York��s The American Place Theatre, The Whiting presents Literature to Life, a performance- based literacy program of professionally staged adaptations of significant American literary works. Since 2008, solo actors have presented two one-hour classics to our community each year. A full complement of activities occurs which allows students and theater-goers to experience arts, culture, and literature by bringing to life the world of books through a performance.
Collaboration is Key to Success When Working Hand in Hand
Skeeter Scarecrow sample sketch

Page 15
Rick Suhr��s solution to his poor-quality well water provided the inspiration for a unique way to support the Flint Cultural Center Corporation. Retired and living on a fixed income, Rick grew weary of multiple weekly trips to the grocery store to purchase bottled drinking water. He decided to start saving all of the empty gallon jugs to refill at the store��s water dispensing machine. This meant fewer shopping trips, less plastic going into the landfill, and an unexpected savings of 59 cents per gallon. A meticulous record keeper, Rick calculated that he visited the store 69 times during the year, filling 361 jugs and saving a total of $212.99. He wrote a check for exactly that amount to the FCCC Annual Fund that supports Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, and The Whiting, places he visited as a child and continues to frequent as an adult. ��I firmly believe that almost anyone can contribute to a cause or charity in some small way if they really believe in it,�� said Rick, who plans to continue filling water jugs and to pass along those savings to the FCCC.
Small gestures add up. Rick Suhr��s Generosity Flows to FCCC
Hand in Hand
Rick Suhr Pierce Creative Arts Community School Students
��By simply changing my behavior a little bit...I feel I made a small difference in my own way.��

Page 16
Thank you to our Shining Stars who supported this initiative to bring Sloan*Longway��s educational outreach resources directly into our community��s classrooms.
$10,000+ Universe
Friends of Sloan*Longway Olivia Maynard & Olof Karlstrom
$5,000+ Galaxy
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Consumers Energy Foundation General Motors Corporation Ruth Mott Foundation VG��s Cathleen Hale Dr. Bobby Mukkamala & Dr. Nita Kulkarni Ghassan & Manal Saab
$2,500+ Interstellar
Drs. Paul & Sosa Kocheril Dean & Lynda Yeotis
$1,000+ Star
Community Foundation of Greater Flint—Countywide Youth Advisory Council Genesee Men��s Club Jennings Memorial Foundation SWIG Foundation William E. Walter Mechanical Carroll G. Baker, Sr. & Dr. Kimberly Roberson Nancy J. Booth Eleanor E. Brownell Wallace J. Eaton William J. Hentgen Hurand Family Dr. Samasandra Kiran & Dr. Mona Hardas John M. Longway Ann & Khalil Saab Marjorie B. Wentworth
Sloan*Longway Portable Dome Theater Special Gifts Campaign
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011

Page 17
Hand in Hand
$500+ Comet
Baker College of Flint Breakfast Optimist Club of Flint Rowe Professional Services Co. University of Michigan–Flint, Dr. Ruth J. Person Matt & Barbara Assenmacher Johanna & Roger Brown Robert J. MacDonald Helene Streich
$1—$499 Supernova
Clio Rotary, Mr. Bernard P. Borden Paul & Desiree Londrigan Piper Realty, Mr. Robert S. Piper Mary L. Christian Marsha Barber Clark Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Berner Kathryn Christensen Nancy M. Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fizell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Florine Connie M. Palmer & John Hemingway Craig & Cindy Hering Ben & Karen Howells Dorothy Jamnick Luanne & Wayne Jaruzel Mr. & Mrs. James Lay Viki Lorraine Linda & Guy Moxam David & Randee Pieper Hon. Robert & Lynne Ransom Stephanie M. Roach Richard & Marie Suhr Michael Dingman & Susan Sumner Doug Weiland Douglas & Dawn Wyrwicki
Our donors help us reach for the stars.

Page 18
Thank you to our Bright Lights who have supported this first phase of the ongoing capital improvement initiative to address the needs of this 44-year-old facility which has not seen a major upgrade since 1999.
$25,000+ Producer
Whiting Foundation
$10,000+ Director
McFarlan Home Rotary Club of Flint Mr. & Mrs. Albert Koegel
$5,000+ Actor
George Fund Isabel Foundation Elizabeth L. Aderholdt
$2,500+ Patron
Alex Fortenberry
$1,000+ Friend
Hal Holbrook & Vining Productions Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lillie
Flint Banjo Club Mrs. John D. Balser Regan A. Guevara Ms. Julianna Gulish Mrs. Irene Hanson Roger & Sandra Isaac Beatrice V. Jones Joel L. Moore John & Margaret Pobocik Mrs. Gladys L. Scott
The Whiting��s Accessibility, Safety, and Beautification Special Gifts Campaign
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011

Page 19
Hand in Hand
+Ambassador Society Members *In Remembrance
(continued on next page)
Hand in Hand
The future of the Flint Cultural Center Corporation and its member organizations, Sloan*Longway and The Whiting, depends on private gifts from generous individuals, foundations, and corporations who believe as we do in the power of the arts and the positive impact they have on our community. We thank our many donors who give so selflessly to ensure that we will continue to provide exciting performances to all ages, engaging exhibits and programming, and stimulating educational opportunities and outreach for the youth of our community.
This listing acknowledges gifts made between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011 and does not include attendees at special fundraising events. Please know that every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If your name has been misspelled, omitted, or listed incorrectly, please accept our apologies and bring the mistake to our attention. If you would like to make a gift to the Flint Cultural Center Corporation, please contact Linda L. Moxam, Director of Development, at 810.237.7382 or lmoxam@fcccorp.org, or donate online at fcccorp.org/donatenow.
Our Donors Give A Helping Hand
Pierce Cr e
A rt
s C
o m
u n
ity S
c h
S tu
Individual Donors
Anonymous +William J. Hentgen
Anonymous +Elizabeth L. Aderholdt +Mary & Ron Alexander +Dr. Frederick R. Armenti +Carroll G. Baker, Sr. & Dr. Kimberly Roberson +Marsha Barber Clark +Phillip Barnhart +Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Beardslee +F. Kay Beebe +Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bellairs +Douglas C. Bloodgood +Nancy J. Booth +Mr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Borden +Dr. Michael C. Boucree & Mr. Ivan Griffin +Mr. John Bourbeau +Eleanor E. Brownell— In Memory of Judy Piper +Zoe Burdine-Fly +Mr. & Mrs. William J. Churchill +Dr. & Mrs. Marshall H. Cossman +Hal & Jean Craig Flynn Kimberly A. Cross & Brian Scieszka +Wallace J. Eaton +Richard & Elizabeth Egan +Mr. & Mrs. Louis Emmert +Mr. & Mrs. Max H. Graff

Page 20
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
+Allison A. Green +Edith Gutow +Cathleen Hale +Thomas Herman & Jeanne Pepper +Richard & Judith Hinterman +Nancy H. Hornung +Almeda Hunter +Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hurand +Gary & Carol Hurand +Lynne Hurand +Joe L. Kendall— In Memory of Norma Joyce Kendall +Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Kessel +Mr. James R. Kettler Katrina Khouri +Catherine L. Kimbrough +Joseph D. Klobucher— In Memory of Big John Klobucar 1922 to 2011 +Mr. & Mrs. Albert Koegel +Richard H. Kraft & Ann U. Kraft Albert Krumm +Frederick & Marsha Kump +Stephen & Kimberly Landaal +Virginia Landaal +Dr. & Mrs. Leslie LeMieux, Jr. +Dr. & Mrs. Stan Liberty +Diane & John Lindholm +Robert J. MacDonald +Barbara Mackey
+Mr. Robert B. Mackey John Magnus & Jeffrey Stocker +Daniel E. McDowell +Linda & Guy Moxam +Drs. Bobby & Nita Mukkamala +William B. Neis +Mr. & Mrs. Edward Neithercut +Jay & Marilyn Nelson + Nada Radakovich- Nesper & Richard Nesper +Jim & Mary Nicolai +Mary Ellen Nyland + Cindy Ornstein & Charles Johnson +Leonard & Sandra Owen +James & Patricia Peabody +Mr. Robert Piper +Mr. William Piper +Mr. & Mrs. Michael Riha +Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robison Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan +Mr. & Mrs. Khalil M. Saab +Dr. Paul & Phyllis Schroeder +Mr. & Mrs. George J. Skaff +Ernestine R. Smith, Ph.D. +Bob & Diane Sovis +Helene Streich Dr. D.J. Trela & Dr. David Bailey +Dr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Van Duyne +Dr. Daniel & Peggy Walter +Marjorie B. Wentworth +Ridgway H. White & Shannon Easter White +Mr. & Mrs. William S. White +Steve & Mary G. Williams
Anonymous Matt & Barbara Assenmacher Beverly Bernard Cathy O. Blight, M.D. & Mr. Edward B. Davison Donna Brady—In Honor of Katie Brady Mary L. Christian— In Honor of Dr. Hal Stahly Eric & Caroline Ethington Joseph F. Foos James & Tiffany Grippando Magwire Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. James Grace Johnson— In Honor of Karla Sweeney & Susan Hovey Dannie & Lubna Jones Melody King Nancy Kleinpell Dr. Prasad & Jay Kommareddi Christi Lackey

Page 21
Hand in Hand
+Ambassador Society Members *In Remembrance
(continued on next page)
Hand in Hand
Joanne Leoni James & Laura Lloyd John M. Longway Mr. Mark Macoubrie Brian & Deborah McCartney— In Honor of Albert Einstein who stated, ��Dancers are the athletes of God.�� Thomas P. Ralabate H. William & Mary Anne Reising David & Linda Roeser Ramona Sain & William J. Khouri Dr. Frederick & Linda Schreiber Mr. & Mrs. Howard Shand R. Shanti & Chandrika Shantaram John & Martha Skaff Paul & Jan Wenstrom Jack & Joan Wiltz Dr. John & Vicki Wiltz Mark & Julie Yonan
Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Diener Dr. & Mrs. David Dobies Joyce Gadola Dr. Scott & Mrs. Lynn Garner Drew & Cathy Gentry Dr. Eyassu & Mrs. Lucy Habte-Gabr Mark & Judy Jacobson Dr. & Mrs. Dong- Wha Ohm David & Randee Pieper Jeremy & Amy Piper Dr. & Mrs. Wayne & Mary Prokott Mr. & Mrs. Tim Shickles Richard & Marie Suhr Chris & Joyce Theodoroff Mr. & Mrs. James E. Truesdell, Jr. Kimberly Turner
Anonymous Clyde & Georgie Allard Gregory G. Andresen— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Walter Barkey Dr. & Mrs. William D. Beck Dr. & Mrs. William Bernard Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Berner Randee Bernstein Tom & Marianne Blair Jack & Alice Blosser Donald & Dottie Brege Dr. Duane & Marilyn Brown Dr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Burton Thomas L. Capua Arthur (Rick) Carter Jim & Kay Cherry John & Linda Chinonis Floyd & Brenda Clack Daniel & Katherine Coffield Joseph M. & Suzanne H. Colucci Dr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Congdon Mr. Carl M. Conner Nancy M. Cronin Dan & Ann Czmer Agnes Dayringer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dix Jeanne Dobes Raymond & Colleen Eshbaugh Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Fawcett Gregory Fiedler Falding B. Gadola Tendaji W. Ganges George & Peggy Gray Melvin & Anne Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Hadden Jean & Earl Hagstrom Patrick & Andi Hammond-Chaffin Joel & Ann Harris George & Cathy Heiman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Henrickson Nick & Laura Jablonski Brian Johnson Jane M. Johnson Sally Shaheen Joseph Watson & Harriet Kenworthy David & Hae Sook Kim Al & Carol Klein Jim & Peggy Kovas

Page 22
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
Gary & Dawn Kucera Maryanna Langley Jamile Trueba Lawand Larry & Carol Lifshitz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lillie Janet Lord Olivia Maynard & Olof Karlstrom Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Manner Carol Masse Gene & Barb Maurer David & Donna Millhouse Barbara & Jack Mills Richard & Carol Mitsdarfer George E. Moden Mr. & Mrs. Wally Morgan Jimmie Mosley Fred & Carol Muhl Dr. Bradford Murphy & Dr. Linda Lawrence Murphy Alexander & Sylvia Murray Mary R. O��Rourke John & Patricia Pavlis Paul & Connie Peabody Ann Peace Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Pike Dr. & Mrs. George D. Politis Frances J. Price Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Raiss Greg & Trudy Rasmussen Mr. & Mrs. John L. Riegle, Jr. Valerie Robin Kathleen Flanagan Rollins Tim & Cindy Rowden Addie D. Royston John & Mona Runge Feikleman Family Ghassan & Manal Saab Grayce M. Scholt Suzanne Selig Laura D. Shedenhelm Mr. & Mrs. Richard Skaff Ms. Joanne P. Smith Gary & Jane Somers— In Honor of Mrs. John Kippe (Joni Kippe) Harold & Debra Steinman Mr. Paul M. Stirling Ms. Suzanne Sugden Terasaki Family Andrew & Stephanie Thomas Dale & Beverly Thompson Allen & Beth Tucker Dr. Allen F. Turcke Karl & Joanna Van Harn Paul & Margaret Visser Rosemary C. Ward Tarik Wasfie, MD Lynn & Sukey Webb Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller Doug Weiland Janet H. Williamson William & Jackie Winchester Marian E. Wright
Anonymous Mrs. Emily B. Alter Carol E. Andersen Dane & Sarah Andresen Robert L. Atkinson Kenneth D. & Linda J. Baab Renee Badertscher Barry Banks Lynn Beatty Ralph G. Bedell & Larry A. Wing Irving & Florence Berner David & Sandra Bickel William & Diane Borden Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Bovee Dan M. Bower Ellen & Kelly Brisbin Dorothy M. Broomfield Mary E. Buckner Tom Burcar Gayla Butler Alesia Byrd Dan & Mary Cady Dr. & Mrs. James Cantwil Tom & Carol Cerny Ms. Betty J. Clark Charles Clark Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Clark Bruce & Julie Colasanti Raymond & Darlene Cole Mr. William Coleman,Jr. Ralph G. Coulter Mike & Jeanne Cupp— In Honor of Dennis Nelson

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Hand in Hand
+Ambassador Society Members *In Remembrance
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Hand in Hand
Ralph G. Coulter Mike & Jeanne Cupp— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Dorina Curtis Elizabeth Dahlstrom— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Linda B. Decamp— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Robert J. Degenhart Mr. & Mrs. Philip Downs Annette Fechik Valerie Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Brad T. Fogleman Susan Foote Forsbergs— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Richard W. Fortner Patricia Frantom Janet Fredrikson Cheryl Gallon Jean L. Gibbs Brenda Goldman Mrs. Helen M. Graham Bobbie J. Greer Regan A. Guevara Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Gutteridge Ms. Catherine Gwizdz Shirley A. Hale Dean E. Haley Gerald & Alice Hall James & Patricia Harlow Lee Harrelson Calvin & Lorna Harris William & Jane Harris Jan & John Hartranft— In Memory of Tanny Kagerer Mr. & Mrs. Ramaehl Haynes Randy & Martina Hazard Connie M. Palmer & John Hemingway Mrs. Barbara Hempstead Ed & Yvonne Hendriksen Janet Herwaldt Mr. & Mrs. Clifford R. Hiteshew Mary Jo Hobart-Parks Mr. & Mrs. Gurdon S. Hobson Mariah Hope— In Memory of William Ashe Martha B. Hopkins Jeffrey R. House Larry D. Howell Ben & Karen Howells Steven Hull Madelon & Christy Ingham Dorothy Jamnick Cathy Javech Martin & Karen Jennings Robert V. Jewell Kaye B. Kaufherr G. Donald & Elaine Wolfe Kaye Anita & Robert Kenworthy Gregory & Jacklynn Kimmer Dr. Alan Klein Janice Kopin Evelyn M. Koval Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kruchten Mark Kulig John Kurecka Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lambrecht Byron & Margie Latter Dana Leary Mary Jane O��Connor Lee LeGrand Family Tim Leonard & Kathryn Pate Margaret Lewis Jeanette Lindsey Antoinette Lockett Nevelin Logan Viki Lorraine Neil W. Love, MD Lorie A. Lyons John Mackenzie Judge Herman Marable, Jr. Marjorie Markon Dr. & Mrs. Gordan A. McClimans Jesusa Z. McDougall Mr. & Mrs. Duane McKeachie Stephanie McKeown John McKowen Michael & Cheryl McNeil Marion & Mary Ruth Meeker Michael & Kay Melet Mr. Milo A. Walsh & Mrs. Cheryl Michaud-Walsh Helen G. Millhouse Ardelis Mincey Barbara Mirsky

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John & Judith Moffett John & Pat Mucha Michael & Sandra Munger Walter & Donna Murdock Regina Nagrocki Gerald Nagy Sharon Y. Naughton Dennis & Jeanne Nelson Margaret Nemecek Julie & John Nielsen Diane Nobles Jillian Norwood Bernard D. Noveloso Karen L. Nuttle Sandra K. Nye Jan & Pat Palmer Lyle R. & Priscilla K. Payne Douglas Petroni Mary J. Plourde— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Donald Price Mr. Greg Puscas Prabha Raju, D.D.S. Margaret C. Rateau Sally L. Reigle Stephanie M. Roach Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Rogers Kathleen Rounds & Roger Schwarz Paul Rozycki— In Honor of Jack Minore Sandalia Ruiz Linda Ryan Emil L. Sala Dr. Byron & Bobbi Schoolfield— In Memory of William Lyon Mrs. Trudi Schreiber Howard & Tammy Schultz Mrs. Gladys L. Scott Ruth O. Sharpe Robert Sieh Carlson Sielert Joan Smalley Susan M. Sowa Shelley R. Spivack Mary Margaret St. John Donald M. Stalker Don & Barbara Standridge Christian & Barbara Steinmetz Sally Stevens Jack Stock Edward Stone Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Stone Dean & Sheila Stuckey— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Marv & Dolores Stuckey —In Honor of Dennis Nelson Neal & Joanne Sweeney Phyllis Sykes Marcia Thom Sharon Thomason Mike & Mary Anne Thorndycraft Laura & Lew Tillman— In Memory of Ferris Curtis Bruce & Shantel Trevithick Roger Trouser Bill, Pam & Billy Turk Ed & Diane Ulmer— In Honor of Dennis Nelson Dwight & Donna Van Steenkiste Jolyn Vita Paul & Reba K. Walling Jill Warren Lawrence & Mary Ann Whiteside Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Wilson Greg Young
Corporations, Foundations & Trusts
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
James H. Whiting Auditorium Trust Ruth Mott Foundation
ABC12 WJRT Arthur G. Bishop Trust Charles Stewart Harding Foundation
Health Alliance Plan Howard & Zella Gay Family Charitable Foundation McLaren Regional Medical Center Whiting Foundation

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Hand in Hand
+Ambassador Society Members *In Remembrance
Hand in Hand
All-Weather Seal Co., Inc. Cameo Event Planners Collectors Foundation, Inc. HealthPlus of Michigan, Inc. James A. Welch Foundation Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs Mott Community College NBC25 Viola Bray Trust Vogt��s Flowers WKCQ MacDonald Broadcasting
BEST Project/United Way of Genesee County Lush Lawn Michigan Public Radio Stella and Frederick Loeb Charitable Trust
AmericInn Motel & Suites Arts Midwest Associated Radiologists of Flint, P.C. Big John Steak & Onion, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Edelweiss Foundation +Fandangles�� Flint Rotary Charitable Foundation +Flint Stage Employees Local 201 IATSE Genesee Intermediate School District Hurand & Hurand Katharine B. Miner Charitable Trust Landaal Packaging Systems Lorbec Metals USA, LTD. Main Manufacturing Products Mass Transportation Authority New England Foundation for the Arts Nexteer Automotive Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company Special Occasions Target The Flint Journal UAW Region 1-C Uptown Reinvestment Corporation
Applegate Chevrolet Community Foundation of Greater Flint Financial Plus Credit Union Flint Genealogical Society Keep Genesee County Beautiful Medawar Jewelers Random House, Inc.
Bank of America Brady��s Business Systems Empress of China IBM Corporation Piper Realty Schwan��s Home Service, Inc. Walmart Foundation
Artistic Decorating Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint— In Honor of Jacquelyn Reinertson Gas Tank Renu
Baker College of Flint Window Magic Design, Inc.
25 Pierce Creative Arts Community School Students

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Flint Cultural Center Corporation Annual Report 2010–2011
$500+ Advocate
Anonymous McLaren Regional Medical Center Qdoba Yeo & Yeo, PC CPA Matt & Barbara Assenmacher Mr. Donald Johnson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Stan Liberty Dr. Bobby Mukkamala & Dr. Nita Kulkarni Mr. & Mrs. Khalil M. Saab
$300+ Director
Dr. Cathy O. Blight & Mr. Edward B. Davison Mr. John D. Matonich Bob & Diane Sovis William & Jackie Winchester
$150+ Leader
Anna Paulina Foundation Crothall Services Group Dort Federal Credit Union ELGA Credit Union Highland Tile & Grout Restoration Hoffman��s Deco Deli & Cafe L.L.C Morrison Dr. Robert Anthony Roger & Johanna Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Feurt Ms. Falding B. Gadola R. J. Hermann Dannie & Lubna Jones David & Deloryes Langdon Mr. & Mrs. James Lay Helene Streich
$50+ Patron
Raincheck Lounge Special Occasions Tom Z��s Flint Original Coney Island Carroll G. Baker, Sr. & Dr. Kimberly Roberson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fizell Watson & Harriet Kenworthy Ms. Kathryn Koegel Linda & Guy Moxam Robert Piper Jerry Preston Honorable Robert & Lynne Ransom Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rohde John & Martha Skaff Andy Suski Jason Watson Steve & Marcia Webb Douglas & Dawn Wyrwicki
If you would like to become a member of the Friends of Sloan*Longway, please contact Tanya Lane, Membership Coordinator, at 810.237.3457 or tlane@sloanlongway.org.
Friends of Sloan*Longway is a dynamic non-profit advocacy organization that supports Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium��s efforts to bring quality exhibits and educational programs to our community. Each year, the Friends of Sloan*Longway sponsors activities and fundraisers such as After Hours Under the Stars and Golden Memories. It also hosts the Sloan Museum Auto Fair, held on campus of the Flint Cultural Center each fall which raises funds to support and preserve the automotive collection of Sloan Museum and its Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center.
Friends of Sloan*Longway Members and Donors

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Hand in Hand
Growing Up Artfully is the Flint Cultural Center Corporation��s annual fundraiser held the first Thursday in June. Proceeds from Growing Up Artfully enable Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, and The Whiting to offer subsidized tickets for performances and outreach activities to underserved families and youth in Genesee County. Since its inception in 2004, Growing Up Artfully has raised more than $200,000. Children and adults from many schools and organizations such as Flint Community Schools, Beecher Community Schools, Genesee Valley Regional Center, Shelter of Flint, and Michigan Department of Human Services have benefitted from these funds. This past year, 20,000 youth and adults were served through Growing Up Artfully contributions. During these difficult economic times, those benefitting from this important program are extremely appreciative of the cultural opportunities provided to them. Growing Up Artfully is successful due to the involvement of so many dedicated individuals. These include event benefactor Chef Besh of Cameo Event Planners; hosts who graciously open their lovely homes and gardens for the fundraiser; a committee comprised of devoted community volunteers; and our generous sponsors.
2011 Host home of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan
Hosts Through The Years
National Center for Community Education–2004 Dr. Fred Armenti–2005 Mr. Tom Bryant and Mr. Mike Hurley–2006 Dr. Michael and Kimberly Cross–2007 Mr. H. William and Mary Anne Reising–2008 Dr. Bobby Mukkamala and Dr. Nita Kulkarni–2009 Dr. John and Vicki Wiltz–2010 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan–2011 and our 2012 host Mr. Joshua Spencer

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601 E
STREET FLINT , MI 48503 Non-profit Org. U.S. Postage
Flint, MI Permit No. 248
V is it u s o n F ac e b o o k
F lin t C u ltu ra l C e n te r R o b e rt T . L o n g w a y A lfre d S lo a n T h e W h itin g
V is it u s o n th e W e b
w w w .fccco rp .o rg w w w .flin tcu ltu ralce n te r.o rg w w w .slo an lo n g w ay.o rg w w w .th e w h itin g .co m
Giv e u s a C a ll
L o n g w a y P la n e ta riu m 8 1 0 .2 3 7.3 4 0 0 S lo a n M u se u m 8 1 0 .2 3 7.3 4 5 0 T h e W h itin g 8 1 0 .2 3 7.7 3 3 7
C o v e r P h o to : W ith s p e c ia l th a n k s to te a c h e r M s . M e la n ie H e m p h ill a n d a rtis t R a n d e e P ie p e r. P ie rc e C re a tiv e A rts C o m m u n ity S c h o o l s tu d e n ts : L e o n a rd A lv a re z , J a s ia C a ld w e ll, J a le n C h a m b e rs , B re a n n e F e rra n ti, Is a ia h H ill, M a y a C . J e ffe rs o n , A ria n n a S m ith , K ia ra T u rv e y , T e A jh a W a lk e r, B e n n e tt W a llin g . P h o to g ra p h y b y : C ric h to n C re a tio n s— D o n o r P o rtra its J im F o u rn ie r— T h e W h itin g P h o to s D e s ig n e d a n d illu s tra te d b y : J a s o n J e rk e , P u lp M o n s te r D e s ig n
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