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ENG 093 Basic English II

Basic English II  ENG 093

Basic English II  ENG 093 


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ENG 093 Basic English II

(Software & Blackboard Supported Course)


COURSE HOURS: 4 credit hours





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    This course works in conjunction with a computerized laboratory and is a review of college level writing and grammar skills. Emphasis is placed on the composing of unified paragraphs and the building of essays. Emphasis is also placed on style and mechanics. In order for students to advance to ENG 101, mastery of grammar and writing skills must be achieved.


      Prerequisite: ENG 092 or appropriate placement score

      Co-requisite: none 


      TextbookExploring Writing: Paragraphs and Essays (John Langan, 2nd


      Software:  See your instructor for details. (1) Connect Writing, McGraw-Hill (2) Criterion Online Writing Evaluation, ETS 

      BLACKBOARD: All ENG093 students must use Blackboard to gain access to vital course information such as the syllabus, handouts, Power Point shows, activities, assignments, announcements, etc.   Failure to use Blackboard will severely damage your ability to pass the course.  Students should always check the Blackboard announcements and tasks pages prior to coming to class.



      ENG 093 approaches paragraph and essay formation from both a structural and purposive angle. The goal of this course is to give the student a greater understanding of language so that he or she can write effective paragraphs and essays on the college level.


      Course Student Learning Outcomes.

      1. Students will be able to proficiently write and identify the Four Types of Sentences.

      2. Students will be able to properly use a semi-colon, colon, parenthesis, and dash in written essays.

      3. Students will be able to use commas properly and to identify when a comma is used inappropriately.

      4. Students will be able to identify fragments, run-ons, and comma splices within single sentences,

            paragraphs, and essays.

      5. Students will be able to write without subject-verb agreement errors.

      6. Students will be able to identify subject-verb agreement errors in sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

      7. Students will be able to identify and write (with proficiency) both a thesis statement and topic sentences.

      8. Students will be able to use appropriate transitional devices in their paragraph and essay writing.

      9. Students will be able to support their ideas (logically) in their paragraph and essay writings.

      10. Students will be able to write a well-developed and proficiently written introduction to an essay using

            Standard American English.

      11. Students will be able to write well-developed and proficiently written body paragraphs in an essay

            using Standard American English.

      12. Students will be able to write a well-developed and proficiently written conclusion of an essay using

            Standard American English.

      13. Students will be able to write a 5-paragraph essay free of grammatical errors.

      14. Students will be able to edit and revise their paragraphs and essays.

      15. Students will be able to write in various rhetorical modes--including, but not limited to, expository,

            descriptive, and persuasive modes.

      16. Students will be able to use Blackboard and Criterion Online Writing with a high level of proficiency. 

      Check when completed
      Date Completed 
      Core Competencies Guide Sheet

      (Required Assignments, Exams, Writing Assignments, Oral Presentations, Projects, Quizzes, Activities, etc��) These will be combined in various assignments and tests.

          Diagnostic Essay (5 paragraph essay)
        Four-types of Sentences Exam
        Comma, Semi-colon and Colon Exam
          Verb Tense Exam (Present, Past, Future��)
        Subject-verb Agreement Exam
          Fragments, Run-on and Comma Splices Exam
        Sentence Structure Exam
          Punctuation Quiz
        Transitional Usage—Quiz or can be evaluated within papers.
          Writing Introductions— Quiz or can be evaluated within papers.
          Writing Body Paragraphs— Quiz or can be evaluated within papers.
          Writing Conclusions— Quiz or can be evaluated within papers.
        Introduction or Body Paragraph (200-250 words)—Should be incorporated into a later essay.
        Persuasive Essay (750-1000 words)—Requires at least two revisions via Criterion Online Writing.
        Narrative or Additional Persuasive Essay (750-1000 words)—Requires at least two revisions via Criterion Online Writing.
        Expository or Descriptive Essay (750-1000 words)—Requires at least two revisions via Criterion Online Writing.
          Student Portfolio Project—(See Departmental Assessment Instrument / Rubric.)
          Departmental Exit Exam (5 paragraph essay)


        The following list is a breakdown of how each student will be evaluated for final grade calculations at the end of the term: 

        Introduction/Body Paragraph      100 points

        Essay 1            100 points

        Essay 2            150 points

        Essay 3            150 points

        Test 1 (Midterm)         100 points

        Test 2            150 points

        Homework/Quizzes/My Writing Lab (Average)  100 points

        Final/Exit Exam          150 points

      Total Points Possible        1000 points 

        Please note:

        • Paragraphs and essays will require revisions.
        • Plagiarized assignments will receive a 0 and cannot be made-up.

        Students in ENG 093 will be graded A, B, C, D, or F. 

      90-100%   895-1000 points   A

        80-89%   795-894 points   B     passing

        70-79%   695-794 points   C

        60-69%   595-694 points   D  

        59% or below     0-594 points    F


        The instructor rounds grades upward (i.e., in the student��s favor), never downwards. For example, 795 points equals 79.5%. This will be rounded up to an 80%, a B. But 794 points, 79.4%, would remain a C. 

        To pass ENG 093 and advance to ENG 101, a student must fulfill both of the following requirements: 

           A. Earn a grade of at least 70% for the entire course (695-1000 points)

           B. Earn a grade of at least 70% on the Departmental Exit Exam 

           Students who do not fulfill both requirements must repeat the course.



        1. Absence. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered.  This course moves very quickly. Even one or two absences can cause students to feel lost. Do not overestimate your ability to ��catch up.�� You need to be present for every single meeting. If you must miss a meeting, you should do ALL of the following: (a) E-mail your instructor, (b) check Blackboard Announcements and Tasks, (c) consult the Class Calendar on Blackboard to see what you��ve missed, (d) review that material on Blackboard and in your textbook, and (e) return to the next class ready to advance with your classmates.
        1. Withdrawals. Students who are unable to attend class regularly, regardless of the reason or circumstance, should officially withdraw from that class before poor attendance interferes with the student��s ability to achieve the objectives required in the course.  If you cannot complete the course, do not simply abandon the class. It is in your own best interest to officially withdraw. E-withdrawal is available on the College website > Admissions area. Withdrawal can affect eligibility for federal financial aid.  (These consequences vary depending on the date of withdrawal. See the Academic Calendar on the College website.) Withdrawal from class can prohibit progression in nursing and allied health programs.  
        1. Make-up Work. All assignments and due dates are posted on the Blackboard Class Calendar. Essays should always be submitted on time. This policy holds true for absent students.  Late essays that are of passing quality will receive minimally passing grades of 70%. (This deduction can be waived at the instructor��s discretion.) You do not need special permission: just submit late essays as soon as possible. Documentation of jury duty, military service, illness or injury, work conflict, or family emergency is required to make up tests.   

        d.   Lateness:  All classes will begin exactly at the scheduled time.  Lateness is distracting and unprofessional, so please make every effort  to arrive to every class on time. Roll will be called first. If a student has  missed the roll, then he or she is late. There is no ��grace period.��  Students are expected to arrive and prepare themselves for class  before the class period officially begins. Students who miss class work  due to lateness will not be allowed to make-up the  missed work.  Students who come in late will not be allowed additional time to  complete tests, quizzes, or other assignments that may have a time  constraint attached.  


                    Students must conduct themselves with honesty and integrity at all times.  

                    Plagiarism. You must submit your own work. Plagiarized assignments will     receive a grade of 0. These cannot be made up. Using someone else's      ideas or phrasing and representing those ideas or phrasing as your own, either    on purpose or through carelessness, is a serious offense known as plagiarism.    "Ideas or phrasing" includes written or spoken material— from  whole papers and    paragraphs to sentences, and even phrases — but also includes statistics, lab    results, art work, etc. "Someone else" can mean a professional source, such as a   published writer or critic in a book, magazine, encyclopedia, or journal; an     electronic resource such as material found on the Internet;  another student at our   school or anywhere else; a friend, tutor, or relative; a paper-writing "service"     (online or otherwise) which offers to sell written papers for a fee. Please note that   paraphrasing (putting source material into your own words) without proper citation   and documentation still constitutes plagiarism. All students must view the Tegrity  

                    class on Academic Integrity.   

          Cheating. Students who cheat on tests will receive a grade of 0 for that test. These tests cannot be made up. Cheating includes speaking to another student during an exam, consulting books/notes, handling a cell phone or other electronic device, and of course, peeking at another student��s test. We will follow very strict policies on test days. These policies will be  provided both verbally and in writing. During exams, students may not speak to anyone for any reason.  Students must keep all phones and other electronic  devices on ��silent�� and they must be completely packed away. Books and notes must be kept packed away. Students should not  leave the room without permission. Accusations of cheating will not be announced or debated publically during the test. The instructor will simply make a note to assign a grade of 0 to the dishonest student��s test. The situation can be discussed later at an office-hour appointment. 

                      The instructor reserves the right to pursue further disciplinary actions by reporting   plagiarism and/or cheating to the Academic  Dean. 


                      Students are encouraged to conduct themselves as adult professionals-in-    training. Avoid behaviors that are distracting or disrespectful your classmates and   instructor. The following behaviors should be avoided during class meetings: 

                            1. Texting and/or unauthorized internet use

                            2. Sleeping (or reclining, lounging, etc.)

                            3. Speaking out of turn or speaking rudely or unkindly

                            4. Unnecessary traffic in the classroom

                            5. Eating or drinking

                            6. Wearing inappropriate clothing, sunglasses, hats, or earphones. 

                      Students should adhere to the College dress code and all other Policies of     Student Conduct included in the Student Handbook. 


            The College and the Alabama Board of Education are committed to providing both employment and educational environments free of harassment or discrimination related to an individual��s race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability.  Such harassment is a violation of State Board of Education policy.  Any practice or behavior that constitutes harassment is a violation of State Board of Education policy and will not be tolerated. 


            The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 state that qualified students with disabilities who meet the essential functions and academic requirements are entitled to reasonable accommodations.  It is the student��s responsibility to provide appropriate disability documentation to the College.  Please contact the ADA representative, Mrs. Renay Herndon, at 426-7335 (Bessemer campus) or Ms. Philana Suggs at 925-2515 (Birmingham campus).


          COURSE CALENDAR The course calendar has been posted on Blackboard. All      lessons, assignments, lab days, and tests have been included. Students should    print this calendar and bring it to every class meeting. 



          The signing of this form below indicates that I have read the current syllabus for ENG 093 and am satisfied that I understand its content and accept that I am entering into a binding contract. The signing of this form also demonstrates that my English instructor did review the syllabus with the class and did allow for a questioning/answering period.  By signing, I also attest that I read and understood the statements on plagiarism and cheating and that I will write only in my own words for the duration of ENG 093. 






          The Alabama College System

          Copyright 2004

          All Rights Reserved


          The Alabama College System

          Copyright 2004

          All Rights Reserved

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