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In English history Talbot is found among the earliest surnames,
but whether of Saxon or Norman origin it is not necessary in this
connection to inquire. Soon after the Norman conquest, Richard
Talbot was a baron, exercising authority in political affairs. In
1331 one of his descendants was summoned to Parliament, and ever
since, in succession, they have been peers of the realm. The seventh
Lord Talbot was created carl of Shrewsbury, and the earldom still
continues in the family. This Earl, better known as Lord John
Talbot, was killed in a battle between the English and French,
fomdit at Chatillon, France, July 20, 1453. Chark-s Talbot, oi a
kte��r generation, was Lord High Chancellor of England whde many
others of this name have occupied high and honorable places in the
civil military and ecclesiastical history of Great Britain. Under
circumstances like these, it would seem certain, that at the tune
of the early emigration to America, there were many persons by
the name of Talbot in various parts of the British Isles, ill a
is abundantly proved by the records of the early emigration to all
the colonics. Among all the families of tins name who were in New
England during the first hundred years of its settlement so far as
is known only three have descendants in the male line at tins tune.
The first of these in settlement, and also in the number of Ins de-
scendants, was Jared, who located in Taunton; the second was
Peter, who was first of the name in Dorchester, and whose de-
scendants are less numerous; the third was Ambrose, who may not
have been himself an emigrant, but the son of an emigrant. He a so
settled in Dorchester, but removed about 1740 to Maine w here h a
descendants, less in number than are the others, still reside It is
not known hat any relationship existed between these fami.es. Of
the in)" families of Talbots, who are of more recent em ..ration
notably that of the late Gov. Talbot, it does not fall with.n the
mirnosc of this work to consider.

1 Ti? ancestry of Peter Talbot, in England, has not yet been
inve tUted! but some steps are now being taken in that direction
1 id I what has been written is not intended, in the absence ot definite
knowledge, even by inference, to connect him with the early English


The article? from which the following statement is compiled was written
by Miss Caroline Whiting, of Norwood, Mass., from information that she
obtained from Joel Talbot, Esq., of Stoughton, and the Misses Anna and
Catherine Talbot, of Norwood, and printed in the New England Historical
and Genealogical Register for April, 1855.

'• Peter Talbot was horn in Lancashire, England, and while a youth, at
a hoarding school in Edinburgh, he, with two other of his fellow students,
were seized one day, while out in a boat, by a press-gang and taken on
board a man of war, bound for the American coast. When near Rhode
Island, he escaped from the vessel in the night, ami by swimming reached
the main land in safety, leaving on hoard his more timid companions, who
had tried to dissuade him from so rash an undertaking. From his place of
lauding, he travelled northerly, and after a journey of some days, arrived
in Dorchester, where he considered himself safe from pursuit. Here by
industry and frugality he secured the means to return home, never intend-
ing to settle in New England. He paid his passage and took his effects on
board, himself staying on shore dining a storm, which detained the vessel
from sailing. The weather having cleared, the vessel sailed early in the
morning, leaving him behind, hut taking his effects, and he losing his hard
earned passage money.

lie bore his misfortune with courage, and soon after married. Again,
he made preparation to return to England, this time taking a wife with
him, but strange though it may seem, from the same cause as before, the
vessel sailed without them, again depriving him of all his property. Hear-
in"' afterward that the vessel with all on board was lost, he concluded that
it was intended that he should remain in New England, and made no
further attempt to return home.

Some years after his marriage he removed to Chelmsford, Mass. Dur-
ing his residence in Chelmsford, while he and his eldest sou were absent,
the Indians came to his home, seized his wife, and carried her away
with them, first killing her infant child. The Indians were pursued by
the town's people, and Mrs. Talbot was soon rescued and returned to her
home. Uev children, Sarah and George, aud probably Elizabeth, were out
of doors together, when the Indians appeared and safely hid themselves in
a ledge cf rocks, not far away from the house.

The eldest son was killed while fighting the Indians, either at this time
or at a later period. Alter these disasters, the family returned to Dorches-
ter and made it their future home. It is supposed that be died about
1704; his widow, surviving him, lived with her son George, in that part of
Dorchester now Stoughton, probably at the original homestead. Sarah,
his daughter, married, but to whom it is not known, and Elizabeth Talbot,
who was probably another daughter, married Eleazer Puffer."

The genealogical part of the article is found, after careful investigations,
not to be absolutely correct, and has not been copied.

The only events relating to Peter Talbot, contained in the family record of
his son George, aud thus preserved, are, that he was " boru in Lancashire


old England," and that lie " died about 1704." This is from my father's
copy; but happily there are other sources of information, from which we
are able to follow him during a great part of his life, after he settled in
Dorchester. How early he arrived' in this town is 'not known, but the first
date we have is 1075, when he is found on the Dorchester tax list, lie
was in the military service before October 14, 1G77, for on that date his
military account is made up by the province treasurer, showing the amount
due him to be £18. 1(5. 08. In 1G79 he removed to Milton, where be
.remained until 1C84, if not later, lie being taxed there in a rate; made in
January of that year. December 14, 1G8G, he was one of fifty persons
who bought a large tract of land in that part of Chelmsford which has
since become the city of Lowell. Two years later he sold his undivided
interest in this land, but retained a home lot that had been set off to him.
lie remained in Chelmsford until after March 16, 109 1-2, for at that date
he was on the rolls of the west regiment of Middlesex; but soon after, re-
turned to Milton, where he was taxed in' 1G93 and 1694.

The latest date that has been found relating to him, is May 4, 1704,
when with his wife Hannah, calling themselves of Boston, they sold six
! acres of land in Chelmsford. His son George was a witness to the deed.
It is probably a hundred years since Richard Talbot made this entry in his
family record, relating to his great-grandfather, " died about 1704," and it
was his belief, that about that time he undertook to make a visit to Eng-
land, and not being heard from afterward, was supposed to have been lost
at sea, or to have died soon after his arrival there. At any rate no posi-
tive evidence has been found as to his decease.

The sale of the land in Chelmsford in the early part of 1704, a circum-
stance of which those who fix the time of his death would not be likely to
have had any knowledge, adds to the probability that the date of his
voyage to England, if he made one, is correct.

Pkter Taluot was married to his first wife, Mary Wadel, by Gov.
Dudley, in Dorchester, January 12, 1G77-8. With much time and re-
search Mary Wadkl has been completely identified, but the date of her
birth, the names of her parents, and their residence has not been found.
Mary Goole married, in Chelmsford, December 25, 1GGG, John Wadel,
whose alias was Wattel. lie died before June G, 1G7G, that being the
date when the inventory of his estate was taken. In this inventory the
appraisers returned '"one bed and furniture to it, and one cow," prized at
Dorchester, and valued at five pounds. His whole estate was valued at
£38. (J. G. It seems to be clear that at this date, his widow, for some
reason, was living in Dorchester. He left three children who lived to grow
up and many. Their names were William, Mary and Rose, and they, in
1710, made sale of their father's real estate in Chelmsford. At this date,
1710, Mary was living in Woburn, Mass., Rose in Preston, Conn., and
William in Lebanon, Conn., which at the same time was the home of
Dorothy Talbot, wife of James Cutting, daughter of Peter and Mary
(Wadel) Talbot. Mr. Cutting in his will, made in 174G, appoints William
Wattel, his friend, one of his executors. These facts, I think are con-
clusive, that the first wife of Peter Talbot was the widow of John Wadel,
and they also make doubtful the story that they made arrangements to
return to England soon after their marriage, as the number of their family
would seem to be a hindrance to such a procedure.

Mrs. Talbot died in Chelmsford, August 21), 1G87, and on the same day
Johu Fisk and Susanna, widow of George Ryani, also died. ' Three deaths


in one day, out of a population so small as was tliat of Chelmsford when
these deaths took place, must have been exceptionable; but it is not found
that they were from other than natural causes, and the Indian raid and
massacre as stated in the " tradition," has not been found to be related to
these deaths. Peter Talbot married, December 29, 1C>87, for his second
wife, II an nab Clarke, of Concord, widow of William Krizzejl, to whom she
was married November 28, 1GG7, and whose death occurred in Concord,
January 25, 1684-5. Elizabeth Frizzell, their (laughter, undoubtedly
lived with her mother, as she was admitted to the Milton Church, August
11, 17U0. No attempt lias been made to follow the history of the other
children of Frizzell. The ages of both these wives, judging by the
dates of their first marriages, would indicate that their second husband,
Peter Talbot, had been some time in this country before his marriage, or
that be was older, when he arrived, than the " tradition" would make him.
The date of his death has been previously considered, but nothing has been
found to fix that of his second wife. Children by his first wife:
i. Edward, born in Milton, March 31, 1G79; died liTcJui
ii. Dorothy, born in Milton, February 20, KiSO— 1, married

James Cutting of Watertown, born March 20, 1079-80,
son of James and Cutting. Settled at Leba-

non, Conn., where he died , 1753; she was alive in

174G, when her husband made his will.

(1) Hannah, born in Watertown, March 2, 1704; died

She married James Hills, probably of
Lebanon, Conn. They may have had other children, but
if so, none were living, or had children living, when Mr.
Cutting made his will,
iii. Mary, born in Milton, January 15, 1082-3; died

1. iv. Peter, born in Chelmsford, January 1, 1081-5. "

v. Elizaueth, born in Chelmsford, January 13, 1086-7; married Novem-
ber 27, 1713, Eleazer Puller, born in Dedlvam, January 30, 1083, son
of Matthias and Abigail (Everett) Puller. He died January 14,
1740-7, anil she married for her second husband, August 3, 1748,
Samuel llauso, of Canton. Rauso was a Frenchman, probably a
Protestant, as he was aided by the Canton Church. He and his lirst
wife had lived some years in Canton, lie died March ,1703; she
died December 28, 1709.

Children :
(1) Elizabeth, born August 24, 1714; died
(21 Matthias, born February 5, 1710; died 1800; married first,
Elizabeth Farley, wid. of Preserved Tucker, — second,
Priseilla Hubbard, — third, Bathsheba French.

(3) Benjamin, born August 20, 1718 ; died

(4) Abigail, baptized July 30, 1721 ; died

(5) Miriam, baptized July 30, 1721; died
(G) ' Jamks, born February 20, 1723; died

(7) DOROTHY, born July 17, 1720; married Abraham Algfr,

Eos ton, Mass. ; died

(8) Lazerus, born June 1, 1729; died

Children by his second wife :

2. vi. George, born in Chelmsford, December 28, 1088.

Peter (Pelet1), born iii Chelmsford,' January 1, 1681-5. This record
exists, in relation to him. In 1736 James and Dorothy Cutting and


Eleazer and Elizabeth Puffer, by separate releases make thi* con-
veyance to George Talbot. " All such rights, titles, estates, and
interests and demands whatsoever as he the. said .James Cutting or
Dorothy his wife, or as he the said Eleazer Puller or Elizabeth his
wife, hid or ought to have had in or unto any rights of 'land or rights
set off by the Great and General Court of Massachusetts Hay in
New England or any grant ct land that is or may be made as a
proper right of heirship by any of the predecessors of the said
Dorothy and Klizabelh. by their brother Peter Talbot supposed to
I 7 3 L_ be defeased.." Mrs. Puffer did not acknowledge Iter release until
after the death of George Talbot, her brother, which would seeia
to indicate that at that time there was a value in these releases
to the estate of George Talbot, but so far t lie grant of land if
ever made by the Colony has not been located. These releases
are almost conclusive evidence that he (.lied in the service of the
Colony as set forth in the "tradition."

After the foregoing was in type and waiting to be corrected before

it was sent to be stereotyped, information has been found that seems

, to be reliable, by which it appears that three hundred acres of land

was granted to the heirs of Peter Talbot, near a place called Tyng

Town, Eastern Country, near Sandy River.

•Gkorgi.3 [Peter1), born in Chelmsford, December 28, 1 GS8 ; married
in Milton, February 18, 1 700—7, Mary Turel, born .lime 10, I (J i ;,
in Boston, daughter of Daniel (-Jr.) and Anna (ilarrel ) Turel of
Boston, and granddaughter of Elder W illiam Colborue, one of t!ic
original founders of Boston. She died April 24, 17JG. and was
buried at Canton, in tin; old burying ground. At that date then-
was no burying ground in Stotighton. Her grave-stone i< still
(1891 ) in good condition.

lie married lor his second wife, July 27, 1737, Elizabeth Wilhing-
ton of Dorchester.

It is intended to print, either in this book or separately, as ftdl a
monograph of this Gicouut: T.vi.cot as the scanty mateiial now
obtainable will allow.

He died .July 31, 17C0; she died April 30, 1774.

His second wife was the daughter of Philip and Thankful (Pond)
Wuhington of Dorchester, bora Juno , IG'JG.

Children by his first wife:

1. Mary, born March 24, 1707-8; married, 1729, George Allen. He was
probably born in that part of Dedhom now Walpole, but at tua time
of his marriage was a resident of Stonghton. After their marriage
thev resided on the Bay road at Dry Pond.
He died February 4, 17t!7; she di.-d January 19, 1804.
Her husband was probably born as early as 1704, sou of
and Allen.

Children of George and Mary (Talbot) Allen, :

(1) Mary, born March 31, 17:U ; died

(2) Turel, born February 21, 1704; died February 27, 1824.

Married first, Margaret Stearns, — second, Sally Dorsee.
Their residence was always iu Stoughton.


(3) George, born April 7, 173G; died 1778. '

Married firat, Experience Stearns, — second, Mercy Jordan.
Their remittance was on t lie Sharon side of the Bay road.

(4) Sarah, bora 17.1s ; died July 22, 1830.

Married William Maberry of Easton.

(5) Ebknk/.ek, born 1 7 4 (J ; died

I ;.ret tins .son from the rolls of men in the French war;
he being in 1758 a soldier belonging to George Allen,
aged IS years.
(G) Aula., born April 17, 1744 ; died June 15, 1744.

(7) Sktii, born March 13, 174G; died

Married Jemima Jordan. Late in life removed from
Sharon to Lyndeborongh, N. II.

(8) Elizabeth, born June 12, 175G; died

ii. • Daniel, boru March 7, 1700-10.

iii. Hannah,- born May 1, 1712; married May 1, 1735, David Gay, of
He settled in the west part of Stoughton, where he purchased water

power and erected irou works, which he occupied until his death.
He died December 7, 1794; she died September 21, 1791.
Her husband was born in Dedham, November G, 1707, son of Timothy
and Patience ( l k ��•< 1 s ) Gay.

Children of David and nanuah (Talbot) Gay :

(1) Mary, born September 17, 173G; died

Married Carpenter Bradford, resident of Stougliton.
Settled in Friendship, Maine.

(2) David, born February 2, 1739; died

Settled in Maine. Married

(3) Hannah, born July 5, 1741; died

Married Ralph Pope of Stougliton.

(4) Peter, born June 27, 1743; died August ,1815.

Married first, Hannah Smith of Stougliton, — second, Mary
Payson of Sharon, — third, Abigail P. Spooner, Farrn-
ington, Maine. In middle life he settled in Fannington,
(6) Lemuel, born February 4, 1745; died August 10, 1809.
Married Abigail Davenport of Milton. Lived in Stough-

(6) Lewis, born March 10, 1747; died

Settled in Maine. Married

(7) Patience, born September 12, 1749 ; died January 17, 1809.

Married for his second wife John Clapp of Stoughton.

(8) Azubaii, born February 25, 1752; died June 25, 17G4.

(9) Lydia, born May 18, 1755 ; died February 17, 1822.

r Married first, Nathaniel Merion of Stoughton, — second,

Capt. Abner Crane of Canton.


4. lv. George, born October 24, 1714. — '

5. v. Peter, born February 27, 1710-7.

vi. Sarah, boru August 23, 1719,; married Benjamin White of Dedham,
November 29, 1739.
Their home was in that part of Norwood called Buttermilk Plain.

He died December 25, 17C7; she died March 1, 178G.
Her husband was probably born in Dedham about 1710; son of
and White.

Children of Benjamin and Sarah (Talbot) White :
(1) Jerusha, born December 3, 1740; died

Married first, John Wadsworth of Stoughton, — second,
Levi Hawes of Stoughton.


(2) Moses, born June 23, 1742; died May 10, 17CG.
(:i) Hawaii, August :i, 1714 ; died October 21, 1747.

(4) Kiii'.nkzi:i[, born May 5, 17-1C; died January 2, 1807.

Married Deborah Fuller.

(5) Sarah j horn May 18, 1748; died April 10, 1839.

idarried Ezra Tttden of Stoughton.

(6) GkouGE, baptized May 27, 1750; died March 31, 1806.

Married Lydia Rhoads.

(7) Mary, horn June 14, 1752; died

Married for his second wife, Abel Richards,

(8) Elizabeth, baptized April 24, 1754; died

Married Nathaniel Cummings,

(9) Grace, born February 7, 1750; died

(10) Rum, baptized October 16, 1757 ; died «

Married John Cummings.

(11) Benjamin, baptized January 20, 1700; died

(12) John, baptized November 29, 1701 ; died

(13) Joel, baptized January 24, 1764; died

Beside the marriages accounted for, one son married a Cummings,
Mauy of the family settled on the Kennebec river, Maine.

vil. Jerusiia, born October 6, 1721 ; married Jonathan Capen of Stough-
ton, November 20, 1746. He was for many years a Deacon of the
Church in Stoughton, the guardian of the Foukipog Indians, and
held other prominent offices.
He died May 27, 1813; she died October 8, 1817.

Her husband was born in Dorchester, July 23, 1724, son of Jonathan
and Jane (Houghton) Capen.
Children of Jonathan and Jerusha (Talbot) Capen : ^.

(1) Rebekau, born July 3, 1748; died December 5, 1833.

Married Elijah Wentworth of Canton. Removed to
Maine, but returned to Stoughton, where she died.

(2) Jerusiia, born May 16, 1750; died March 20, 1842.

Married Jacob Leonard of Easton. They removed from
Easton to l'ittsford, Vt.

(3) Jonathan, born September 20, 1752 ; died December 18,


Married Hannah Glover of Stoughton. They always

resided in Stoughton.

(4) John, born February 13, 1755; died February 8, 1837.

Married Patience Drake of Stoughton. They always
resided in Stoughton.
(6) Militiaii, born September 10, 1757; died January 14. 1793.
Married Joseph Porter, Jr. of Stoughton. They always
resided in Stoughton,

(6) Theophilus, born June 5, 1760; H. U. 1782; died April

13, 1842. Married Rachel Lambert. Lived in Dorches-
ter, Bath, Me., Pittsford and Chittenden, Vt.

(7) Eleanor, born June 18, 1763; died

Married David Wadsworth of Stoughton. Removed to
Vermont, near Rutland
/B) Azubah, born March 20, 1766; died August 10, 1835.
Married David Clapp of Dorchester, July 28, 1801.
Their residence was in Dorchester.


6. viii. Ebenezer, born December 4, 1723.

Ix. Experience, bom February 20, 172G-7; married Joseph Smith, Jr.
of Stoughwn, October 29, 1747.
He was a farmer, and lived on the Bay road, at Dry Pond, Stoughton.
He died November 15, 1799; she died January 10, iaOO.
Her husband was born in Canton May 24, 1720, son of Joseph and
Mary (Ilawes) Smith.

Children of Joseph and Experience (Talbot) Smith :

(1) Jesse, born May 5, 1750; died September 13, 1824.

Marked Lois Everett of Dedhani. Their home' was in

(2) Joseph, born October 8, 1752; died May 3, 1823.

Married first, Sarah Gay of Stoughton, — second, Sally
Briggs of Stoughton. Their home was in Stoughton.

(3) RnODA, born May 19, 1755; died

Married Nathaniel Everett of Norwood,? //<.,.. i/?-'~

(4) Mary, born June 23, 17G0; died March 17, 180l'.

Married Abel Everett of Norwood.; Their home was in
Norwood. '' i s< /. ��

(5) Lydia, born June 10, 17C3; died June 22, 1809.

Married Asa Waters of Stoughton. Their home was in

(6) Experience, born June 5, 17G5; died July 19, 1793.

Married Benjamin I}isbee of Stoughton. Their home
was in Stoughton.

(7) Zuba, born December 25, 17G7; died

Married Daniel Pratt of Brideport (? Bridgeport, Ct.).

There were no children, by his second marriage.

Daniel* (George* Peter1), born in Stoughton, March 7, 1709-10;
married Martha Stearns of Stoughton, November 1, 1734.

In 1734 his father sold him about fifty-four acres of the southerly
end of his farm, including the house in which his father resided when
he first came to Stoughton. When the third parish of Stoughton,
now the town of Stoughton, was incorporated, he gave the land upon
which to build the meeting-house, and the site has been continuously
occupied for the purpose for which it was donated iu 1744, until the
present time (1891).

During the French war, from 1755 to 1758, he made several
attempts to raise a company of soldiers for the King's service. In -
none of these efforts, during the active stage of the war, was he suc-
cessful; but after the war had closed in America, while waiting for
peace to be declared iu Europe, regiments were sent each summer to
Canada, to guard the frontier from Indian incursions. In one of
these regiments he served as Lieutenant in Capt. Richmond's com-
pany, of Col. White's regiment. His attempts at recruiting no
doubt impaired his financial condition, and soon after the close of the
war he sold his home farm, and built a house on what is now Central
Street, Stoughton, upon land which he had long owned, and where
he passed the remainder of his life. A large part of this farm by
uninterrupted possession, as well as other laud received from his
father's estate, is still owned and occupied by his descendants.

He died March 7, 1788; she died April 4, 1773.


His wife was born iu Lexington, baptized February 7, 1709-10,
daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stone) gtearns, who came to
Stoughton in 1717.
i. Maktiia, born August 24, 1735 ; died January 29, 1737-8.
ii. Amaziaii, born September 7, 1737; died 175C.

His death occurred at Number One (now Tyrinjrham, Mass.), on his
return with the army from Luke George, his father being with him.
7. iii. Daniel, born October 25, 1739.

iv. Martha, born August 13, 1742; married Scth Johnson of Stoughton,
June 20, 1702. They always resided in Stoughton.
He died March 1G, 1820; she died October 1G, 1833.
Her husband was born in Bridgewater, , 1733, son of

Solomon and Susanna (Edson) Johnson,
r Children of Seth and Martha (Talbot) Johnson:

(1) Seth, born February 8, 1703; died

(2) Maktiia, born 17G5; died October 31, 1802.

Married Ebeuezer Hayden of Stoughton.






Isaac, bom June 21, 1744.

George, born June 1, 1746.

Benjamin, born December 13, 1751 ; died young.

Sakaii, born December 13, 1751; married Amos Guild of Stoughton,

July 10, 1783. They were always residents of Stoughton.
He died March 7, 1842; she died August 10, 1829.
Htr husband was born in Walpole, September 20, 1753, son of John

and Thankful (Harrington) Guild.

Children of Amos and Sarah (Talbot) Guild:

(1) Thankful, born September 5, 1784; died May 7, 1870.


(2) Abel, bom April 24, 1788; died May 24, 1789.

(3) Son, born April G, 1790; died April 10, 1790.

(4) Susanna, born October 4, 1791 ; died October 25, 1792.

(5) Jekusiia, born May 19, 1794; died January 5, 1881.


(6) Oi.ive, born July 15, 1790; died January 18, 1879.


10. Ix. Benjamin, born 1753.

George* (George* Peter1), born in Stoughton, October 24, 1714.
He first settled in Stoughton, buying about thirty-five acres of the
North-westerly part of his father's farm. This farm he sold to the
Rev. Jedediah Adams, the first pastor of the third precinct in
Stougton, at the time of his settlement with the parish. After this
sale lie removed to Ponkipog, Canton, where he bought a farm upon
which he lived until after the death of his first wife. His last resi-
dence was in Norwood. By reason of changes in his residence or
from other causes lie was not often called to important public duties.
He left a considerable estate for the times iu which he lived, having
in this respect been more successful than either of his brothers.

He married for his first wife Hannah Wentworth of Canton, June
22, 1742; she died November 29, 1760.



His first wife was born in Canton, August 12, 1719, daughter of
Shubael and Damans (Ilawes) Wentworth.

He married for liis second wife, October 20, 17G3, Abigail Dean,
widow of Capt. William Bacon of Norwood. _

He died May 24, 1772; she died October 5, 1786.
His second wife was born daughter of John and

Hannah ( ) Dean of Norwood.

Children by Ills fust marriage :
Mary, born April 3, 1713. Married Seth Smith

of Stouglitou.
During their married life their residence was in Stoughton.
He died ; she died

Her husband was born in Milton , son of Capt.

William and Keziah (Vose) Smith, who early in life became perma-
nent residents in Stoughton.
Children of Seth and Mary (Talbot) Smith :
(1) Keziah, born July 5, 17GG; di d
Married John Clark
Salome, born March 30, 17C8 ; died July 15, 1789.
Hannah, born January 24, 1771 ; died July 9, 1807.

Married Samuel Morse, Jr. of Canton.
Damabis, born May 7, 1773; died September 7, 1796.
William, born April 15, 1775; died



(0) Seth, born May 6, 1777; died

(7) George, born April 18, 1779; died

(8) Umah, born August 6, 1783 ; died

At the death of Capt. William Smith (1788), his son Seth
had left Stoughton, being unable to pay his debts, and his part
of his father's estate was set on" to his creditors. From one
of the sons of Hannah Morse it is learned that some of the
son* of Seth and Mary followed the sea, while others settled
at or near Calais, Maine.

11. 11. David, born March 8, 1745-G.

12. iii. Nathaniel, bom Jane 11, 1748.

iv. Hannah, boru . Married September 14, 1780, Zephaniah

Smith of Canton.
In their early married life they resided in Canton.
He died ; she died

Her husband was baptized May 17, 17G1, son of Benjamin and Sarah
(Wallis) Smith of Canton.
Children of Zephaniah and Hannah (Talbot) Smith :

(1) Zephaniah, baptized July 21, 1781; died

(2) Nathaniel, born March 10, 1783 ; died

This is all that is known of this family, by the compiler of
this work. They removed from Canton, and it is quite probable
that other children may have been born in their new home.

v. Mercy, baptized July 9, 1758 ; died June 4, 1763.
Children by his second marriage:
13. vi. Geokge, born in Norwood, February 25, 17G5.



Peter8 {George,' Peter1), boru February 27, 171G-17. lie always
resided io Stougbtou, buying for bis homestead about fifty acres of
land from tbe north corner of bis father's farm. This land is now
(1891) largely owned by bis descendants, having come down to them
by continued succession. He filled many important offices in the
town and parish, among which were Selectman and Member of the
Committee of Correspondence, during the war of the revolution. Ho
marched from Stoughton in command of a company of Minute Men
at the time of the Lexington alarm ; but as was the case with all the
Minute Men from the south part of what was then Suffolk County,
they did not start until the day of the battle.

lie married December 5, 1744, Abigail Wheeler of Canton; she
died November 3, 1750.

His first wife was bora November 9, 1719, daughter of William
and Abigail ( \\ >x ( i > it ) Wheeler.

He married a second time, January 8, 1752, Mary Bailey of Canton ;
she died May 17, 1782.

His second wife was born August 13, 1724, daughter of Richard
and Esther (Puffer) Bailey.

He married a third time, February 2G, 1784, Rebekah Dickerman
of Canton.

He died October 18, 1793; she died May 9, 1798.

His third wife was boru iu Milton, April 19, 1731, daughter of
Johu and Elizabeth ( ) Beut and widow Samuel Dickerman.

Children by bis first marriage:

14. i. Peter, born November G, 1745.

15. ii- Samuel, bora February 24, 174G-7. L(J ,'• '��

iii. Abigail, boru June 14, 174'J ; married May 24, 1770, Ebenezer Paul of

Their residence was near Paul's Bridge, now in the town of Hyde Park.
He died August 20, 1803; she died Januarys, 1805.
Her husband was born in Dedhain, June 16, 173S, son of Samuel and

Abigail (Withington) Paul.

Children of Ebenezer and Abigail (Talbot) Paul :

(1) Fiiineas, born Aug 20, 1771 ; died October 21, 1821.

Married Janet Packard of Brockton.

(2) Isaac, born August 21, 1774 ; died April 4, 1852.

Married Lydia Tucker of Milton.

(3) Abigail, born March 0, 1777; died December 21, 18C9.

Married Samuel Clapp of Dorchester.

(4) Ebenezer, baptized June 10, 1781 ; died October 2, 1803.


(5) Samuel, born July 21, 1784 ; died July 7, 1833.

Married Martha Crane of Canton.
(G) Betsey, born July 21, 1784 ; died July 20, 1824.

Married fust, Nathan Crane, Jr., — second, Ebenezer

Crane, both of Canton and brothers.
(7) Lutiieu, born July 5, 17'J3 ; died July 24, 18G3.

Married Uebecea Crehorc.

Children by his second marriage :
16. iv. Jabez, born April 20, 1753. t- '<• ;'.... 1^0

v. Meiiitaijle, boru March 12, 1755; died December 21, 1804.


vi. Esther, born February 13, 1757.

Married Juno 6, 178-', for his .second wife, Samuel Osgood of Stough-
ton. Their home was always in Stoughton.
He died December 25, 1834; she died April 30, 1822. Her husband
was baptized as of Stoughton, September 10, 1738, sou of John and
Haunah (Meroh) Osgood.
Children of Samuel and Esther (Talbot) Osgood :

(1) Hosea, born November 25, 178-4 ; died October 27, 1876.

Married Hannah Battles of Stoughton.

(2) HuLD.ui, born November 25, 1784 ; died May 1G, 1863.

Married Nathaniel Hunt, 2d, of Randolph.

vii. Mary, born February 13, 1759; died June 7, 1770.

viii. Moses, bora July 31, 1761 ; died July 31, 1761.

ix. Hannah, born July 22, 1762; died July 22, 1762.

x. Anna, born May 1, 17ii3; died January 24, 1778.

xi. Hannah, born January 9, 1766; died February 8, 1811.

17. xii. Richard, boru August 24, 1770.

There were no children by his third marriage.

Ebenezer3 {George* Peter1), born December 4, 1723. At the time
of his marriage he was a resident of Dorchester, but soon after
he returned to Stoughton, and bought of his father about forty-
acres of the central part of his farm, including half of his build-
ings. He f^ave from this land half an acre to enlarge the burying
ground, originally given to the parish by his father. During his
residence in Dorchester he was active in a select military company
raised for coast defence during a war between England and Spain ; but
after his return to Stoughton he does not appear to have mingled much
in public affairs. He died cpuite suddenly at the age of forty years.
He married March G, 174G-7, Elizabeth Withington of Dorchester.
He died June 26, 17G4; she died July 2, 1802. , /• .-

His wife was born in Dorchester, October 1, 1725, daughter of
William and Elizabeth (Blake) Withington.
Children :

1. Ruth, born December 11, 1747. Married October 29, 1765, for his
second wife, Benjamin Monk of Stoughton. Their residence during
her married life was in Stoughton.
He died ; she died before 1782, for in that year

Mr. Monk married his third wife.
Her husband was baptized April 17, 1737, son of Elias and Susanna
(Blackman) Monk, then of Canton.
Children of Benjamin and Ruth (Talbot) Monk :

(1) Oliver, born September 24, 1766; died March 8, 1769.

(2) Meredith, bora July 6, 1769; died

Married Blunt.

(3) Ruth, bora August 3, 1771 ; died

Married Samuel Brown.

(4) Jemima, born November 13, 1773; died

Married Job Swift.

(5) Elizabeth, baptized December 17, 1775; died


This family may not be complete. Their descendants are found in
Gardiner, Strong and Industry, Maine.

18. ii. William, born October 6, 1749.

19. iii. Ebesezer, born November 3, 1751.

iv. Elizabeth, born February 22, 175-1. Married September 2G, 1781,
Ithanur jTaiTiugton of Norwood. Soon after their marriage they
removed to Maine, where they settled for life.

He died February 3, 1843; she died May 12, 1825.

Her husband was baptized in Norwood, May 2, 175G, son of Samuel
and Mindwill (Holding) Farrlngtou.


reu of Ithainer and Elizabeth

(Talbot) Farriugton:


Jabez, boru

; died


Betsey, born

Married Levi Pike.
Martin, boru

; died


; died


Ebenezer, born i ��'. • ui > '

; died December 21, 1867.


Benjamin, born

; died


Rachel, born ; died

Folly, boru ; died

Married Knowles.
Enoch, born ; died

20. v. Josiah, born October 10, 175G. < .< C\ i . �� ' <-. . . » ��'. ��

21. vi. Enoch, boru June 18, 1758.

vii. Rachel, born October 18, 1759; married May 1, 1786, Abijah Crane
of Norwood.
They settled permanently in Fayette, Me.
He died September 25, 1845; she died November 1, 1807.
Her husband was born March 20, 1764, sou of Benjamin and Patience
( ) Crane.

Children of Abijah aud Rachel (Talbot) Crane:

(1) Elizabeth, born October 10, 1786; died October 9, 1869.

Married Israel Chase. Resided in Fayette, Me.

(2) John, born August 25, 1788; died December 16, 1843.

Married first, Naucy Canwell, — second, Dolly Watson.
Resided in Fayette, Me.

(3) Rachel, born May 5, 1791; died 1826.

Married' Jl'rst, William Burt, — second, Andrew Sturtevant.
Resided in Fayettee, Me. i

(4) Abijah, born April 17, 1793; died February 29, 1884.

Married Harriet Fifleld. Resided in Wayne aud Fayette,

(5) Reuben, born August 30, 1795 ; died March 9, 1853.

Married Mary Tuck. Resided iu Fayette, Me.

(6) Lucy, born Mav 6, 1797; died 1807.

(7) Jotham, born July 4, 1799; died in Melrose, May 19, 1875.

Married Susanna Underwood. Resided iu Fayette, Me.,
and Brighton.

(8) Hannah, born January 15, 1802; died January 1832.

Married Zenas Carey. Resided in Winthrop, Me.

viii. jEDEDiAn, born July 22, 1761; died March 21, 1762.

ix. Charlotte, born December 3, 1762 ; supposed to have died young.

Widow Elizabeth Talbot married for her second husband, December
27, 1770, David Fisher of Norwood (she being his second wife).


Tlii. Jedediaii, born July 22, 17G1 ; died March 21, 1762.

ix. Charlotte, born December I!, 1702; supposed to have died young.

Widow Elizabeth Talbot married for her second husband, December
27, 1770, David Fisher of Norwood (she being his second wife).

After this marriage, her home was in Norwood, her younger chil-
dren also making their home with her.

Daniel* (Daniel* George* Peter1), born in Stoughton, October 25,
1 731). So far as is now known, lie left home quite early in life and
found employment in the towns near Boston.

At the breaking out of the revolutionary war he enlisted as a
soldier from one of these towns, and his service was of sufficient im-
portance to entitle him to receive a pension during the later years
of his life.

lie probably worked as a day laborer for others, never making for
himself a permanent home.

Of his married life, it is stated in Bond's History of Watertown
families and their descendants, "that he first married Elizabeth Teel,
by whom he had two children, both of whom died in infancy," but
beyond this statement nothing has been found in relation to this
marriage. It is, however, found that he was published in Boston to
Sarah Nichols, and that they were married April 1, 1781, by the
rector of Trinity Church.

lie was married agaiu, to Hannah ToplitFof Dorchester, April 5,

He died March 2, 1820, at Stoughton; she died June 26, 1815,
at Dorchester.

His last wife was born in Dorchester, Sept. 24, 1755, daughter
of Samuel and Mary (Hall) Topliff, and widow of Thomas Bird.
Children by this marriage :
i. John, born September 29, 17*J9; died October — , 1799.


Isaac* (Daniel* George,8 Peter1), born in Stoughton, June 21, 1744.
His occupation was that of a farmer, residing in Stoughton upon
the farm that came to him from his father, only being absent for a
few years while a young man, in the neighboring town of Walpole.

At the age of sixteen he served, for one season, in the Company of
which his father was Lieutenant, as a soldier in the French war,
upon the Canadian frontier.

During the war of the revolution, he was in service in the army
at Ticonderoga, and a year later at Saratoga, acting as sergeant in
one of the Companies from Stoughton, who were on duty at or near
the place where the army of Burgoyne surrendered to the American
forces under General Gates.

He married, August 3, 17G8, Susanna Turner of Walpole.

He died January 27, 1822; 6he died October 24, 1836.


His wife was born December 15, 1747, daughter of Joseph and
Sarah (Hartshorn) Turner.
Children :

22. i. Isaac, born January 21, 1771.

ii. Susanna, born August 27, 1772; died April 25, 1790.
iii. Martha, born March 28, 1771; married November G, 179G, Benjamin
Holmes of Sharon.

lie died June 1, 1812; she died June 14, 1790.
Her husband was born in Sharon, September 5, 1770, son of
Zebulon and Abigail (Savels) Holmes.
Children of Benjamin and Martha (Talbot) Holmes:

(1) LEWIS, born July 2(5, 1797 ; died July 13, 1878.

Married Rachel Betts ; residence Doaktown, N. B.

(2) Benjamin Talbot, born May 1G, 1799; died May 20, 1804.

Mr. Holmes married a secoud time.

23. iv. Benjamin, born August 28, 1777.

v, Ursula, baptized April 23, 1780; died

24. vi. DANIEL, born February 19, 1782.

vii. Betsey, born January 17, 1781; married October 12, 1808, Lazarus
Pope, of Stoughton. Soon after their marriage they removed to
Dorchester, and later they permanently located in Marlborough.

He died August — , 1642 ; she died November 24, 1850.

Her husband was born in Stoughton, April — , 1782, sou of
Lazarus and Mary (Swan) Pope.

Children of Lazarus and Betsey (Talbot) Pope :

(1) Rufus Srumt, born April 2, 1809; died at Hyannis, June

5, 1882.

Married Sarah Brown Parkhurst. His life work was in
the Dniversalist ministry, tilling acceptably every pas-
torate to which he was called.

(2) Betsey, born October — , 1810; died December 5, 1811.

(3) Alexandi'ii, afterwards named Franklin Mansur, born

October Hi, 18 14; died May 12, 1881.

Married Emily Sherman. Resided in Marlborough.

(4) Caroline, born March 11, 1810 ; died May 15, 1852.

Married Cvrus Fay, of Westborough.

(5) Almiha, born March 0, 1818; died April 24, 1875.

(G) Susan T., born May 10, 1821 ; died October 2, 1830.

(7) Sarah M., born August 7, 1823; died June 7, 1889.


(8) PiiiLANDr.u, born October 20, 1825; died August — , 1826.

(9) Piiii.india, born October 20, 1825; died June 7, 1872.

Married Solomon L. Metcalf , of Lowell, Vt.

viii. Sarah,* born January 5, 178G; died September 18, 1802.

George4 {Daniel? George? Peter1), born in Stoughton, June 1, 1746.
His name is on the muster roll of his father's Company, in the Ex-
pedition to Canada, in the summer of 17G0, serving from June 22 to
November 1 of that year. No complete examination has beeu made
to determine the full service which he rendered in the war of the


revolution, but his name appears as one of Capt. John Bradley's
Company in a four months campaign to the northward in 1777. Iu
early life he made his home iu Dorchester and Milton, finally making
a permanent home in the latter town, being employed in his younger
years as head farmer by some of the wealthy residents.

lie married, for his first wife, Sarah Vose of Milton, their publish-
ment being dated June 4, 1774.

She died with small-pox, February 27, 1777.

His wife was burn
daughter of ( ) Vose.

There is no record of any children by this marriage.

For his second wife he married Mary Pierce of Milton.

He died February 25, 1827; she died April 24, 1824.

His second wife was born ; daughter of

( ) Pierce.

Children, by his second marriage:

Sally, born February 1, 1770; married September 15, 1803, for his
second wife, Ebenczer Hayden of Stoughtou. Mr. Hayden's first
��wife was Martha Johnson. (See page 14.)
Children of Ebenczer and Sarah (Talbot) Hayden :

(1) Sally, born Septembers, 1804; died

Married Daniel Ripley. Resided in New Bedford.

(2) Ebknezer, born November 21, 180(J.

Married Harriet Mollis. Resides in Randolph.

(3) GEORGE, born March 21, 1800.

Married first, Thais S. Blanehard,— second, Mary A. Her-
riek. Resides in South Weymouth.

(4) John, born September 21, 1811 ; died February 3, 1870.

Married Mary Packard of Stoughton. Resided in
Mrs. Hayden was married a second time, September 14, 182G, to
John C. Reupke, of Stoughton. Mr. Reupke was a native of
Germany, and this was his second marriage.

He died December 24, 1833; she died June 22, 1864.

25. ii- Gkorgk, born January 11, 1781.
2G. iii. John, born August 20, 1783.

iv. Nancy Crawford, born February 12, 1787. Married December 1,
1808, William Hunt, of Milton.
He died ; she died

Her husband was born in ;

son of and ( ) Hunt.

Children of William and Nancy C. (Talbot) Hunt :

(1) Eliza Ann, born March 1G, 1811.

(2) Franklin, born May 15, 1813.

(3) Jackson, born December 2, 1815.

(4) Harriet, born March 21, 1818.

These are probably all the children of this family. We have been
uuable to locate any of them or their descendants.


v Polly, born April 23, 1700. Married October 24, 1810, Nathaniel
Vose of Stoughton.
They always resided in Stoughton.
He died December 3, 1853; she died March 22, 1883.
Her husband was born December 10, 1782; son of Jeremiah and
Hannah (Smith) Vose.
Children of Nathaniel and Mary (Talbot) Vose :

(1) Nathaniel, born February 17, 1812; died August 17, 1890.

Married Cynthia S. Belcher of Stoughton. Removed to
Lake Co., Illinois.

(2) Francis, born July 11, 1814.

Married Mary E. Smith, of Lyman, Me. Removed to
Lake Co., Illinois.

(3) Mary Pierce, born January 21, 1817 ; died January 4, 1839.

Married Benjamin Ward of Stoughton. Resided in

(4) Samuel, born March 10, 1820; died May-2G, 1856.

Married Caroline Jane Beals of Stoughton. Resided in

(5) Sarah Ann, born March 4, 1822; died February 10, 1884.

Married Joshua W. Reynolds of Stoughton. Resided in
(0) Robert, born October 5, 1824; died August 13, 1887.

Married Belief Bard of Buckfleld, Me. Resided in
Waukegau, Ills.

(7) Henry, born December 9, 1832; died August 29, 1834.

(8) Ellen Eliza, born May 2, 183G; died January 8, 185G.

Married George Brett, of Paris, Me. Resided in Stough-

27. Yi. Samuel, born July 14, 1795.

viL Elizabeth, born May 2, 1798; married June 3, 1816, Charles Jones of

He died June 1C, 18G8; she died December 20, 1875.
They always resided in Stoughton.

Her husband was born in Randolph, September 19, 1791 ; son of
Ransle and Rhoda (Stevens) Jones.
Children of Charles aud Elizabeth (Talbot) Jones :

(1) Charles, born March 18, 1817.

Married Louisa Tolinan of Sharon. Resides in Stoughton.

(2) Sophia, born April 24, 1819; died October 20, 1880.

Married Joseph II. Melcher of Stoughton. Resided in
(8) Henry, born December 28, 1821 ; died September 3. 1888.
Married Mary M. Swan of Stoughton. Resided in

(4) Elizabeth, bom June 2G, 1828.
Resides in Stoughton.

(5) Ei.isnA, born April 2, 1831 ; died June 15, 1854.

(6) Emeline, born July 22, 1836; died August 8, 1858.
Married Aaron S. Drake of Stoughton. Resided in

viil. Louisa, bora July 7, 1800 ; died February 19, 1843.



Benjamin4 {Daniel,9 George? Peter1), born in Stoughton, , 1753.

At the breaking out of the Revolutionary war, he was a resident of
Roxbury, enlisting in a company from that place in 1775, and serving
for many months with the army that surrounded Boston, and holding
the office of sergeant. Tradition says, that afterwards he was ap-
pointed a lieutenant, and died while in the service at Chesterfield.
It is presumed that he died unmarried. Other incidents in his life
may be found, and, if so, they will be inserted later in this work.

David4 ( George,* George* Peter1), born in Stoughton, March 8, 1745-6.
His residence was in the north part of the town, until after middle
life, when he bought a small farm in Canton, on the south side of the
Blue Hills, where he passed the remainder of his life. lie served in
the army during the Revolutionary war iu many of the compaigns,
some of which lasted a year or more.

He married, November 14, 17G'J, Mary Spear, whose parents were
then residents of Stoughton, but they soon returned to Randolph,
which was their former and later home.

The date of her death is not known.

She was born in Randolph, January 4, 1742; daughter of John
Spear, 3d, and Wary ( , ) Spear.

In a diary, still preserved, which he kept both before and after his
second marriage, he frequently mentions visiting his father Spear; but
as he does not mention any of his children by his first wife, it is to
be presumed that they all died young.

He married, April 14, 1789, for his second wife, ]\I_ehitabl£ Capen,
boru in Randolph, but soon after her birth her parents became perma-
nent residents in that part of Canton called York.

He died November 24, 1813; she died January 7, 1830.

His second wife was born May 20, 1755; daughter of Christopher
and Abigail (Thayer) Capen.

Children by first marriage:

i. Lemuel, born September 1, 1770; died . . £. i

ii. David, born August 24, 1773; died— Sitv*-- -w=|-< a ">•«*-"

iii. Elizabeth, baptized April 23, 1775; died
Children by second marriage :

iv. Salome, born February 10, 1791 ; died June 28, 1804.

All accounts make Salome an affectionate and lovable child ; kind
to her parents, respectful to her seniors, while joining heartily
with those of her own age in all their innocent amusements
and recreations. With traits like these, it is no wonder that her
tragic death was long remembered and mourned by the little
community where she had passed so many happy days, known
and loved by everyone.

Whenever she was not needed at home, she had frequently been
employed by the neighbors in work that was suitable for one
of her age. On Thursday, June 28, 1801, she went to a farm
house some half a mile from her home, to assist the family in
picking cherries for the market. After her day's work was
done, she started on her way home at about seven o'clock, taking


with her a package of the fruit for her mother. Not arriving
at home in due season did not disturb her mother, as she knew
where she was at work, and supposed that her services might
be needed for another day ; but not returning the second night
she became alarmed, ami early Saturday morning started to find
her. The path to the house where Salome was supposed to be
at work led by a small pond, which on reaching, her mother
was horror struck to Had her daughter lying dead in the shal-
low water beside the path. The crime which had been first
committed was apparent ; making the second crime of murder
necessary, to prevent the first from being at once known, and
the liend who perpetrated it promptly arrested. It was not
supposed that the crime had been done by any one living in
the immediate vicinity of its occurrence; but suspicion was at
once aroused when jack Battus, a negro, born in the West
Indies, employed by a fanner mar by, left his home soon after
the body was found, lie was pursued, taken, confessed the
crimes, and sutlered the extreme penalty of the law on the
gallows, at Dedham, November 8, 1801.

Mr. and Mrs. David Talbot adopted a young child, and gave her
the name of Gratis Talbot. She married Phillips Warren of
Dorchester, April 30, 1807. They settled in Detroit, Mich., and had
a number of children living at the time of Mrs. Talbot's death iu


Nathaniel4 {George* George,2 Peter1), born in Stoughton, June 11,
1748. He was a blacksmith, which seems to Lave been his exclusive
business, so long as be was able to carry it on. He settled in that
part of Roxbury now called West Roxbury, but quite late in life re-
moved to Dedham. Doth he and his wife joined the West Church
in Roxbury, July 22, 1770. He was one of the company from West
Roxbury at the time of the Lexington alarm; but no investigation
lias been made to find what other military service, if any, he rendered
during the Revolutionary war. He married, June 12, 1770, Sarah
Wilson of Newton. Her death occurred in Roxbury, April 19, 1805.

His wife was probably the daughter of John and Abigail ( )

Wilson, born in Newton, February 15, 174G-7.

He married for bis second wife, December 10, 1807, Martha
Davenport of Needham.

He died October 17, 1829 ; she died November 18, 1824.

His second wife was born June 12, 174G; daughter of Joseph and
Sarah (Ware) Davenport, and widow of Ebenezer Day of Needham.

There were no children by this marriage.
Children by first marriage:

28. i. Nathaniel, born September 1, 1773.

ii. Sakaii, bom December 8, 1777; died December 2, 1793.
iii. Maky, born March 2, 1779; married June 10, 1797, Jesse Stowell of
Dedham. They resided in Dedham, and in Lempster and Wash-
ington, N. II.

He died September 21, 1828; she died February 23, 18C2.
Her husband was born in Dedham, August 19, 1775; son of Thad-
deus and Deborah (Fisher) Stowell.

Children of Jesse and Mary (Talbot) Stowell:


(1) Sarah, born February 27, 1801 ; died June 19/1859.

Marr'"d ./Trs*, Zadok Lewis, 2d, — second, Elias Smith.
Resided in Goshen, N. II.

(2) Maky, born February 27, 1801.

Married Zcbulon Baker. Residence in Goshen, N. II.

(3) John, burn April 10, 1803; died July 15, 1870.

Married jirst, Anna 15. Fisher, — second, Livinia Fisher, —
third, Minerva Iiounscvel,— fourth, Abigail Fletcher.
Residence in Washington, N. II.

(4) Abxkk, born September 27, 1805; died November 28, 187G.

Married Eliza Sanborn. Resided in Claremont, N. II.

(5) Jksse Whi.aton, born December 9, 1807.

Married .first, Jane Graham, — second, Emily Pollard.
Resides in Lcmpster, N. II.
(0) Katheiune, born June 21, 1810; died July 29, 1885.

(7) Nathan DeWolf, born November 21, 1812.

Married . first, Elizabeth Mitchell, — second, Catherine
Bogardus. Resides in Charlotte, Mich.

(8) Hannah, born December 21, 1817: died Juue 13, 1840.


(9) Lucy Talbot, born August 28, 1820.

Married Rev. Lorenzo Tandy, a Baptist clergyman.
Residence for many years in Royalston.

29. iv. David, born August 27, 1780.

v. Josiaii, born February 15, 1782; died May 2, 1817.

Unmarried. Resided in Dcdham.
vi. Lucy, born October 17, 17«3; died April 3, 1842.

Unmarried. Resided in Dedhain.
vii. Hannah, born February 25, 178G; married July 31, 1808, Nathan
DeWolf, resident of Dorchester.

He died December 5, 1811 ; she died December 10, 1802.
They resided in Dedham.

Her husband wis born in Pomfret, Vt., ;

son of Charles and Lovicy (Deboil) DeWolf .
Nathan and Hannah (Talbot) DeWolf had no children


George4 (George* Georae* Peter1), born in Norwood, February 25,
1765. The death of his father occurred when he was but seven years
old, which no doubt separated him from his father's older children, by
bis first wife, and brought him into close connection with bis half
brothers and sisters, children of bis mother by her first marriage. By
this isolation from other members of his father's family, or from some
other cause, he became lost to those compiling this genealogy until the
summer of 1891. How long he remained in Norwood is uncertain,
but we find him in Athol, in 1787, where he buys a farm of his half
brother Abner Bacon. This farm is in the north-east part of the town,
and near the South Royalston station on the Boston and Albany rail-
road. Here he made his home, and here his children were born.
From the meagre accounts which we have of him, it appears that
be was profoundly religious in word and deed, which was no doubt
shared, if not aided by his wife. His wife was cousin to the wife of
Rev. Lyman Beecher, and she was also quite nearly related to the
Goodells, one of whom was an early missionary to Constantinople. It
is related of Mr. Talbot, that during the scarcity of farm produce,


caused l»y the cold summer of 1816, he refused to sell his surplus
products except to people of his own town, who by reasou of the failure
of their crops were iu great need; waiting for his pay until better
times should come to them. Having given his chililrtn a good educa-
tion, sending two of his sous to college, — with their knowledge. he

gave his property, after the death of his wife, to the Commissioners of
Foreign Missions. His death took place while he was away from his
home, in a pasture where he had gone to fell a tree. It was prohahly
caused by over exertion in directing the fall of the tree, as he Was uot
beneath it, nor were there any bruises upon his body.

He married June 2. 1789, Elizabeth Ward.

He died January 31, 1837; she died September 5, 1840.

His wife was born November 7, 17G7, daughter of Capt. Josiah and
Sarah (Goodell) Ward of Ileunikcr, N. II.

Children :
30. i. Josiah, bora September 10. 1790.

ii. Sally, born March 9, 1792: married for his third wife

1832, Jonas Ilalsey Merriaiu. Their marriage took place at Cambria,
Niagara Co., N. Y., while redding with her sister iu that town. His
residence was iu Swauzey, N. II., where lie con'.h.ued to make Lis
home. Mr. Merriam was fife major of a regiment in the war of 1812.
He died August 8, 1855; she died May 5, 1874.
Her husband was boru Fchruary 1, 1784, sou of John and Mary

) Merriani of Barrc.
There were no children by this marriage.

Heritable, born March C, 1794 ; married for his second wife, Au<*u*t
19, 1821, Abner Lay. of Cambria. N. V.
He died June 12, 1867; she died October 14, 1874.
Her husbaud was boru July 10, 1788, sou of and

( ) Lay.

Their residence for most of their married life was in Edinboro', Pa.

Children of Abner and Mehituble (Taibot) Lay:

(1) Gkokge Talbot, born October 28, 1822.

Married inc. Mary E. Barber: second, E. L. Stone. Re-
sides at Hopkins Station, Mich.

(2) Darwin Erasmus, bora December 4. 1S23.

Married Rebecca Klngsley. Resides in Edinboro', Pa.

(3) Daxikl WALTER, born May 9. 1825 ; dk-d September 9, 1828.
(4j Lkvisa Hopkins, born Feb, 5. 1,-27; died Dec 25, 1828.

(5) HoiiATio Samuel, born July 18. 1&23.

Married Julia M. Barber. Resides in Allegan, Mich.

(6) Edward Payson, born Sept. 20, 1830; died Sept. 29, 1S47.

(7) Elizabeth Ward, born September 3, 1842.

Married Alexander Proudfit. Resides in Edinboro', Pa.

(8) Julia Ann", boru August 17, 1834.

Married Charles Russell. Besides in Otsego. Mich.

(9) Josiah Albert, horn March 9. 1;>36: died April 25, 1854.

(10) Sarau A lahra, born January 28, 183s.

Married W. B. Walker. RLsides iu Mankato, Mich.

81. St. George, born August 25, 1796.

32. v- William Kendall, born June 17. 1799.

vi. Ward, born January 18, 1803; died January 28, 1803.
vii. Eliza, born January 7. 1804; married June 1, 1829, Rev. Tertius
Reynolds, a Congregational clergyman, a graduate of Amherst Col-
lege. His pastorates were iu northern New York and Vermont. In



185C, in search of health, with his family, he removed to Tine Island,
Minn. He died June 25, 1803.

Her husband was born March 20, 1800, son of Jonathan and Martha
(Sutliff) Reynolds, of Warren, Conn.

Children of Rev. Tertius and Eliza (Talbot) Reynolds :

(1) Martha Elizabeth, boru March 31, 1831.

Married Nathaniel Bowker. He enlisted in the 93d Illi-
nois volunteers, which was a part of the army which
captured Vicksburg, taking part in the battles of Cham-
pion Hills, Jackson and later Chattanooga. Mrs. Bow-
ker is a widow, and resides at Pine Island, Minn.

(2) EDWAHD Payson, burn March 19, 1833 ; died March 12, 1803.

He was a sergeant in the army, and died in hospital at
Memphis, Tenn. Unmarried.

(3) Mary Philomelia, bom May 1, 1835.

Mar. Solomon C. Jewell. Resides at Pine Island, Minn.

(4) Sarah Ldcinda, born Sept. 4, 1830; died Sept. 4, 1810.

(5) Auitii-: Sophia, born March 11, 1843.

Married Salem W. Miller. Resides at Pine Island, Minn.

83. viii. Samuel Ward, born May 7, 1800.

ix. AVakd Dean, born May 7, 1817 ; died September 27, 182G.

At the time of his death he had acquired both-Latin and Greek.
One of his near relatives writes ' ' that a lady told her that little Samuel
Talbot came to her father's in Phillipston to get boarded so that he
could attend school in that towu, the teacher of which could instruct
him in Latin,"


Peter4 (Peter* George,2 Peter1), born in Stoughton, November 6, 1745.
It ia not known whether lie left borne before he became of age, but it
is certain that be left Stoughton at that time, as his name is written
upon the tax list, but it was erased before the tax was assessed, and
be does not again appear as a resident. He probably lived in the
vicinity of Boston until his marriage, when he immediately started
for East Muchias, Me., where he ever after made bis Lome. lie at
once became interested in development of this growing town. Erect-
in" in one of the most central locations a large two-story house, which
he��occupied as long as he lived, and later, until within a few years, by
his descendants. By bis energy and resolution he was" financially suc-
cessful, and by bis sterling integrity he won respect of bis fellow
townsmen, so that be was frequently called to responsible positions in
town affairs. He also was a representative from Machias to the
General Court of Massachusetts in 1812 aud 1813.
He married June 4, 1771, Lucy Hammond.

He died April 30, 1836; she died June 10, 1831. _

His wife was born February 5, 1772, daughter of Daniel and Lucy <-" i
(Jones) Hammond of Newton.
i Appiiia, born April 4, 1772 ; married , 1790, Abijah Foster

of East Machias, Me. Their home was always in the town where
they were born.

He died March 4, 1823; she died October 13, 1800.
Her husband was born January 10, 1700; son of Benjamin and
Elizabeth (Scott) Foster.


Children of Abijah and Apphia (Talbot) Foster:

(1) Abigail Talbot, born November 15, 1791; died April 9,

1812. Unmarried.

(2) Lucy Hammond, born August 3, 1793; died April 24, 187C.


(3) Elizabeth, born December 7, 1795 ; died August , 1SG3.

Married Jeremiah Foster. Resided in St. Davids, N. B.

(4) Harriet, born February 22, 1797; died March 2, 1821.


(5) Appiiia, born October 25, 1799; died July 4, 1883.

(G) Charlotte, bom October 1G, 1802; died January 2, 1809.

(7) Mary Coefix, born August 7, 1804 ; died October ,1889.

Married Fhineas Foster. Resided in East Maehias, Me.

(8) Frederick Wii.li.km, horn February 27, 1809 ; died January

9, 1810.

(9) Stephen Talbot, born June 2G, 1812; died September 2,

1887. Unmarried. Resided in East Maehias, Me.

11. Lucy, born January 18, 1775; married December 11, 179G, Josiah
Harris, formerly of Boston.

After his marriage he made East Maehias, Me., his home. Entering
at first into mercantile business, after which, for more than thirty
years continuously, he Mas clerk of the Courtis of Washington
County, Me.

He died June 17, 1845; she died December 27, 1861.

Her husband was born February 27, 1770; son of

and ( ) Harris of Boston.

Children of Josiah and Lucy (Talbot) Harris :

(1) JonN Fairbanks, born October 18, 1797; died September

30, 1877. Married Drusilla W. Foster, Resided in East
Maehias, Me.

(2) Stephen Talbot, born September 1G, 1800; died January

30, 1879. Married first, Cynthia Foster,— second, Joanna
Chase. Resided in East Maehias, Me.

(3) GEORGE', born March 18, 1802; died April 15, 187G.

Married first, Lucy Chaioncr, — second, Mary Ann Palmer.
Resided in East Maehias, Me., and towns adjoining.

(4) Lucy Talbot, born December 2, 1803; died July , 1805.

(5) Sarah Bowles, born July 25, 1805; died January 21, 1879.

Unmarried. Resided in East Maehias, Me.
(G) Lucy Talbot, born June 4, 1807.

Married Jeremiah Foster. Besides in Milltown, N. B.

(7) Peter Talbot, born September 12, 1808; died October 4,

1855. Married Deborah Longfellow. Besided in East
Maehias, Me.

(8) . Betsey Talbot, born July 24, 1811 ; died August 7, 1834.

Married Hiram Hill. Besided in Maehias, Me.

(9) Samuel, born JuneT4, 1814.

Married first, Deborah K. Dickinson, — second, Mary S.
Fitch, nee Skinner. Besides in New Haven, Conn. A
graduate of Bowdoin College (1833); studied for the
ministry at Andover, and, after fourteen years of pas-
torate service, accepted a professsorship in the Bangor
Theological Seminary. In 1887 he was elected president
of Bowdoin College. He is now Dwight professor of
systematic theology in Yale College.

iii. Stephen, born February 7, 1781 ; died April 29, 1811.

Umnarxicd- He was drowned by falling from logs on which he
was working in the river at East Maehias, Me.


3t. iv. Peter, born March 2!), 1783.

35. v. John Con ����in, born October 13, 1784. ,

'M. vi. Micaii Joxes, born May 18, 17«7.

vii. S.w.i.y Joxks, born February 24, 1792; married Caleb Cary of East
Machias, Mi'. Their resilience after marriage was East Machias, Me.
He died December 30, 1848; she died November 30, 185G.
Her husband Mas born ; son of

and ( ) Cary

of Brockton.
Children of Caleb and Sally J. (Talbot) Cary :

(1) Cii.usi.es, born February 14, 1820; died April 8, 1884.

Married Mary Cary. Resided in East Machias, Me.

(2) Lucy, born December 5, 1820; died April 22, 1830.

-^ (3) Lewis, born November 14, 1835; died October 28, 1883.

Married Lavina Simpson. Resided iu East Machias, and
later moved to


Samdel* (Peter* George," Peter1), born in Stougliton, February 24,
174G-7. He was a farmer, never having learned a trade. At the
breaking out of the Revolution, he was lieutenant in thejiompauy of
minute men at the east part of the town, where lie resided, and
marched with them on the day of the Lexington alarm. He also
served as an officer in several calls for detached service, both in
Massachusetts and Rhode Island ; but probably he did not leave New
Eng/and. In town and parish affairs he was very active, being a
member of about all the important committees made necessary in the
conduct of the war, and later serving for many years as one of the
selectmen before the separation of Stougliton and Canton. During
the years 1810, '11, '12, '15 and '1G, he represented the towu in the
Legislature of Massachusetts.

In the settlement of estates he was constantly employed ; many of
the larger estates both in Stougliton and the adjoii^'ng towns passing
through his hands. In matters relating to the well-being of the
town he took a lively interest; more especially in the cultivation and
performance of sacred music; holding for many years the office of
president of the " Musical Society iu Stougliton," the oldest musical
organization in the country that has continued to exist from its for-
mation to the present time.

He married, September 15, 17G9, Mary Fisher.

He died November 20, 1821 ; she died December 20, 1821.

His wife was bom August 25, 1747 ; daughter of Ezra and Mary
(Feuton) Fisher of Stoughtou.
Children :

I. Abigail, born May 28, 1770; married November 15, 1797, Rev. Lemuel
Wadsworth of Stougliton.

He died November 25, 1817.

Her husband was born March 9, 17C9; son of Recompence and
Abigail (Lyon) Wadsworth of Stougliton. lie was a graduate of
Brown University, studied for the Congregational ministry, and was
settled in Raby, afterwards changed to Brookliue, N. H. This was
his only pastorate.

His widow made a second marriage, February 2G, 1822, to Ephraim
Sawtelle of Brookline, N. II., it being his second marriage.


He died April 4, 1840 ; she died July 7, 18 58.

Her second husband was born son of

and ( ) Sawtelle.

There were no children by either marriage.

ii. Mary, born July 2. 1771 ; died September 1G, 1778.

37. iii. Ezii.v, born January 20, 177;!.

iv. Samuel, boru September 29, 1774; died September 1, 1778.

v. Lucy, bom September 12, 177G; died September 4, 1778.

38. vi. SAMUEL, born September 1j, 1778.

vii. Polly, bom May 20, 1780; died December 20, 1816.

30. viii. Pstkk, born June 30, 1783.

40. ix. James, bom August 31, 1785.

41. x. John, born November 22, 1787.

42. xi. Joel, bom .March 4, 1700.

xii. Calvin, boru July 20, 171)2; died February 20, 1804.


Jabez4 {Peter? George"- Peter' ), born in Stoughton, April 20, 1753,
where be always made his home. In the settlement of his father's
estate, he took the home farm, which he continued to occupy. For
many years he taught school, getting the name of '• Master Jaba,"
which he ever alter retained, as a badge of honor, lie, too, was
prominent in town affairs, having been elected selectman in 1703, and
being the only member of the board that resided in the Stoughton
part of the town, at the time of the division. From his first election,
he continued to be re-elected 3 ear by year until 1810, when he re-
quested the town to relieve him from further service, which it did
with a vote of thanks for the acceptable manner in which he had
performed his duties for the many years he had been in office. His
health, never robust, it is probable that after this time he did not give
much attention to public duties, and his death occurred a few years

He married, January 22, 1784, Susanna Guild, born in Walpole,
but a resident of Stoughton.

He died December 8, 1S1G; she died March 29, 1700.

His wife was born February 8, 1752; daughter of John and
Thankful (Harrington) Guild, who, early in their married life, re-
moved from Walpole to Stoughton.
Children :

i. Solomox, born November 28, 178G; died January 17, 1814.
Unmarried. Resided in Stoughtou.
43. ii. Jabez, born August 25, 1788.


Richard1 (Peter,3 George,2 Peter1), born in Stoughton, August 24,
1770. His home was in the town of his birth ; always residing upon
the farm which he bought some years before his marriage. This
place is still owned and occupied by his descendants.



Like his brothers he was active ill town and parish affairs, succeed-
ing in 1 8 1 (J his brother Jabez as selectman, assessor and overseer of
the poor. In 1812 he was elected town clerk, in 1818 town treasurer,
and in 18'2'J a representative to the General Court, holding these
offices continuously from his first election until his death, lie had
also been town clerk for the years 1805 and InOG. With such an
endorsement, year by year, from his fellow townsmen, it cannot be
doubted that he brought to the discharge of his duties honesty,
fidelity, ami a rare capacity for the work with which he was entrusted.

For nearly fifty years one of this family had held the ollice of
selectman, and in filling the vacancy occasioned by the death of the
last incumbent it was suggested that one of his nephews would be a
proper person to take his place ; but the canvassers in appealing to
some of the old men of the town for their votes, were politely in-
formed, that ever since they became voters they had been voting for
Talbots, and they thought it about time to take a rest; and bo the
succession was broken, but only for a few years.

He married, January 1, 17'.)!), Rebekah Smith.

She died December 10", 1817.

His wife was born August 7, 1775; daughter of William and
Rebekah (Tilden) Smith, of Canton.

For his second wife he married, February 7, 1819, Jemima Gay.

He died January ii, 18o0; she died November 11, 18Go.

His second wife was born January 7, 1781 ; daughter of Mose3 and
Mary (Hodges) Gay, of Stoughtou.
Children by first marriage:

i. Mary Bailey, born February G, 1800; died November 23, 1817.
ii, ii. Exos, bom October 20, 1801.

iii. Esther, born July C, 1803; married October 0, 1832, Lewis Joluson.
Their residence was always in Stoughton.

He died January 10, 18G7 ; she died October 15, 1892.
Her husband >vas born October 17, 1800; son of Lewis and Polly
(Sturtevant) Johnson, of Stoughton.

Children of Lewis and Esther (Talbot) Johnson:

(1) M\ky lii'.mcK.vii, born April 20, 1831.

(2) Henri L.. born August 8, 183G.

Married .Maria Louise Atherton. Resides in Stoughton.
Boot and shoe manufacturer.

iv. Rebekaii, born April 2G, 1805; died May 20, 1893.

v. Cynthia, born March 2G, 1807; died October 2G, 188G.

vi. , daughter, born October 2, 1809; died October 3, 1809.

yii. Hannah, b. November 13, 1812; married July 25, 1833, Joseph Lamb.
Soon after their marriage they removed to Lake County, III., where
they made a permanent home,
lie died November 1, 1871; she died January 11, 1883.
Her husband was born April 11, 1808, son of Amasa and Amity
(Morse) Land), of Easton.
Children of Joseph and Hannah (Talbot) Land):

(1) .TOS15VI1, 1). March 22, is:;:.; died May 4, 18:55.

(2) Mki.vixa Jane, born April 30, 1830; died September 10,


Married Benjamin Franklin Sliepard. Resided in War-
ren, Ills.


(3) Melissa Talbot, born May 24, 1838 : died July 1, 1871.

Married Joel A.nsoil Shcpard, Resided in Warren, Ills.

(4) Newton, born October 1, 1810.

Resides in Yivka, Cal. Manufacturer of lumber for
local use.

(5) Naiium, born February 11, 1842.

Enlisted in Company G, 90th Illinois Infantry. In the
march towards Atlanta, Ga., lie was severely wounded
in the battle of Resaca, losing a part of his right hand.
Married Grace Kellogg. Resides in Warren, Ills.

(C) Mahcellus, born July 24, 1844; died August 3 , 1804.

He was a member of Company I, 17th Illinois Cavalry,
and died while in the service of his country.

(7) Charles Herbert, born May 18, 1847.

Married Mary A. Sherman. Resides in Warren, III.

45. viii. Newton, born March 10, 1815.

Children by second marriage :
Lucy Ann, born June 2, 1821 ; married June 5, 1842, George Capen, of
the sixth generation from Peter Talbot, the emigrant ancestor,
through his granddaughter, Jerusha (Talbot) Capen. They always
resided in Stoughton.

; she died March 9, 1892.
Her husband was born May 3, 1820; son of George and Elizabeth
U. (Pitcher) Capen.

Children of George and Lucy A. (Talbot) Capen:

(1) Ellery, born September 23, 1842.

Married Henrietta Lcighton. Resides in Portland,
Oregon. Boot manufacturer.

(2) Eliza, born March 27, 1844.

Married Dexter M. Lowe. Resides in Stoughton.

(3) Amelia, born July 10, 1840.

(4) George Bradford, born Juue 21, 1848; died April 17,


Married Eveline Warded. Resided in Yelm, Washington.

Boot manufacturer at Portland, Oreiron.

(5) Walter, born April 30, 1850; died November 22, 1888.

Unmarried. Resided in Stoughton.
(0) Lauretta Maria, born October 10, 1854.

Married Frank Elton Davenport. Resides in Stoughton.

(7) Leander, born October 14, 1858.

Resides in Portland, Oregon.

(8) Nellie Maude, born July 21, 1801.

(9) Mattie Belle, bom July 17, 1864.


"William4 (Ehenezer,3 George* Peter1), born in Stoughton, October
10, 1749, where he remained until some years after his marriage, and
where all but two of his children were born. He was in service in
the army during the Revolutionary war, joining in the campaign in
northern New York, which resulted in the surrender of Burgoyne.

Soon after the close of the war he removed to Fayette, Me. In
this town, and those adjoining, many families from Stoughton, Sharon
and Dedhun made themselves new homes. Here he remained until
about 1809, when he started to visit his son Abner, who had settled
near Cincinnati, Ohio. From this journey he never returned, and no


tidings from or of him ever readied his family. It is notr supposed,
by his relatives, that he purposely failed to communicate with his
family, but that he died on his journey either from sickness, accident
or violence; lie having quite a sum of mouey with him when he
started from home.

He married, November 9, 1772, Mary Farrington.

He died about 1809; she died September 10, 183C.

After her removal to Fayette, Me., she made that town her place
of resilience so long as she lived.

His wife was boru ; daughter of

aud ( ) Farrington, of Dedham.


Jutham, born January 13, 1774; died September 10, 1778.
Mary, born September 30, 1778; married January 21, 1798, David
He died ; she died May 2G, 1873.

Their home was in Fayette, Me.

Her husband was born ; son of

aud ( ) Walton,,

Children of David and Marv (Talbot) Walton :
(1) Mauy, boru October 21, 1709.

(2) Jeuusua, born April 23, 1801.

(3) Jotham, born May 21, 1803.

(I) Nancy, born May 31, 1805.

(5) David, born September 22, 1807..

(6) Abnek T(albot), boru November 3, 1809.

(7) Hannah D , born Julj 29, 1812.

(8) Betsey, born August 4, 18F4.
(9J Kiioda, born January 20, 1817.

(10) William T(albot), born April 22, 1819.

(II) HauiuetN , born May 21, 1821.
(12) Julia A , born December 28, 1824.

4G. iil. Lutiiki:, born September 25, 1780.
47. iv. Auneu, born March 1, 1783.


48. v. William, bora May 9, 1785.

vi. Jkrusha, born August 10, 1787; married August 10, 1807, Joseph
lie died ; she cied

Their residence was in

Her husband was boru son of

and ( ) Lyford of Livermore, Me.

Children of Joseph and Jerusha (Talbot) Lyford:
(l) Francis.



Ebenezeu4 (Ebenezer,* George;1 Peter1), born in Stoughton, November
3, 1751. At the time of his marriage he was a resident of .Stoughton,
where he continued to reside for several years, buying a part of the
original Talbot homestead. On leaving Stoughton for Norwood, he
sold his farm to his cousin, Jonathan Capen, Jr. The farm passed
from the Talbot descendants a few years since, and is now being cut
up into house lots. After leaving Stoughton. about 1784, he settled
in Norwood, his third child having been baptized there in 178;").
From old deeds it appears that besides being a farmer he was a eord-
wainer, it not being uncommon in those days to be both mechanic and
farmer. About 1807 he removed from Norwood to Fraucistowu,
N. II., where he passed the remainder of his days.

He married, December 7, 1771). Elizabeth Fuller; she died March
13, 1805.

His wife was boru September 25, 1752; daughter of Benjamia
and Sarah ( ) Fuller, of Norwood.

He married for his secoud wife, , Lydia

He died 1812; she died

His second wife was boru ; daughter of

and of

Children :
1. Jedidiaii, born December 28, 1780.

ii. Betsey, born February 21, 1783; married Dinsmoor.

Their residence was in
He died ; she died

Her husband was born

Children of

son of
and Betsey (Tuibot) Dinsmoor :


ill. Rachel, bom July 31, 1785; married Martin.

He died ; she died

Their residence

Her husband was born , son of

Children of and Rachel (Talbot) Martin ;


50. lv. Ebejtezer, born July 7, 1787.

51. v. Joel, born September 6, 1791.


Josiah* (Ebenezer,9 George,3 Peter1), born in Stoughton, October 12,
175G. His father died before he was eight years old, and he prob-
ably lived with his mother in Stoughton until her second marriage,
when he found a home in Sharon, quite near his mother's new
residence, with an intelligent and well-to-do farmer, Capt. Nathaniel
Morse, and in whose family he resided during his miuority. He
never left Sharon, but purchased a large farm near Wolomolopog
Pond, which is now one of 'the most famous vegetable farms in Nor-
folk County.

In the war of the Revolution he served in Captain Samuel Fisher's
Company, Col. Jonas Titcoinb'a regiment, in the expedition to


Ticonderoga iu 1777. He was for many years a loading deacon of
the Congregational Church of the town, and, though never a poli-
tician, he held many offices of honor and trust, and always com-
manded the respect of the community.

He married, November 2, 1779, Susanna Morse, boru in Norwood,
but then a resident of Sharon.

He died July 13, 1812; she died April 27, 1843.

His wife was born April 7, 175'J; daughter of Nathaniel and
Susanna (Bacon) Morse, at whose home he lived from the a<*e of
sixteen till his marriage.

Children :

62. i. Enoch, born November 11, 1780.

ii. Susanna, born December 11, 1782; married, December 1, 1801, Col.
Israel Tisdale. She died October 15, 1813.

Her husband was born February 24, 1780; son of Edward and
Ruth (Harlow) Tisdale.

Children of Israel aud Susanna (Talbot) Tisdale :

(1) ISRAEL, born July 4, 1802; died June 2D, 1849.

Married fust, Elvira A. Cutting; second, Rozilla Caswell.
Nis residence was in Stoughtou.

(2) Susanna, born March 20, 1S0G; died October 15, 1815.

(3) Abijau, born August 14, ISO!).

Married Harriet Williamson. Resides iu Sharon.

(4) Euknkzek, born August 14, 1811; died June G, 1887.

Marriedyu-sf, Betsey II. Perry ; second, Nancy Cole ; third,
MarUia A. Sayles. Resided in Brockton.

(6) Ann, burn March 27, 1813; died May 22, 1890.

Married Curtis S. Dunbar. Resided iu Boston.
Col. Tisdale married for his second wife, December 14, 1814,
Betsey Talbot, a sister of his lirst wife.
He died March 24, 1852; she died September 12, 18G0.
Children of Israel and Betsey (^ Talbot) Tisdale:

(G) EtlZABETn, born September 12, 1815; died March 27, 1858.
Married Perez Marshall. Resided in Brockton.

(7) Josiaii, born October 18, 1817.

Married Susan Bisbee. Resides iu Norwood.

(8) Susanna, born October 1, 1819.

Married William King. Resides in North Easton.

(9) Edwaud, born January 20, 1822.

Married first. Amanda Ripley; second, Abby H. Palmer.
Resides in Cochesctt, West Bridgewater.

(10) Son, born January 20, 1822; died January 20, 1822.

(11) Male, born June 21, 1824.

Married Nancy Dean. Resides In West Bridgewater.

(12) Hannah, born February 18, 1828. Resides in Baltimore,


(13) Ruth, born August 14, 1831.

Married Granville O. Wilson. Resides in Baltimore, Md.

Col. Tisdale resided in the south part of Sharon, near the boundary

lines of Stoughtou and Easton. He was a well-to-do fanner, besides

dealing largely in wood, charcoal, hoop-poles and other farm

products, being successful in all his enterprises.

53. iii. Josiaii, born February 24, 1785.

iv. Hannah, boru February 11, 1788; married, November 10, 1811, Benja-
min Hodges.

He died December 9, 1881 ; she died January 19, 1838.
They resided in East Foxborough.


Her husband was bom April 11, 1780; sou of Benjamin and
Miriam (Pratt) Hodges of Foxborough.

Children of Benjamin and Hannah (Talbot) Hodges:

(1) Benjamin FRANKLIN, born August 2, 1812.

Married Julia Dassanse. Besides iu Chelmsford, Mass.

(2) Emkline, born March 1G, 1815.

Married Lewis Boyden. Besides in East Poxborough.

(3) Lucy, born May 13, 1818.

Married Azel Dean. Resides in Foxborough.

(4) Lewis, born November 9, 1821 ; died October 17, 1822.

(5) Marcus Pratt, born October 13, 1825.

Besides at East Foxborough.

(6) Catherine Frances, born December 25, 1834.

Married Nahuin Dunbar. Besides in Chelsea.
Mr. Hodges married a second time, Susannah Sumner.

v. Betsey, born June 14, 1790; married Col. Israel Tisdale.
See marriage above.

54. vi. Nathaniel, born June 28, 1792.

55. vii. Warren, born June 15, 1798.

viii. Nancy Fisher, born July 20, 1802; married, September 1, 1825, Caleb
He died January 23, 1872 ; she died Jnly 7, 1881.
They resided at Cochesett, West Bridgcwater.
Her husband was born November 3, 1797; son of Nehemiah and
Sally (Curtis) Howard of West Bridgcwater.
Children of Caleb and Nancy F. (Talbot) Howard :

(1) Caleu Henry, born May 2G, 182G ; died September 11, 1850.


(2) George, born June 1G, 1831.

Besides in New Orleans, La.

(3) Eox.vi.ana, born September 20, 1835.

Married A. F. Haradon. Reside* in Marshalltown, Iowa.

— 21

Enoch* (Elenezer* George? Peter1), born in Stoughton, June 18, 1758-
Very likely he went to Norwood with his mother at the time of her
second marriage. He was one of the company from South Dedham
at the time of the Lexington Alarm.

Ills life was spent in Norwood upon a farm which he owned. For
mauy years he was deacon of the South Dedliam Church, always
faithful in all the duties to which he was called, leading a life without
reproach, and honored and respected by all who knew him.

He married, October 18, 1795, Catherine Reynolds.

He died September 29, 1833; she died October 13, 1842.

His wife was born November 5, 17C5; daughter of Benjamin and
Catherine (Randall) Reynolds, of Sharon.

Children :

5G. i. ENOCn, born September 8, 1796.
57. ii. CjJRTIS, born November 15, 1798.

iii. Catiiais:-ne, born May 22, 1801 ; died June 29, 18G9.

Unmarried. Always resided in Norwood,
iv. Anna, born June 27, 1801; died March 4, 1881.
Unmarried. Always resided in Norwood.



Isaac6 (Isaac,* Daniel,3 George,3 Peter1), born iu Stoughton, January
21, 1771. Iliti resilience was in Stoughton for some years after Lis
marriage ; later, he removed to Dorchester, and afterwards to llrook-
liue. In these towns he was a contractor for building roads and
turnpikes, and while in Brookline he had a contract for grading some
part of the Mill-dam. About 1S20 he returned to Stoughton and
settled for life upon the home farm of his father and grandfather.
He married, February 28, 1792, Betsey Bird.
He died April 4, 1851 ; she died May 13, 1818.
His wife ivas born April 17, 1773; daughter of John and Joanna
(Esty) Bird, of Sharon.
1. Susanna, born August 20, 1792; married May 2G, 1812, Benjamin

He died August 31, 1875; she died May 18, 1887.
Their residence in early and middle life was in Dorchester, re-
turning to Stoughton iu their old age.

Her husband was born January 178C, son of Joseph and

Sarali (Thompson) Ward, then of Dorchester.

Children of Benjamin and Susanna (Talbot) Ward :

(1) Emiune Billlngs, born December 3, 1812; died April 30,


Married Joseph Mclntire. Resided in Abingtou.

(2) Benjamin, born January 20, 1817.

Married Jirst Mary P. Vose, second Mary P. Farrington.
Resides iu Stoughton.

(3) JosKi-ii Talbot, born October 25, 1819.

Married Elizabeth B. Kobiusou.
> Resides in Dorchester.

(4) William Davis, born April 3, 1823; died March 22, 1839,

iu Easton.
(6) David Thompson, born May 2, 1827.

Married Jiist Mary F. Simonds; second Iantha T.

Cuslnnan. Resides in Waltham.
(G) Richard BuiOGS, born September 20, 1837.

Married Kathcriue Crowley. Resides in Stoughton.

ii. JoSEPn, born December 1, 1791 ; about 1817 he left Boston as a sailor
iu a merchant vessel, and was lo»t by shipwreck or died in a foreign
58. iii. Benjamin, born June 1, 179G.
69. iv. Daniel, boru Augusta, 1798.

v. Joanna Esty, born March 29, 1803; died September 10, 1805.
vi. John Bird, born February 1, 1805.

An enlisted soldier iu the United States army, serving iu Florida
durina: the Seiitiiiole war, where he died about 183G.
vii. Betsy Esty, born March 8, 1807; married, November 2G, 1851, for his
third wile, Adam Capon.

He died July 22, 1879; she died April 24, 1887.
Tliev resided in Stoughton.

Her husband was born April 27, 1791 ; sou of John aud Patience
(Drake) Capen, of Stoughton, a descendant iu the fifth generation
of Peter Talbot.
There were no children by this marriage.

viii. William Davis, bom July 5, 1809. He followed the sea, sailing for
Chili about the year 1831. Nothing later is known of him.

liH.HtW.UltM-flM OH' i'l.tf.U IM.M/V. 3'J

lx. Mauy Ann, horn November il, I« 1 1 ; married, Oct. 15, 1828, Jason Gill.
He tiled .Inly 17, 1893.
They resided in Stoughton.

Her husband was born July 4, 1807; son of Elijah and Rebecca
(Hawes) Gill, of Canton.
Children of Jason and Mary Ann (Talbot) Gill:

(1) Ann Elizabeth, born March 23, 1830.

Married U. Capen Porter. Reside in Stoughton.
Mr. Porter served in the Rebellion, in the 47th Massa-
chusetts Regiment, Co. G.

(2) Makieita, born March 1, 1832.

Married Francis William Davenport Tower.
They reside in Boston Highlands.

(3) Josephine Tkypiiosia, born July 11, 1835 ; died November

18, 1847.

(4) Hamuet Louisa, born October 20, 1838.

Married Elijah Belcher Capen. They reside in Farm

Ridge, Ills.

Mr. C; lien is a descendant in the sixth generation from

Peter Talbot through his granddaughter, Jerusha (.Talbot)


(5) Amelia Adalixe, born July 19, 1845; died March 19, 184G.

(6) Abbott Davis, born September 8, 1847.

Married Hannah Barrows Cottle. Resides in Boston

x. Louisa, born September 12, 1813; died in infancy,
xi. Isaac, born July 20, 1315; died August 21, 1831.

60. xii. Josiaii, born June 19, 1817.


Benjamin6 (Isaac* fianlel,3 George," Peter1), bom in Stoughton,
August 28, 1777. Very early in life, probably before he was of age,
he made his borne in Dorchester; but whether be learned a trade, or
was employed as a farmer, the writer is not informed. No incidents
in his life have been gathered and preserved.

He married, February 21, 1800, Susanna Soper Tucker.

He died November 28, 1800; she died in Koxbury, August 1G,
1825. ' ��

For the few mouths of their married life they resided in Dorchester.

61. Benjamin, born November 28, 1800.

24 .

Daniel' (Isaac* Daniel,9 George,2 Peter1), born in Stoughton, February
1, 1792. Leaving Stoughton while young for Dorchester, to learn
the trade of mason, be ever after made that place bis home. lie was
not a contractor in the modern use of that word, but when a store or
house was to be built he took charge of the brick work and plastering,
adding journeymen and others to bis force as needed, teaching at the
same time his two sons the same trade which he followed.

He was noted as an arranger and composer of sacred music, spend-
ing many of bis leisure hours iu this, to him, pleasant and useful
recreation. His probity and honesty were proverbial, so much so



that he was called " Jlouest Dan Talbot," and the epitaph on his
grave-stone reads, "An honest man the noblest work of God."
lie married, October 27, 1807, Sophia Minot.
He died May 20, 1847; she died February 9, 1852.
His wife was born September 2, 1787; daughter of George and
Eunice (Billings) Miuot, of Dorchester.
Children :
Mahtiia, born May 18, 180S; married April 8, 1827, Lewis Morse, Jr.
He died September, 1830.

Her husband was born March 25, 180(3; son of Lewis and Olive
(Richards) Morse, of Roxbury.
For her second husband she married John Dill, August 5, 1830.
He died ; shc died February 25, 1S87.

The birth and parents of her second husband have not been

Children of Lewis, Jr., and Martha (Talbot) Morse:

(1) Daniel Lkwis, born October 1G, 1827; died 1876.

(2) Sophia Olive Makia, born August 10, 18.10.

Married William Wallace. Residence

Child of John and Martha (Morse. Talbot) Dill:
(3) John Oliver Minot, born September 9, 1840.

ii. Mary, born July 7, 1811 ; died November 20, 1811.

iii. Sarah, born July 7, 1811 ; died about the same date.

62. iv. Edward Turner, born October 22, 1812.

v. Maria Brown, born January 11, 181G; died April 23, 1893.

63. vi. Oliver Minot, born Novembers, 1818.

vii. Mary Elizabeth, born January 18, 1824; died 1827.

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