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The ABCs of Lord of the Flies

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of Lord of the Flies

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An allegory is where the places, people and events are symbolic. Lord of the Flies is an allegory of the Garden of Eden.

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BEELZEBUB is the devil; he is the BEAST in mankind.

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The conch is a symbol for democracy. When it is crushed so is all order in their society.

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Lord of the Flies shows the decay of civilization. The flies are drawn to the rotting away of man��s humanity.

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Is for the EVIL. The boys are responsible for bringing evil to this perfect island. As Simon pointed out, maybe the evil is within ourselves.

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Is for the FIRE. Fire was their hope of rescue and ironically fire did save them in the end—or did it?

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Is for Piggy��s
These glasses represented intelligence. They are at first broken and then stolen by Jack.

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Is for the
Ralph,Simon, Piggy and the Littluns try to create a civilization. As Jack takes over, the boys leave their huts on the beach and move into caves.

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The boys crash on an island that is perfect but isolated from society (Garden of Eden). Now without the constraints of civilization, the boys reveal their darker side.

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Is for JACK. Jack is the head of the chorus and in competition with Ralph for leadership. Jack slowly descends into savagery.

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Is for the
Jack is the only one on the island who has a knife. This knife symbolizes Jack��s violent nature.

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Is for their
of innocence. ��Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man��s heart...��

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Is for MAN. The novel explores man��s inhumanity to man. The boys are a MICROCOSM of the evil within the larger world.

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Is for the
people that the boys have become. Golding believed that the defects of society could be traced back to the defects of human nature.

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Using the allegory of the Garden of Eden, ��original sin�� is the defect that Golding believed mankind carried within itself.

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Is for the
He was the ��beast�� and represented the message or sign from adult world. The message was one of death and reflected the evil that the boys feared.

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Manners. Piggy tries to keep his world from losing its rules and traditions. Piggy and Ralph represent order and civlization.

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Is for RALPH and ROGER. They are two sides of the same coin. They represent two of the many sides of man. Ralph is order. Roger is anarchy.

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Is for the
that overtakes all the boys. The caves, the face paint, the hunting, and the sacrifice all are symbols of how savage the boys are becoming.

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Golding��s book is not one of despair. He hopes mankind will heed his message and save itself from destruction. Golding was touched by war and saw the Cold War as the beginning of the end.

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Is for UNITY. The darker side of man breaks down the boys�� unity as they spend more time on the island.

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Is for
The hunters are victorious over Ralph, Simon and Piggy. Ralph��s leadership is broken and the evil of men wins.

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Is for the WEAKwho were destroyed. All of those killed on the island were marked with a defect, for example, the boy with the mulberry birthmark, Simon��s fainting spells and Piggy��s asthma and poor eyesight.

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Is for the eXTRAORDINARY circumstances that the boys faced. Golding believes it is easy for man to be good when they are not tested.

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�� Yis man like this?�� This is what Golding wants us to ask ourselves when we finish reading the novel. And, how do we avoid our own destruction.

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Is for the ZEN-like behavior of Simon. Simon can see and feel what others cannot. He even sees his own death.

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of Lord of the Flies

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Who is Golding?
✸ William Golding was born on
September 19, 1911 in England.
✸ In 1940 Golding joined the Royal
Navy and participated in D-Day
✸ His experience in WWII had a
profound effect on his view of humanity and the evils of which it was capable.
✸ His first and greatest success
came with Lord of the Flies (1954)

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What is the LotF?
The Lord of the Flies is the
pig��s head in the book.
✸The more the boys��
descend into evil and savagery – the more the head decays – the more it attracts flies.

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What is the BEAST?
✸ At first, it is seen as a real object
on the island which frightens the boys.
✸ The parachutist is initially seen as
a beast because the boys expect to see a physical form of it.
✸ The pig��s head is meant to be a
gift for the beast.
✸ Actually, the beast is a metaphor
for something internal to all men.

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What is the BEAST?
✸ The beast represents the way
in which man will try to convince himself that there is no evil inside of him by making someone or something else seem to be the cause for the evil.

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What is the BEAST?
✸ Simon discovers the parachutist is
dead but the beast is still alive.
✸ Simon has a break down and
interviews the Lord of the Flies.
✸ Simon tries to tell the others about
the beast and is killed because of it.
✸ Simon represents Christ in the
Garden of Eden, trying to warn man of its inner evil. While Jack and Ralph symbolize both Cain and Able.

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Important Symbols
✸ The Island = Garden of Eden ✸ Parachutist = Adult Supervision ✸ Pig��s Head = Lord of the Flies ✸ Beast = Internal Evil of Man ✸ Glasses = Reason/Logic ✸ Conch = Leadership/Speaking

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