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being the Best
The cutting-edge technology and
manufacturing facility
represent the latest breakthrough in Precision Investment Cast Components
SE WELLMAKE NK Technocast Pvt. Ltd.
ISO 9001
An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company
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Corporate Mission
'We would like to be amongst the topmost precision investment casting manufacturing companies in the country, providing premium products in terms of quality, price, precision and perfection."
Our Vision
The Company's vision is to live up to the expectations of customers and provide better solutions to potential customers - through focus on research, technology upgradation and innovation.
Corporate Philosophy
Well Make believes in finding best manufacturing solutions in efficient and cost effective and manner, for customer specified requirements, resulting in long lasting customer relationship. It is necessary to create mutual trust and better understanding. WellMake believes in working together with customers for betterment of product and believes in market driven philosophy, providing us leading edge in competitive markets globally.
Our Values
To continuously improve our products and services, we believe that a perfect understanding of the clients' needs is of crucial importance and also adhere to the concept of corporate social responsibility.
Technology Upgradation
We believe in staying ahead in the ��Race against Technology". Approximately 17% of our annual revenues goes into Technology Upgradation.
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The Wellmake Focus
Wellmake is well known in the Indian and the World market as a manufacturer and exporter of premium quality products in the Precision Investment Casting sector. The credit for this world-class quality is a result of the adoption of the latest technology available in the industry. After a modest beginning, a couple of years ago, the Company has grown rapidly.
Wellmake focuses constantly on thinking and planning ahead in close affiliation with our customer base, develop and manufacture the best solutions with active focus on time and other deadlines and, above all, deliver what is required when it is required. We are a much focused leading edge engineering company providing cost effective solutions to complex and demanding applications in terms of technology and quality.
Quality Policy
Our slogan speaks for itself about our commitment to quality. Prioritising and focusing on quality is our primary motive.
Research & Development
Quality Objectives
Broadly having defined our quality policy, we like to stress upon the following specific objectives which we fulfill in order to achieve our goals.
As our vision says, we want Research and innovation to be at the core of our business. This would support us in directly providing the clients with the best quality of products that we commit upon. Hence, we try to create the latest models in the field and modify the specifications and body to reflect the tastes of each market. We apply the most creative designs and engineering to craft new and customized products for the markets of today and tomorrow. Our R&D activities help us in improving at the following stages;
To ensure customer satisfaction through : .. Highest quality products delivered on time .. Spirit of service and support on the customer-supplier chain
Doing the right things right from the beginning towards continuous improvement

Process control and improvement Design and development of new techniques and technologies Ensuring and optimizing world class quality Reduction in lead time
Health, Safety & Environment
Work Culture
We believe in working towards the development of the community we exist in and also in adding value to the national economy. We believe every manufacturer has a responsibility to ensure its operations and practices are environmentally sound. We apply this standard for environmental respect to every stage of our operations. At every step, we make energy and resource conservation and the elimination of hazardous substances our most important goals. Safety measures and standards are strictly followed in the company for our employees. We are an environmental friendly company and are working constantly towards finding out more resources which can support this cause.
We consider our employees as our key assets and resources whom we bank upon for our growth and success. Wellmake is deeply committed to promoting a positive employee philosophy that recognizes all employees as mature, responsible adults who are committed to doing the best possible job. It also emphasizes teamwork, employee involvement in matters that affect the individual, and the concept that all members of the team share the responsibility for the effectiveness of the operation. It is basically an honor system in which all individuals make a deep and respectful commitment to themselves and to the entire group. This environment fosters participation by everyone in continuously improving work processes - which results in rewarding work and customer satisfaction. To provide the best to our human resources, we have established a professional work culture in our organization. "Flexibility and freedom of work" is the motto; we let our human resources thrive upon.
Future Goals
Our immense growth in a time span of two years suggests our pace in this race of technology and expansion. As we move down through time, our company policies will speak for itself. The management prepares itself for the ever increasing competition in this global market and is working out strategies to grow and provide the best quality products to customers.
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Company Brief
A Unit
: WELLMAKE Technocast Pvt. Ltd.
B Plant Address
: Plot No.:9-10-11, Survey No.:164, Near Gajraj Chemicals, S.I.D.C. Road,
NH-8B, Dist.: Rajkot, Veraval (Shapar) 360 024, (Gujarat) INDIA. Phone : +91-2827-254274/ 75 Fax: +91-2827-254276 Web: www.Well-Make.com E-mail: Info@Well-Make.com
© Contact Person
: Mr. Gunvant Patel (Marketing Director)
+91 - 9426250787
D Quality Certification
: EN ISO 9001:2000 TUV SUD
6 IEC No.
: 2405005867 Dt. 20-02-2006
F Establishment Year
: 2004
Capital Employed
: US$ 0.6 Million
H Plant Area
: Total Area : Covered Area : Open Area
5000 Sq. Mtr. 2250 Sq. Mtr. 2750 Sq. Mtr.
O Production Capacity
: 720 Metric Tonnes / Annum
O Working Staff
: Total : Administrative & Managerial 12 : Technical : Supervisors : Skilled Workers
® Job Handling Capacity
: From few gms. to 80 kg. single piece
L Quality Control Facilities
Chemical Analysis Lab( Wet & Spectrometric Analysis)
• Dimensional Inspection Facility . Physical Testing Lab . Pressure Testing Rig
• Hydro Testing Facility
M Metals Cast
: All types of ferrous, non-ferrous and super alloys.
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Our Product Range
1 ani a alta
O Industrial Valves Bodies and Components o Defence and Engineering Components O Cryogenic Castings O Pumps Casings, Impellers, Diffusers
Automotive Components
Electrical & Instrumentation Components o Orthopedic Implants
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Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Process
Pictorial representation of the lost wax casting process is shown below, indicating major steps only in sequence.
Advantages of Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Process
• Wide range of Metal's and Alloys can be cast.
• Excellent finish and High Metallurgical Quality.
Complex and Intricate Shapes can be cast with ease, economy, accuracy and excellent surface finish.
• Competitive Production costs as compared to other production methods.
Very low finishing / machining costs. Close dimensional tolerances can be achieved in the final product.
01 Wax Pattern Making
Metal Pouring
Pattern Inspection
Laboratory Analysis
Tree Assembly
04 Dipping & Stuccoing
05 De-Waxing
Final Inspection
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List of Plant Equipments Manufacturing Equipments
Measuring Instruments
Wax Injection Press Wax Melting Machine Wax Extrusion Press Hydraulic Hot Plate Slurry Mixture Jar Mill 2 HP Slurry Coating Machine Zircon Rain Fall Sander Fluidized Bed Coater Shell Transfer Trolley Wax De Waxing Bath Shell Backing Oil Fire Furnace Induction Furnace 175kw Crucible 250 Kg. Crucible 125 Kg. Heat Treatment Furnace Vibrating Knockout Machine Hydraulic Straightening Press Sand Blasting Machine Heat Exchanger Plate Type Pumps Mono Block Cooling Tower Softening Plant Transformer 500 KVA Air Conditioners 2.0 Ton Welding Cutting Machine TIG/MIG Welding Machine Bench, Pneumatic & Belt Grinders Shot Blasting Machnie Air Compressor 50 HP Air Compressor 30 HP Dust & Sand Collector Machine
Milan Milan Milan Sun Marshal Marshal Marshal Marshal Milan Milan Milan
Powercon Powercon Powercon Milan Milan Indotech MEC
Alfa Laval Silver Radhe Radhe
Height Gauge Dial Vernier Digital Vernier Caliper Vernier Depth Gauge Combination Set Dial Gauge & Stand Magnetic Stand, V Block Surface Plates Inside/Outside Calipers Radius Gauges Universal Vice Marking Blocks Surface Roughness Tester Micrometer Pistol Caliper Bore Gauge
Mitutoyo Mitutoyo Mahr Mahr Mahr Excel Excel Micro Excel Mitutoyo Excel Excel SREI Mahr Mahr Mahr
Carrier Vulcan
Raj Laxmi MEC
Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand MEC
Physical Testing Instruments
Chemical Analysis Instruments
Universal Tensile Testing Machine Impact Testing Machine Brinell Hardness Tes. Mc. 3000 Kgs. Fine Hardness Test. Mc. 187 Kgs. Metallurgical Micro Scope Profile Projector Polishing Machine Crack Detector
Make Qty.
01 Spectro Al Germany 01
Bentex Fine Vardhan Excel Marshal Magnaflux
Wet Analysis Apparatus Spectrometer 5 Base with Nitrogen Measurement
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Metals Cast
The below mentioned list is representative only actually we offer unlimited choice of metal and alloy grade and we also cast customer specified custom grades in Ferrous, Non-Ferrous metals and Super Alloys.
Common Metal Standards
Steel Type
Metal Code
Austenitic Steel
1.4308/GX5CrNi9-10 1.4408/GX6CrNiMo 19-11-2 1.4409/GX2CrNiM019-11-2 1.4581/GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2
DIN EN 10213-4 DIN EN 10213-4 DIN EN 10213-4 DIN EN 10213-4
Duplex Steel
DIN EN 10213-4
Carbon Steel
1.0619/GP240GH/GS-C25 1.7357/G17CrMo5-5
DIN EN 10213-2 DIN EN 10213-2
Martensitic Steel
1.4317/GXCrNi13-4 1.4405/GX4CrNo16-5-1 1.4059/G-X22CrNi17 1.4313/G-X5CrNi13-4
DIN EN 10213-2 DIN EN 10213-2 DIN 17445 DIN 17445
United Kingdom
Austenitic Steel
304 C15 316 C16 316 C12 347 C17 ANC 4 Grade A ANC 4 Grade B ANC 4 Gradec
BS 3100 BS 3100 BS 3100 BS 3100 BS 3146: Part 2 BS 3146: Part 2 BS 3146: Part 2
Duplex Steel
ANC 6 Grade A ANC 21
BS 3146: Part 2 BS 3146: Part 2
Carbon Steel
BS 3100
Martensitic Steel
BS 3146: Part 2
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Common Metal Standards
Steel Type
Metal Code
Austenitic Steel
CF8 CF8M cG���� CN7M
ASTM A351/A351M ASTM A 351/A351M ASTM A 351/A351M ASTM A351/A351M
Duplex Steel
CD4Mcu/Grade 1A CD3MN/Grade 4A 5A (CE3MN)
ASTM A 890/A890M ASTM A 890/A890M ASTM A 890/A890M
Carbon Steel
ASTM A 216/A216M ASTM A 216/A216M ASTM A 216/A216M ASTM A 216/A216M ASTM A 216/A216M
Nickel Based Alloy
CW2M/Hastelloy C N7M/Hastelloy B M-35-1/Monel M-35-2/Monel
ASTM A 494/A494M ASTM A 494/A494M ASTM A 494/A494M ASTM A 494/A494M
Martensitic Steel
CA15 CA-40 CA6NM/Grade A
ASTM A217/A217M ASTM A 743/A743M ASTM A 487/A487M
Austenitic Steel
SCS 13 SCS 14 SCS 16
JIS G 5121 JIS G 5121 JIS G 5121
Duplex Steel
SCS 10
JIS G 5121
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Guidelines for Investment Casting Buyer
If you would like to send an RFQ, We accept drawing files in DWG, DXF, STL & IGES formats. Please also mention the required quantity. We would like to have quality manual and quality control procedure followed by your company for the cast components to be manufactured. Please also furnish packaging requirements.
Designing Investment Castings
The following inputs can help realise maximum benefits by optimising design of investment casting products.
Design Parameters
01 Use rounded comers and fillets for improved casting quality and reduced rejection. Blind holes and unnecessary strict tolerances should be avoided.
02 Generous internal and external radius, as well as uniform sections ensure improved castability.
Radius to suit the material thickness.
Sharp corners should be avoided at all costs as these will lead to casting defects.
03 Dimensioning of slots (mm)
W High
2.5 5
04 08
06 20
08 32
10 46
16 80
20 120
24 150
04 Dimensioning of holes
W max
W1 max
>5-10 > 10-20 >20-40 >40-60 >60-100 >100
>10-30 >30-60 >60-120 >120-200 >200-300 >300-350
>5-15 >15-25 >25-50 >50-80 >80-100 >100-200
W = up to 1.5D D = at least 3 mm dia.
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The accuracy obtainable in precision casting depends on a number of process parameters, of which the die tolerances, the shrinkage of wax, the refractory and casting material must be mentioned in particular. The table given below shows the tolerance achievable for different dimensions.
Range of nominal For Length, Width, Height For Centre Distance For Roundness, Concentricity For Straightness, Flatness
dimensions ................................................................................................
Over Upto Functional Non-Functional Functional Non-Functional Functional
As Cast Functional As Cast TIR
+ 0.08 + 0.10 + 0.20 +0.30 + 0.40 = 0.70 + 0.90 + 1.20
+ 0.12 + 0.12 + 0.25 + 0.37 + 0.50 + 0.80 + 1.10
+ 0.10 + 0.20 + 0.30 + 0.40 + 0.50 + 0.70 + 0.90 + 1.00
+ 0.25 + 0.32 + 0.50 + 0.65 + 0.80 + 1.00
0.08 0.10 0.15 0.25 0.35
0.12 0.15 0.25 0.40 0.50 0.70 0.85 1.00
0.08 0.10 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.35 0.50
0.12 0.15 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.55 0.70 0.95
100 150 200
150 200 300
+ 1.80
0.55 0.70
All Dimensions are in mm.
TIR - Total Indicator reading
Functional Tolerances
Critical dimensions important from view point of fitment, assembly and the end use. Non functional Tolerances
Non-critical dimensions unimportant from view point of fitment, assembly and the end use. Roundness
Roundness is a function of normal shrinkage variation in the metal. Our-of-Roundness is the radial difference between a true circle and a given circumference. It is the total indicator reading(TIR) when the part is rotated by 360�� Concentricity
Any dimensional difference is the location of one centre with another is the extent of the concentricity. In general concentricity is a function of outside and inside diameter.
It takes mechanical straightening to get rid of twist and waviness in all typical flat sections. The above tolerances can be applied to a flat piece regardless of its irregular shape. Straightness
When parts and long and thin the finished castings have to be mechanically straightened if you need a high degree of straightness. Surface Finish
Investment casting exhibit a matt surface finish corresponding to 1.6-5 URA
Angular Tolerances
Angular tolerances are usually +30'
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For Further Inquiries Contact
M Technocast Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Precision Investment Cast Components.
New Delhi
Office & Works Plot No.:9-10-11, Survey No.:164, Near Gajraj Chemicals, S.I.D.C. Road, NH-8B, Dist.: Rajkot, Veraval (Shapar) 360 024, (Gujarat) INDIA. Phone : +91-2827-254274/ 75 Fax: +91-2827-254276
E-mail Info@Well-Make.com
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