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Hi Kids
Kelly Sports
Kelly Sports is one of Australia��s most successful and fast-growing businesses. With franchises currently operating across Australia and New Zealand, the Kelly Sports brand has become a trusted, recognised and respected provider of sports programs. Kelly Sports is currently offering franchise opportunities.
Check out www.kellysports.com.au for more information.
Welcome to the winter edition of our magazine. In this issue we talk to champion runner Tamsyn Lewis in her quest for Gold at the Olympics next month, rising snowboarding star Scotty James and we also have some interesting pages for parents. Don��t forget to enter our great giveaways on pages 10 and 11 – there��s CDs, sports equipment, DVDs and a super Andy Griffiths triple book pack up for grabs too. Enjoy!
I would take my beautiful dog Rocco, a hair brush and a tent so I had somewhere to sleep. Shelley, 8
If you could go on holidays anywhere in Australia, where would you go and why? Email themag@kellysports.com.au and tell us in 30 words or less.
l If it was warm, I��d take my
board shorts, my footy and my watch. Oscar, 9
l I would take my
Nintendo DS, a book and surfboard so I would never be bored.
Jacob, 8
l I��d take my blanket, a pillow
and some food. Zoe, 10
l I would take some food, water
and a jumper. Ben, 6
l My soccer ball, a hat and
some matches. Darcie, 7
Brandt Kelly
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Q What��s your favourite
food, stuff that��s not good for you and food that is good for you? James, 9
A That��s easy,
chocolate and seafood.
Q Do you have a
pet? Simone, 7
A Yes, a dog. Her
name��s Indie and she is a Hungarian Viszla.
Q Did you do
lots of running when you were at school? Ethan, 6
A I was more into
skateboarding and other sports, but school was where I first got into running through PE classes.
Q What is your
favourite sport, next to running?
Thomas, 8
A My boyfriend plays
cricket so I love watching him and I also love all footy codes.
Q How many pairs of
sneakers do you have?
Ben, 9
A At the moment two
pairs of ASICS DS trainers.
Champion Aussie runner Tamsyn is going for gold at this year��s Beijing Olympics. Kelly Sports kids ask her some questions.
Kelly Sports Magazine Winter 2008 3
Q Do you get butterflies
before a race? Chelsea, 8
A All the time! No matter
how big or small the race, just like I did in school races.
Q How close to a race do
you eat? Ella, 11
A Not really fussy, but about
four or five hours.
Q When is your next big
race? Shaun, 12
A Next really big one is the
Olympics in Beijing.
Q What would you be
doing if you weren��t a professional athlete?
Shelby, 7
A I would love to be a vet
because I love animals.
Tamsyn came third in series five of Dancing With The Stars, she has done lots of modelling work for magazines and appears on TV shows like Coxy��s Big Break and Test Drive as a guest reporter.

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l Almonds are
a member of the peach family.
l Birds eat half their own
body weight in food each day! If someone ��eats like a bird��, they must eat a lot.
Butterflies taste with their feet.
l Cherries are
a member of the rose family.
l Honey is the only
food that will never go off.
l Lemons have more
sugar than strawberries.
l Indian
scientists believe peppermint oil scares off mosquitos.
l Did you know a fresh
egg will sink in water, but a stale egg won��t.
l Tomato is the world��s
most popular fruit.
It��s time to get frosty in the kitchen with a watermelon serving suggestion �� a snowman! You��ll need the following:
One large and one small Seedless Watermelon A melon baller and a knife (to be handled by an adult) A tray One cup of fresh or frozen blueberries (or other seasonal fruits) A carrot Two twigs from the backyard A hat and a scarf Icing Sugar
Ask Mum to cut one Seedless Watermelon in half. Scoop out the Seedless Watermelon with a melon baller and put the melon balls aside in a bowl for later. Place the whole Watermelon at the top of a large tray, in place for the snowman��s head, and place the two hollow Seedless Watermelon halves in a row under one another for the body. Heap the melon balls back into the two hollow Seedless Watermelon halves, along with some blueberries (or other season fruits) to add some frosty colour. Ask an adult to help you use the melon baller to create two holes for the eyes, one hole for the nose and a couple of holes to make a nice, big smile. Use melon balls for the eyes, blueberries for a smile and, you guessed it, a carrot for the nose. Place twigs on either side of the Seedless Watermelon for arms, wrap the scarf around the Seedless Watermelon Snowman��s head, and balance a hat on top. Let it snow! Sprinkle some white icing sugar over your Watermelon Snowman for that final touch.
4 Kelly Sports Magazine

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Boy: ��My grandpa is still
living at 105.��
School teacher: ��Wow,
105 years old – that��s amazing!��
Boy: ��No, 105 High Street!�� What colour is a burp?
Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?
He was looking for Pooh!
How long does it take a gymnast to get to class?
A split second
Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 (ate) 9
Why can��t a bicycle stand up?
Because it��s two tired
What goes putt putt putt putt putt putt?
A bad golfer
Kelly Sports Magazine Winter 2008 5
Can you find six differences in these two photographs?
A n s w ers
1 Purple shirt 2 P ony tail missing 3 Stripe removed from ball 4 Lady sitting in blue chair missing 5 Shin guard missing 6 White panel on left boot missing

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BirthdAy PArtieS
Kelly Sports can provide a great range of sports games and activties for your child��s next birthday party! Our managers will come to you, and provide all the equipment, games and staff to make a memorable party for your children.
Visit www.kellysports.com.au to book your party!
The Olympic Games
Discover the Olympic Games, the Aussie team and the Boxing Kangaroo (BK) online. There are cool sheets to complete, posters to collect, screensavers to download, athlete recipes, a never-ending quiz and an invitation to send in work to be posted on the site.
Cool podcasts made by you
Check out podcasts created by budding Olympic film stars across Australia to support the team. Students have researched, starred in and produced these cinematic masterpieces as part of their entry to the ��Show Your Support�� message competition. Visit the BKzone to view them and choose your favourite. Winning schools will have their podcasts shown to the team in Beijing the night before the Games start.
Visit our heroes
Ask an Olympian something you have always wanted to know, such as how they train and what their favourite food is. Find out who is scheduled for the next ��Chat Time�� in the BKZone. Email your questions and listen to their answer in a podcast.
Our sports stars are going for Gold at the Beijing Olympics in August. Now is a great time for Kelly Sports kids to visit the Australian Olympic team��s children��s website www.bkzone.com.au

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Q How old were you when
you learned to snowboard?
Christian, 9
SJ I began snowboarding in
1997 – I was 3. My Dad taught me how to ride. I competed for the first time in 1995 at Mt Buller (Victoria) in a school holiday program.
Q How did you get into
snowboarding? Shelley, 11
SJ My dad and my sister
always snowboarded and I really wanted to give it a go but the hardest thing then was finding boots and a board small enough. My dad found a small snowboard in a shop that they used for display and they sold it to him for $10.
Q Do you miss home when
you��re away competing?
Montana, 6
SJ Last year I missed Christmas
with my family and that was pretty bad. I am also a big fan of Skype (internet telephone service).
Q Do you get very nervous
before competing? Hugo, 8
SJ Yes. The hardest thing is
waiting your turn to go. I have made a lot of friends doing competitions and it��s awesome to catch up with them and that helps the nerves too.
Q How do you find time to
go to school? Clinton, 12
SJ I spend all of Term 1 and
Term 3 overseas. When I go away I am given school work to be completed.
Q Where do you like to
practice when you��re home? Charlie, 10
SJ There is no snow where
I live. When I��m at home I practise on the trampoline. If I get the chance to ride a half pipe in Australia it is at Perisher Blue.
Scotty James is 13 and is making his snowboarding dreams come true! Kelly Sports kids find out what it��s like to be king of the mountain
Scotty has only just come home from an amazing snowboarding season were he competed in five countries in Europe and the United States.
Kelly Sports Magazine Winter 2008 7

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Only 14 other men in history have cleared six metres in height in the pole vault event? Steve��s mum was a champion long jumper and his dad was a national star in the 800 metre and 4x400 metre running events. Steve will go into the Beijing Olympics as one of our big track and field medal hopes, so Kelly Sports kids say, ��GO STEVE, BRING HOME GOLD!��
Australian Olympics track and field team member Age: 25 Did you know...

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COMPETITION RULES Competitions close on September 12. STRICTLY one entry per competition and no entries from outside Australia and New Zealand will be accepted. Winners will be notified by mail. ** Don��t forget to ask Mum or Dad for permission to enter these competitions.
It��s easy to win these cool prizes. Simply email us your name, mum or dad��s email address and your postal address. Be sure to tell us which prize you want to win!
*Remember – one email per giveaway is all we need. See competition rules for more details.
The Big Fat Cow that Goes Kapow
OH NO, watch out! Inside this book is an EXPLODING cow! FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE... KAPOW! More rhyming and comic madness from Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. Also in this triple pack is Treasure Fever and Pencil of Doom, the first two books in Andy Griffiths�� new Schooling Around series. To win, email SUPER BOOK
TRIPLE PACK in the subject
line to themag@kellysports.
com.au with your name,
address and phone number.
The Game Plan DVD
WIN a copy of The Game Plan, a DVD about a star American footballer who has to balance his high-flying lifestyle with taking care of a daughter he never knew he had. To win, email us with
THE GAME PLAN in the subject
line to themag@kellysports.com.
au with your name, address and
phone number.
Giveaway Bonanza
Super Triple Book Pack
HEY K.S. KIDS, GOT A qUESTION FOR ANDY GRIFFITHS? We are interviewing him for the next issue, so email your questions to themag@kellysports.com.au – and remember to tell us how old you are and what town you live in.

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WE have extreme monster truck action as you race to the finish line in our Monster
Jam Nintendo DS
giveaway. Remember, this game is rated PG, so check with mum and dad if you��re allowed to enter. To win, email us with MONSTER
JAM in the subject line to themag@ kellysports.com.au with your name,
address and phone number.
Monster Jam Nintendo DS
Kelly Sports Magazine Winter 2008 11
TWINS Zack and Cody are sure they��ve gone to heaven: their mother has landed a job as a singer at the Tipton hotel and they all move into a suite on the top floor. The boys have fun with room service, a pool and much more while Mum tries to keep them in line. We have three copies to give away. To win, email ZACK & CODY in the subject line to themag@kellysports.com.au with your name, address and phone number.
The Suite Life
WIN this DVD which also has extra features: Raven trivia game, a new episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and a music video from Hannah Montana. Email us with HANNA
MONTANA in the subject
to themag@kellysports.com.au with your name, address and phone number.
RECKON you could be Australia��s next champion sports star? If so, you��d better enter this giveaway — we��re giving away five sports packs. To win, email us with SPORTS
PACKS in the subject line to themag@ kellysports.com.au with your name, address
and phone number.
Cool Sports Packs
LOOKING for some cool albums? We have a Music Stack of albums. To win, email us with MUSIC STACK in the subject line to
themag@kellysports. com.au with your name,
address and phone number.
Music Mayhem
Disney Channel triple-treat
Guitar Hero On tour DS
SHOW us your musical spirit and be in the running to win Guitar Hero On Tour Nintendo DS. To win, email us with
the subject line to themag@
kellysports.com.au with your
name, address and phone number.
Music Stack

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Calling Kelly Sports kids, parents and coaches – we need photos for our new Pinboard pages! Email photos to
P. S. You might get lucky and win great prizes like movie tickets, DVDs, sports equipment and books!
Tips for top shots
Remember to only send us photos that are in focus. Fill up the frame with the subjects you��re photographing. The bolder the better.! Be sure to send us big enough photo files (300dpi or photos over 500k). Photos can include group photos, action shots – even celebrating after a win!

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For further information or for a full product list please visit www.aussiefarmers.com.au or call 1300 Milkman (1300 64 55 62).
AUSSIE schools are leading the
way to ��bring back the Milkman�� by getting involved with the Aussie Farmers Direct, Healthy Eating Fundraising Program. With convenience in mind and in need of raised funds, families are choosing to participate in the Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising Program. Not only does the program offer parents a fresher, easier shopping alternative with free delivery, but for each family that signs up, Aussie Farmers Direct contributes funds back to their nominated school��s fundraising efforts. The newly established program has taken off with schools seeing the benefits of the free home delivery service to families. Following the success of in-school healthy eating programs it is the next logical step without putting extra pressure on parents at supermarkets. All farm fresh products are 100% Australian owned and grown and cheaper than most major supermarket brands. The program is part of Aussie Farmers�� aim to boost the sales of 100% Australian owned and grown products. Families can choose from milk, bread, juice, cheese, eggs, butter, fruit and veggie boxes plus more to be delivered to their doors. ��With two young children at home, this service is a brilliant alternative to packing the kids in the car and driving all the way to the supermarket just for milk and bread��, said Aussie Farmer customer
Milkman makes a comeback
and parent Kaye Adamson. ��I know many families who are thrilled to be part of this new schools program, we can support the Australian economy, plus save time and money as well as contribute to our school fundraising efforts, it��s a win-win for everyone.�� With a milkman in your local area, it is now easier than ever to support Aussie Farmers Direct and get fresh produce delivered right to your door.
Thanks to schools, the Milkman is back and ready to deliver to your local community
The newly established program has taken off with schools seeing the benefits of the free home delivery service to families
Kelly Sports Magazine Winter 2008 13

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Uncover great deals with Best Western!
With more than 200 hotels across Australia and New Zealand, you��re sure to find accommodation to suit your family��s needs.
Visit www.bestwestern.com.au or www.bestwestern.co.nz
The mighty mouthguard
Have you ever thought about
the potential dental costs of when your child breaks a tooth? Lifetime costs can soar to anywhere up to $15,000 or more so why not cut the costs now by making a small investment in a proper fitting mouthguard for your kids. The Australian Dental Association is calling on parents, schools, sporting associations and clubs to make wearing mouthguards mandatory for anyone participating in a contact sport. A recent report has found that among almost 500,000 Australian children aged 5-14 years who reported being injured, the most common activities these children reported undertaking at the time of injury were leisure activities — that basically means playing non-organised sport or games, as well as organised sports. President of the Australian Dental Association, Dr John Matthews says that the cost of treatment and repair to a damaged tooth ��is significant��. In the worse case scenario, some teeth are so badly damaged that they cannot be repaired and need to be removed. ��The ADA strongly supports mandatory mouthguards. Furthermore, our recommendation is that people invest in a custom-made mouthguard, which is made specifically to fit an individual��s mouth.��
Hey mums and dads, it��s time to get your kids to sink their teeth into something – quite literally
Why do you need a mouthguard? A mouthguard helps absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face that might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw. A heavy collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth and, in severe cases, concussion or a broken jaw. When should I wear a mouthguard? Mouthguards should be worn whilst playing and training for any sport that could involve contact to the face.
The ADA recommends that only a professionally custom-fitted mouthguard should be worn. Check it every 12 months for optimal fit and protection. Keep it clean and store it in a rigid container, away from heat to ensure it maintains its shape.

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When did you start with Kelly Sports? Almost 2 years ago. Why did you get involved with Kelly Sports? I was looking for a new direction and for something that allowed me to contribute something positive to the community. What strengths do you need to become a successful Kelly Sports franchise? Organizational skills, an interest in helping kids realise their potential, a sense of humour and a little patience. What are your goals for Kelly Sports South Bay? To continue growing, employing more great coaches and teaching kids to have fun while playing sport. How many children have you had
Play on the Bay
involved with Kelly Sports since you took over? A couple of thousand. What do you enjoy about Kelly Sports? Working with kids (both students and coaches), the freedom to make decisions and playing games of kids versus coaches. What are your most popular programs? Gymnastics and Multi Sports. What will a child learn at a Kelly Sports clinic? Hopefully some confidence, skills and an appreciation for sports. What benefits do coaches get from working for Kelly Sports? Hopefully some skills in communicating, learning responsibility and the pleasure of watching their lessons and example inspire kids to participate in sport. How many coaches do you employ in the South Bay area? 15 to 20. What are your favorite sports? I��m not sure at my level that golf is a sport, but that and football (most codes) are my passions.
Name Pierre Sutcliffe Lives South Bay, NZ No. of employees 15-20

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(1300 64 55 62) www.aussiefarmers.com.au
(1300 64 55 62)
"We take the guess work out of buying Australian"
"We take the guess work out of buying Australian"
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