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Cherry Grove, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9EY Tel No: (01202) 871243, Fax No: (01202) 893383 school@fernup.dorset.sch.uk www.fernup.dorset.sch.uk
All Newsletters are now available online at www.fernup.dorset.sch.uk (Mr A Wills) Start of External Exam Period The external examinations seem to start earlier each year and, for many of our students, as soon as May begins they have an increasing number of exams to do. Coursework and controlled assessments have shown how much potential our students have, so now it is time for them to follow the advice of their teachers and prepare for the exams themselves. They have had plenty of practice as there have been mock exams in most subjects and module tests in others. For some students the pressure around this time can feel over- whelming. If this is the case, please encourage them to talk to us – we can provide support and encouragement and have done this for many students over the years. Initially students who feel they need this should contact either their Head of House or the Sixth Form team. The FUS Network Attached to this Newsletter is a page highlighting the school��s 40th anniversary which falls this September. FUS opened in September 1972 and has provided an excellent education to students for over 4 decades. I know that some of you reading this are ex-students of the school yourselves and I hope that you will be keen to hear that we are organising a grand reunion on Saturday 20 October this year. There will be more publicity about this in the coming months and we will publish a full programme for the event in early September. Meanwhile, do have a look at our Facebook page and ��like it�� so that we can see how many of you are interested in the event and perhaps setting up a network of ex-students. Also, we are keen to hear from any parents who would like to join a working group to plan and organise this event; do contact me at the school if you are interested. Towards the end of the summer term, we will be collecting items of memorabilia from your school days so that we can make displays of these on the 20 October. We would be very grateful if any ex-students are

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prepared to loan us these items, e.g. school pictures, awards, school reports(!), etc and we promise to take great care of them and return them in the same condition in which they are offered. Parent Focus Group A reminder that the next meeting of this group takes place on Tuesday 17 April at 6pm-7pm. There will be no specific theme for this meeting and so we welcome general feedback about the school or any issues parents wish to raise. Ferndown Upper��s Community Party Pupils from Ferndown Upper treated more than 100 local people, predominantly senior citizens, to a slap up afternoon tea prepared from scratch by them. While the guests enjoyed their sandwiches, cakes and tea in the school hall they were also regally entertained by the pupils, including two excellent solo vocalists (Tanya Faramus and Ashleigh Simonot) plus the school��s swinging jazz band FUSJAZZ. This annual event forms part of the school��s efforts to foster and maintain links between people of all ages across the Ferndown area and beyond. It��s something the whole school can get involved in and students and staff enjoy it immensely. Ferndown Rotary made a donation to help cover costs and also provided ��host�� support on the day. Anti-Bullying Strategies at FUS (Mr N Harris) Parent and Student surveys have been very encouraging with the overwhelming majority of parents saying that their children feel safe at school and very few students expressing any concerns about bullying. However, we are never complacent about this issue. Following the Dorset Anti- Bullying Conference last term, we have done several things suggested mainly by the School Council. We have held a series of assemblies led by the Police focussing not only on the consequences for the victims of bullying, but also looking at the possible legal and other consequences for those who carry it out. PC Gary Evans described various aspects of law that cover bullying, particularly ��Cyber-bullying��. This was followed up by a series of assemblies by Ms Bird explaining how your internet and social media profile stays with you forever and how using the internet for bullying or other inappropriate acts could potentially cost someone their job. At the School Council��s initiative and after discussion with the Parent Consultation Group, we have put up posters challenging homophobic bullying. We now also have an ��Anti-bullying�� post-box outside Mr Harris�� office so that students can anonymously pass on information about bullying. Please never hesitate to let us know about any form of bullying or other inappropriate behaviour that you might hear about so that we can take action. MUFTI DAYS (Linda Papworth) Our last Mufti Day on 10.2.12 for the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (JTYAF) raised £518.59, plus we held the Bournemouth Concert Brass concert for the JTYAF here in February and the two together raised an amazing £832.42. Thanks everyone for your support. Our next Mufti Day on Friday 30 March is to raise money for Project Trust (an educational trust) to allow one of our 6th formers, Steph Enderby, from August this year to work on her gap year in an orphanage in a

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primary school in Malawi, Southern Africa. Good luck Steph! JOHN THORNTON YOUNG ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION (JTYAF) (Linda Papworth) On Friday 23 March we held a presentation at Ferndown Upper for the successful JTYAF Scholarship and Bursary award winners. Linda and Peter Thornton (shown either side of the above photo) presented the lucky students with their cheques on this wonderfully sunny day. There were 5 scholarship winners and 21 bursary winners, with awards totalling £15,000! The projects ranged from dancing and charity work to a cultural visit to Japan for Art and Music. The Foundation has been set up in memory of John Thornton who was a student at Ferndown Upper before starting a very successful career in the Royal Marines which was curtailed when he was tragically killed in southern Afghanistan in 2008. The purpose of these awards is to enable our young people to follow their dreams. ELECTIONS FOR UKYP WELL DONE MOYA! (Linda Papworth) Three students have been elected as members of Dorset��s Youth Parliament. Thousands of young people voted for their representatives in the elections, a huge success for the UK Youth Parliament. One of the three elected members for Dorset is our very own Moya Dunne in Red House. Moya received the most votes (and she stood and got a seat last year as well) – 6700. The candidates campaigned for their positions, producing video manifestos which were shown in schools and youth centres across Dorset. Cabinet Member for Children��s Services Toni Coombs said: ��Congratulations to the winning candidates, and to everyone who put themselves forward and campaigned. It��s so important for young people to be involved in their community and in local politics.�� The MYPs and their deputies will take part in national and regional sittings of the UK Youth Parliament. All of them will work to deliver their own manifestos for the young people of Dorset and will also sit on the Dorset Youth Council known as DYCE (Dorset Youth Council Enables). Very well done (again!) Moya! ENGLISH DEPARTMENT (Mr R Redwood) Year 11 We are fast approaching the final English GCSE examination – Unit 1: Non-fiction texts. This exam is worth 40% of the English Language GCSE. The exam lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes and tests students�� ability to comprehend and create non-fiction texts. It is scheduled for 29th May 2012. In preparation for the examination we are currently running revision classes every Thursday after school in C7 and C8 from 2.40-3.40pm. We are running one class for higher tier candidates in C7 (taught by Mr Redwood) and one class for foundation tier candidates in C8 (taught by Mr Lock). There are 60 places available in the two classes. The classes started in the second week after half-term (Thursday 1st March) but anyone

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can join at any stage up until the 24th May. We are looking at the different skills required to succeed in the exam and will complete several past paper questions in the run up to the exam. The topics covered are detailed in the table below: Date Topic Thursday 29th March Structuring answers/PEE EASTER Thursday 19th April Writing to describe Thursday 26th April Writing to explain Thursday 3rd May Writing to persuade Thursday 10th May Writing to argue Thursday 17th May Structuring answers/Planning Thursday 24th May How to approach the whole paper EXAM DATE 29th May We also have revision guides for sale from the English office. These can be purchased for £3 each - cash or cheque payable to Ferndown Upper School. There are various different books for sale: Reading Section Revision guide higher/foundation (recommended) Writing Section Revision guide higher/foundation Reading Workbook higher/foundation Writing Workbook higher/foundation Students need to ask for the correct tier revision guide as it has exemplar answers for the appropriate grades. The revision guides are useful for those who wish to read and take notes. The workbooks are more suitable for those who want questions to answer. These can be checked by English teachers if you ask nicely! I would recommend the ��Reading Section Revision guide�� as a must. Please go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ gcsebitesize/ to look for further revision tips and activities. Past examination papers and mark schemes are very useful when preparing for examinations. These can be found on the AQA website. Go to www.aqa.org.uk click on ��Subjects > English Language > Past papers and mark schemes (in the key materials). We are also running controlled assessment improvement sessions on a Thursday 2.40- 3.40 in B15 with Mrs Hosey and Mrs Maidment. Students should be advised that if their controlled assessment marks need improving this should be completed before attending the revision classes. The reading and writing controlled assessments are worth 40% (Of Mice and Men ��Lennie�� essay, Spoken Language ��Matt and Nikita�� essay, Creative writing ��Don��t get me started on���� and documentary script) and the speaking and listening pieces are worth 20% (individual talk, discussion, role play). In total coursework counts for 60% of the English Language grade so students should focus on this before attending the revision classes. Once again it is worth stating that the English Literature GCSE components were completed last year. There were three components – Unit 1 Modern Texts exam, Unit 2 Poetry exam and Unit 3 Shakespeare controlled assessment. Only a handful of students have asked to re-sit the poetry examination to improve their marks. Students who have requested this have been entered and will sit the exam on 24th May. All other students (with the exception of Ms Compan��s groups) will receive their Literature certificate this August with the grade attained at the end of Year 10. Finally I wanted to wish all the students good luck in preparing for their GCSEs. If at any point you are confused, anxious or in need of reassurance - talk to your English Teacher! We will be very happy to help you find the best way to revise. Year 10 Year 10 are currently studying for Unit 2: Poetry – an exam that they will sit on 24th May. All of Year 10 students must be in on this day (with the exception of Ms Compan��s groups) as this module counts towards their final GCSE English Literature grade (35%). In preparation for the exam, students are currently studying fifteen ��place�� poems from the GCSE anthology. All students have been issued with an anthology which they are writing notes on within class. Over Easter I would recommend that they use this anthology to start their revision. In the exam they have to answer two questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes. They have to complete a comparison of two

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poems from the ��place�� collection based on a key theme – nature, memory, place etc. They then have to answer a question on an ��unseen�� poem. Here they must respond using their knowledge of poetic techniques. Revision for this could take the form of reading the other poems in the anthology (that we have not studied) and attempting to annotate them or write a response to them. We also have revision guides for sale in the English Department. These can be purchased for £3 each – cash or cheque payable to Ferndown Upper School. Make sure that students ask for either ��higher�� or ��foundation�� tier. We are also running a revision event on Saturday 19th May from 9am-11am in the hall. A letter asking you to sign up for the event will be sent home after Easter. We will spend one hour on each section of the paper – give final tips for revision and exam success. Year 9 Year 9 have their Functional Skills tests on 16th May AM and PM. There are two English tests the students are sitting – one to test their reading and comprehension skills and one to test their writing skills. Their speaking and listening has been assessed within the class – they had to complete a presentation and discussion in class. The AQA website has lots of past papers that students can access if they want to prepare at home over Easter. Go to www.aqa.org.uk click on ��Subjects > Functional English > Past papers and mark schemes (in the key materials).�� The two top sets are currently preparing for their Media GCSE – 14th June. They should be revising TV Crime Dramas using their notes in the English book and by watching as much TV Crime Drama as they can. www.mediaknowall.com also has some useful resources students can access. Whichever pathway students are on in Year 9 – all students will be following the English Literature and English Language GCSE pathway in Years 10 and 11. This means that students will come out with two GCSE��s in English (A*-G) and a Functional Skills qualification OR a Media GCSE. The only exception to this is two small groups who will be selected to sit just English GCSE (a single award) – these students will work in small groups and have a high level of support to enable them to pass English GCSE. These students will be selected by the English Department based on assessment data. The government have changed the GCSE English course. This means that students currently in Year 9 have to sit a linear form of English. This means they will complete their controlled assessments (coursework) for both English Literature and Language in Year 10. They will prepare for their three exams (two Literature and one Language) in Year 11 – sitting all exams in June of Year 11. SIGN LANGUAGE CLUB (Phoebe Woodley-Facer 10P1 & Luke Bush 10G4) ��Sign Language Club is run by Mr Jon Hickman (Science Teacher) every Wednesday straight after school. We have learnt many different signs, such as for food, family and describing the weather. Dorchester Thomas Hardye School is making a website on science signs. Do come along, no experience is needed and it��s in D14. It is also good for you to think and will look great on your CV for a job. Thank you, and look forward to seeing you there!�� In case you were wondering, the above sign means ��thank you��. MUSIC DEPARTMENT NEWS (Mrs C Whitehead, Head of Music) BSO Concert Trip A group of students from Years 10-14 attended a concert given by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at the Lighthouse in Poole on 1st February. The programme included works by Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich. For many of the students this was their first experience of a classical concert, and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Fusjazz News Fusjazz have had a busy term, performing at two events as well as preparing for our Spring Concert on Tuesday 27 March. They were invited to perform at the Rotary Yes Chef Regional Competition to entertain the parents of visiting chefs from across the southwest region on 25th February. Ten days later they were performing for our own Community Party (article above), where they had the guests up on their feet and dancing. Sixth Form Soir��e Congratulations to all our A Level musicians who gave an excellent evening of entertainment on 7th February as part of the preparation for their final recitals. Having heard the quality of the performances, I know that I am in for a treat when I mark their exam recitals in the final week of this term. If you want to hear some of what you missed, many of them will be performing further parts of their recital at the Spring Concert on 27th March. Year Six Gifted and Talented Musicians Friday 2nd March saw us welcome 22 Year 6 musicians from 5 local middle schools to our Music Department for a day of music making. They participated in workshops based on orchestral performing, music technology and harmony singing before giving a short performance to their parents at the end of the day. My thanks go to the A level musicians and members of the choir who supported the students throughout the day and helped to make it so much of a success. One parent wrote saying, ��A big thank you for a most enjoyable day of music on Friday 2nd March. It was a great opportunity for Sam and he really enjoyed it. His favourite part was the singing. You covered such a lot in that one day. I was very impressed with the end of day concert and the teachers from Ferndown Upper School were ever so friendly and welcoming.�� PHYSICS TRIP TO CERN, GENEVA 27.2.12-1.3.12 (Charlie Vincent, Principal Student for Physics)
The hottest and coldest place in the Universe is found in here on Earth��.. ������������.. a temperature more than 100,000 times hotter than the heart of the sun, yet due to the need for liquid helium cooling the LHC is kept at a temperature of - 271.3oC ����..��
CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research and it is one of the World��s largest centres for scientific research. Its purpose is to delve into the mysteries of fundamental physics, finding what the universe is made of and how it works. With the World��s largest and most complex scientific equipment, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN studies the most basic components of matter called fundamental particles; hadrons are a family of fundamental particles. The Large Hadron Collider is a gigantic scientific instrument straddling the Swiss and French border and buried at approximately 100 metres underground and with a 27 Km diameter. In it, proton-proton collisions or lead ion beam collision take place to break open the particles and explore their basic structure. The protons travel at speeds close to 300,000,000 m/s, or the speed of light; it does this by accelerating the charged particles using alternating electric fields until they are close to the speed of light. Once accelerated, the particles travel round the big ring, bent by a magnetic field: each time they pass the accelerator they gain a bit more energy. This happens continually until they are made to collide at one of the four detectors. The array of detectors surrounding the collision point gives the iconic pictures for the LHC. To avoid collisions with gas molecules the beams travel inside the LHC in near vacuum at a pressure one tenth of that on the moon. As well as extremely low pressure, the hottest and coldest places in the galaxy lie side by side. When two beams of lead ions collide they can generate a temperature more than 100,000 times hotter than the heart of the sun, yet due to the need for liquid helium cooling the LHC is kept at a temperature of - 271.3oC. When collided, the data collected by each of the experiments will be enough to fill 100,000 dual layer DVDs every year. Therefore, to allow

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scientists to analyse the accumulated information tens of thousands of computers around the world are being harnessed in a computing network call the Grid. The trip was first and foremost aimed to inspire students taking physics at A level. It provided an opportunity to see cutting edge research going on in our backyard. CERN is currently one of the largest research programmes going in the word in spite of all the other Global Problems. As well as the chance to see science in action it also gave the opportunity for students to see the kinds of contributions that come out of scientific research. In CERN there are no nationality boundaries - Italian, Polish, Spanish, American and British scientists collaborate. Getting there! One plane, one train and the use of the very efficient tram network in Geneva! We stayed in a hostel for both nights where the rooms were clean and comfortable. As well as a good train network Geneva uses trams very efficiently throughout the city, and so we rode one to and from the LHC. The tour! of CERN started with a short presentation on its history and the motivation behind their work. This was given by an Italian physicist called Mario who spoke excellent English. After the presentation we got on a bus and crossed the border into France to visit one of the test facilities used to check the superconducting magnets are working properly and to the right specifications. Whilst in the facility Mario told us about the different parts of the LHC and how they worked which included looking at part of an accelerator, as well as superconducting wires and cross sections of the beam director. It was surprising that even though the beam director has a diameter of about a metre the actual beam is less than a tenth of a millimetre across. The director is so large because the magnetic fields used to direct the beams are so strong (100,000 times larger than that of the earth, 100 times larger than an MRI scanner) that each beam path is encased in about 8 inches of reinforcing metal. After the tour we crossed back into Switzerland and visited CERN's server room. Here we had a talk on the benefits to society provided by CERN. The Spin offs! Benefits that seemed particularly important were the development of the World Wide Web and Proton therapy to treat cancer. The World Wide Web is an international computer network connecting the computers of billions of people to each other; created by Tim Berners-Lee it allows physicists in other countries to have access to the information collected by the LHC. CERN has also contributed to medicine through the developments in proton accelerators. When treating a tumour, radiation is fired at it to kill the cancerous cells. However, when using X-rays this radiation can also hit and as a result kill healthy tissue. As protons deliver all their energy in one place it is a lot easier to use them accurately. After the computer building we had lunch in the CERN canteen where the food was good and the prices reasonable. Following lunch we walked back to the reception and visited the Microcosm. This was a small museum on the history of particle physics in general and the LHC in particular. After the gift shop we proceeded to the Dome which was literally a wooden dome that contained a small exhibition inside. With the organisation of three screens in front and one on a raised platform on the floor, when the video started it gave a very good impression of movement. Once the video ended we left to take one final group picture and headed back to Geneva.

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The whole trip was very enjoyable and worthwhile. We learnt a lot about the hardware used in physics research and even more importantly that research, though seemingly obscure at first, can lead to much greater things usually contributing more to society than any other discipline. Though we did not get to see the actual accelerator because it was in operation, the test facility was extremely interesting, allowing us to see the sheer ingenuity and engineering that went into creating the largest single scientific piece of equipment on the planet. We also learnt something about ourselves; as Geneva��s prices were very high we had to budget and make decisions as well as improvise with cheap meals. We are particularly grateful to Mrs B Pearce who made this possible as she organised everything and everyone with Swiss precision. FRENCH AS ENRICHMENT TRIP TO GENEVA (Mrs J Pearson) In February the French AS group joined ranks with the Physics AS group (see above article) and headed to Geneva. They were under the clear understanding that I would disown them if they did not speak French! It was an easy journey from Bournemouth to Geneva, and flying over the Alps, totally covered in snow, was awesome. After arriving at the Hotel (not-so) Moderne we spent the afternoon exploring the heart of Geneva. The second day of the trip was the highpoint when we were shown around the United Nations buildings. It is the biggest United Nations in the world �� so big, we couldn��t find the way in for ages!!! The day before all was closed to visitors due to crisis talks and very high security. Even Kofi Annan was there but he didn��t hang around to meet us! We were able to see the vast conference rooms, hear about the history of the United Nations and the buildings themselves. In the afternoon there was a boat trip around Lake Geneva. Sadly we had to leave early the next morning. All in all, this was a great trip. Year 10 Spanish Barcelona Trip (Mrs F Moyano) Once again, our students had a fantastic time in Barcelona. They had the opportunity to see, try and do new things every day whilst they absorbed the culture and the language in the country where it��s spoken. When asked if they would recommend this experience to others, some of the answers were ��Of course I would recommend this experience as it is a great trip for GCSE students because you are in an environment where the Spanish language is spoken, so you come in contact with the language used in a natural way�� (GH), ��I��d definitely recommend this trip because you visit amazing places, make new friends, have loads of fun and it��s an experience I will never forget �� (BS). We are now advertising for our new visit in February 2013, so keep your eyes peeled for more news. If you��d like more information, please come and see me in D8.

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SCHOOL SPORTS COORDINATOR (Mrs L Stainer) Although a relatively short term, a lot of students have been involved in a lot of activities including some different competitions for the School Games 2012. We have been continuing with School Games Inter-House activities and students have worked really hard with some interesting results this term. Year 9 Girls Red 1st 14 points Green 2nd 12 points Purple 3rd 11 points Year 9 Boys Green 1st 10 points Purple 2nd 8 points Red 3rd 6 points Year 10 Red 1st 14 points Purple 2nd 12 points Green 3rd 10 points Year 11 Green 1st 9 points Red 1st 9 points Purple 3rd 6 points Combined results for Autumn and Spring I now give the present total of: Purple 44+55+35=134points 1st Red 38+41+43=122points 2nd Green 30+44+41=115points 3rd On Wednesday 22nd February as part of the Dorset Games events, 15 of our students went to Canford School to take part in an indoor rowing competition. Unlike other schools who have rowing equipment to practice with, many of our students had not had much experience at rowing but still got involved and did very well. Congratulations to: Ashley Hart R1 Ryan Pegoraro G5 Ben Milward G9 Sam Lockyer G8 Connor Riley P1 Zak Clayton R2 Gary Scatchell R5 Jordan Tatman G6 Sophia Hazell P7 Sophie Stevenson R1 Amber Toms P6 Sam Willis P4 Stephanie Bull R5 Lucy Giles R8 Chloe Brown R7 On Friday 24th February we hosted a Year 8/9 Dorset Games Table Tennis competition that involved Ferndown Upper, Ferndown Middle, Cranborne Middle, St Michaels Middle, Emmanuel Middle and Queen Elizabeth. A total of 60 students attended the event and the standard of competition was high. It was good to see so many students enjoying the activity and have the chance to play other schools. Congratulations to: Josh Wagstaff G2 Ashley Hart R1 Marcus Deamer P5 Charlie Vallis G9 Sean Cooper G5 Liam Coppard G9 Kieran Francis R8 Matt Dixon P8 George Richman R7 Sam Daver R6 Sam Cheetham G4 Sophie Stevenson R1 Amber Toms P6 Jodie Tom P8 Alexia Boardwell G9 On Tuesday 13th March we also hosted the Year 6/7 Dorset Games Table Tennis competition. Ferndown Middle, St Michaels Middle and Allenbourn Middle all took part and, considering the students were young, the standard again was very good and the students enjoyed having the opportunity to play at our school. On Wednesdays after school we have been sharing the swimming pool with Parley First so that they had the opportunity to train their students for the regional gala. The school emailed to thank me and to say that they had secured 4th place in the gala which is good news.

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To celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games, Ferndown Upper hosted an Olympic Torch Rely on Friday 16 March with a 1.30pm start. The event included 48 runners from Ferndown Upper and 32 each from Emmanuel Middle, Ferndown Middle and West Moors Middle. Each team member was provided with a flag of their country and completed one mile. Team Managers did not run and were allocated to organise and motivate their members. The Echo and Stour newspapers were represented at the event and will hopefully put a good article in their papers. Both said it was a brilliant event and the best organised and competed in that they had been to in a long time which is thanks to the students who fully involved themselves in the event. All students received medals that were sponsored by East Dorset ��Year of Celebration�� grants so a big thank you to them. The following students from Ferndown Upper took part either as runners, managers or marshalls: Team Country Year 9 Runner Year 10 Runner Manager 1 Albania Winnie Smith P7 Jack Baker P6 Dela Ahilijah P7 2 Argentina Sophie Stevenson R1 Ross Cooper R8 Sabrina Beever R8 3 Australia Chloe Brebner R3 Bradley Goddard R1 Reece Browning P1 4 Bahamas Nicola Boardwell G1 Toby Gritt R3 Holly Bryant R4 5 Belarus Alex Price G5 Katie Broad P9 Kerry White P1 6 Botswana Henry Lander R5 Yasmin Diverdi Liberty Demonte G3 7 Brazil Taylor Wake P7 Georgia Hanrahan G5 Zak Harris R3 8 Cameroon Connor Asquith R4 Molly Heggan G Edward Johnson P8 9 Canada Chloe Brown R7 Matthew Henry R2 Charlie King G1 10 China Rebecca Haberfield P1 Jordan Lee G1 Jordan Lea R4 11 Denmark Georgia Kay Reece Owen R8 Kaffe Locke R9 12 Egypt Erin King R2 Harry Sandiford P5 Matthew Maclure G4 13 Fiji David Sill P3 Chloe Horlock R6 Aaron Mooney R3 14 Gabon Ashley Hart R1 Chantelle Macken R5 George Moxley P1 15 Haiti Adam Paterson R7 Carla Payne G8 Callum Piper R1 16 India Niles Locke R8 Ellie Weston Oliver Pritchett R6 17 Japan Alexia Boardwell G9 Billy Wheatley P3 Jay Puleston P4 18 Kenya Harriett Fairclough G1 Bradley Wheatley P4 Liam Read P7 19 Malaysia Georgina Pacifico P5 Chris White R4 Sean Risoli G4 20 Mozambique Marina Roberts P3 Shane Whittall R1 Matthew Rogers G7 21 Nigeria Lewis Pettitt P3 Shannon White R1 Claire Smale G2 22 Samoa Kieran Andrews R3 Hannah Turner G7 Callum Tyler P9 23 South Africa Elliot Conner G7 Gisela Wallis P8 Hayden Webb R7 24 Thailand Joe Sherrell R8 Darren Driscoll P2 Amy Whittle R9 Reserves: Charlie Hewitt R5 Connor Hatch R4 Nathan Goulding R3 Alexandra Matthew G3 Daniel Aplin R3 Bethan Hansford R1 Year 10 and 12 Marshalls Year 10 1) Ryan Henning G9 2) Ryan Holling G8 3) Nathan Lever P1 4) Joe Macy P4 5) Vince May G6 6) Chris Prevett G8 7) Lauren Read G4 8) Keni Scott Sanders G7 9) James Stafford G7 10) Lee Sutton R4 11) Ievan Tomsett R2 12) Shanice Williams P5 13) Matthew Worner G5 Year 12 OCR Poppy Brock Michael Wyeth Sophie Fanner Marc Houston McMillan Alex Hunter Warburton Iain Kay Ryan Ridler Sam Roots Liam Smith Farouq Sreti Jon Tomlin Chris Williams Next term there is a lot of leadership training and events as well as more Dorset Games

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activities. On the 18th April, 13 students are going to Bryanston School in Blandford for a Dorset Leadership Day where they will be among 400 students who will receive training from National Governing Bodies and coaches. Also on this day golf coach Darren Stratman from Canford Golf Club will be coming into school to run leadership training for 20 students who will then on Friday 20th April be involved in running a festival for 800 Year 4 students at Canford Arena. Leadership training is also being run for the Athletics Quadkids events later in the term so that the students can then help at sports days and Kings Park events. GAP YEAR FAIRS (Lawrence Lockhart) For 14 years the voluntary organisation Gap Year Fairs has provided a free and impartial information and advice service on all aspects of taking a structured gap year or shorter break from formal education. This is available to schools and colleges, sixth formers and parents in the west country, and includes individual help for young people by email. The organisation's annual (2012) Gap Year Fairs will take place as follows (all 4–6.30pm): Monday 25th June: Canford School, Wimborne Tuesday 26th June: Prior Park College, Bath Wednesday 27th June: Bristol Grammar School Thursday 28th June: Exeter University The gap year organisations that will be present are monitored and recommended, and offer a wide range of volunteering, career experience and other opportunities overseas and in the UK. Admission is free, and all young people, parents and others are welcome. The organisers believe that, in the present difficult times for young people, the potential benefits of a well-spent gap year or shorter break from formal education are greater than ever, including skills and experiences that employers and universities value, a sense of self-belief from what they achieve, a chance to rethink their futures, and a lot of fun and new friends. For further information email Lawrence Lockhart on gapyearfairs.lockhart@virgin.ne t. DIARY DATES Tuesday 27 March Spring Concert Thursday 29 March Years 12/13 Teacher Consultation Evening Friday 30 March Last day before Easter Holidays Monday 16 April Back to School Tuesday 17 April Parent Focus Group Meeting 6pm-7pm Wednesday 18 April Year 12 Higher Education Evening Wednesday 18 April Dorset UCAS Convention Thursday 3 May Year 10 Parents Evening Monday 7 May May Day Bank Holiday Friday 11 May Year 12 Last Day before Study Leave Mon 14 May-Wed 27 June External Exam Period Tuesday 15 May Full Governing Body Meeting 6pm Friday 25 May Year 13 Last Day before Study Leave Mon 28 May-Fri 1 June Year 12 OCR Work Experience Saturday 2 June Queen��s Jubilee Celebrations, King George V Playing Fields Monday 4 June-Friday 8 June Half-Term Holidays Monday 11 June Back to School (including Year 12) Tuesday 12 June School Sports Day Thursday 14 June Reserve School Sports Day

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Thursday 14 June Year 12 Progression Day Friday 15 June Foundation Art Show Tuesday 19 June A Level Bath University Trip Wednesday 20 June Inter-House Music Festival Friday 22 June Year 10 Geography Trip to Studland Tues 26 June-Fri 29 June Year 10 Art Residential to Oxford Thursday 28 June Year 11 Leavers�� Breakfast Thursday 28 June Year 11 Prom Friday 29 June Year 13 Graduation and Ball Mon 2 July-Wed 4 July Year 10 Enterprise Days Tues 3 July-Friday 6 July Year 9 Art & Design Residential, Cornwall Thursday 5 July Year 10 L&T Trip to Thorpe Park Monday 9 July Year 12 Biology Trip Tues 10 July-Wed 11 July Year 9 PE Outdoor Activities, Avon Tyrell Tuesday 10 July Year 12 Visit to Fashion Museum, Blandford Tuesday 10 July Full Governing Body Meeting 6pm Wednesday 11 July INDUCTION Day at FUS for Year 8s Thurs 12 July-Fri 13 July MAD Days (��Make a Difference��) for Year 8s at FUS Friday 13 July Year 8 Induction Day Friday 13 July Dorset Youth Athletics Games Tuesday 17 July Town Sports Tuesday 17 July Year 12 Art Visit to Chichester Friday 20 July Last day before Summer Holidays – early finish at 12.10pm Tuesday 4 September 2012 STAFF TRAINING DAY Wednesday 5 September Years 9 & 12 return to School Thursday 6 September Rest of students return to School Saturday 20 October Grand Reunion at School for 40 Year Anniversary

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