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Clojure Cheat Sheet
Functions and Macros Overview Documentation
doc find-doc source (clojure.contrib.repl-utils)
Data Structures
Numbers Computation: + - * / inc dec quot rem min max rationalize Comparison: == < > <= >= zero? pos? neg? Bitwise ops: bit-{and, or, xor, not, flip, set, shift-right, shift-left, and-not, clear, test} Integer ops: odd even Random num: rand rand-int BigInt ops: with-precision Unchecked: unchecked-{add, dec, divide, inc, multiply, negate, remainder,subtract} Strings str string? pr-str prn-str print-str println-str with-out-str Characters char char-name-string char-escape-string Lists Create a list: ��() list list* List as stack: peek pop Examine a list: list? Vectors Create a vector: [] vector vec Examine a vector: get nth peek rseq vector? ��Change�� a vector: assoc pop subvec replace Maps Create: {} hash-map sorted-map sorted-map-by ��Change��: assoc dissoc select-keys merge merge-with zipmap Examine: get contains? find keys vals map? Entry: key val StructMaps Setup: create-struct defstruct accessor Individual: struct-map struct ArrayMaps Create: array-map Sets Create a set: #{} hash-set sorted-set set get conj disj contains? count seq Operations: union difference intersection Rel. algebra: select index rename join project map-invert rename-keys Misc. Collections: count conj seq Keywords: keyword keyword? Symbols: symbol symbol? gensym
Seq in, Seq out Get shorter seq: distinct filter remove for Get longer seq: cons concat lazy-cat mapcat cycle interleave interpose Head-items missing: rest frest rrest drop drop-while nthrest for Tail-items missing: take take-nth take-while butlast drop-last for Rearrangment: reverse sort sort-by Nested seqs: split-at split-with partition Process each item: map pmap mapcat for replace seque Using a Seq Extract special item: first ffirst rfirst second nth when-first last Construct a coll: zipmap into reduce set vec into-array to-array-2d Pass items to fn: apply Get a boolean: empty? not-empty some not-any? every? not-every? reduce seq? counted? sorted? contains? reversible? sequential? associative? Search a seq: some filter Force evaluation: doseq dorun doall Creating a Lazy Seq From collection: seq vals keys rseq subseq rsubseq From producer fn: lazy-seq repeatedly iterate From constant: repeat replicate range From other objects: line-seq resultset-seq re-seq tree-seq file-seq xml-seq iterator-seq enumeration-seq
Reader Macros
�� Quote ��form �� (quote form) \ Character literal ; Single line comment ˆ Meta ˆform �� (meta form) @ Deref @form �� (deref form) �� Syntax-quote ~ Unquote ~@ Unquote-splicing #"p" Regex Pattern p #ˆ meta data #�� Var quote #��x �� (var x) #() #(...) �� (fn [args] (...))
Special Forms
def if do let quote var fn loop recur throw try monitor-enter monitor-exit

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Creation: defmacro definline macroexpand-1 macroexpand Branching: and or when when-not when-let when-first if-not if-let cond condp Looping: for doseq dotimes while Arranging code: .. doto -> Dynamic scopes: binding locking time with-in-str with-local-vars with-open with-out-str with-precision Lazy things: lazy-cat lazy-cons delay Documenting: assert comment doc
Creation: defmulti defmethod Remove: remove-method Prefer: prefer-method Relationship: derive isa? parents ancestors descendants make-hierarchy
Vars and global environment
Def variants: defn defn- definline defmacro defmethod defmulti defonce defstruct Interned vars: declare intern binding find-var var Var objects: with-local-vars var-get var-set alter-var-root var? Var validators: set-validator get-validator Var metadata: doc find-doc test
Refs and Transactions
Create a ref: ref Examine a ref: deref Transaction macros: dosync io! In transaction only: ensure ref-set alter commute Ref validators: set-validator get-validator
Agents and Asynchronous Actions
Creation: agent Examine: agent-errors Change state: send send-off clear-agent-errors Block waiting: await await-for Ref validators: set-validator get-validator Watchers: add-watch remove-watch Thread handling: shutdown-agents
Loading libs: require use Listing loaded libs: loaded-libs Loading misc: load load-file load-reader load-string
Print to *out*: pr prn print println newline Print to string: pr-str prn-str print-str println-str with-out-str
Current: *ns* Creating: in-ns ns create-ns Switching: in-ns ns create-ns Adding: alias def import intern refer Finding: all-ns find-ns Examining: ns-name ns-aliases ns-map ns-interns ns-publics ns-refers ns-imports From symbol: resolve ns-resolve namespace Removing: ns-unalias ns-unmap remove-ns
Java Interoperation
Misc: . .. Classname/ Classname. new bean comparator enumeration-seq import iterator-seq memfn add-classpath set! Proxys: construct-proxy get-proxy-class proxy proxy-mappings proxy-super update-proxy Arrays: aclone alength aget aset aset-<type > amap <type >-array areduce make-array to-array into-array to-array-2d Primitives: int long float double char num boolean short byte bigdec bigint Exceptions: catch finally throw throw-if try
Boolean and = == identical? not= not comparison: true? false? nil? Creating fns: fn #() partial comp complement constantly Regex: #"pattern" re-matcher re-find re-matches re-groups re-seq XML: parse xml-seq Inspector: inspect inspect-table inspect-tree Misc.: identity assert with-open eval compile force hash name Zippers Create: zipper Get zipper: seq-zip vector-zip xml-zip Get location: up down left right leftmost rightmost Get seq: lefts rights path children ��Change��: make-node replace edit insert-child insert-left insert-right append-child remove Move: next, prev Misc: root node branch? end? Parallel Aggregate: pany pmax pmin psummary preduce Get collection: psort pvec pdistinct pfilter-dupes pfilter-nils Array par
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