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You know you want it.

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An Advance Warning
To paraphrase Aaron Bedra: I��m going to sound like part of the ��Lisp weanie�� crowd coming and telling you that Lisp will solve all of your problems.

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What is Clojure?
▶ A dialect of Lisp ▶ Designed and implemented by Rich Hickey
► Initial release: 2007
▶ Originally written for the Java platform ▶ ClojureCLR extended it to .NET in 2009 ▶ ClojureScript brought it to the browser in 2011 ▶ IMPORTANT: Different implementations are very similar but
not identical.

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The Clojure System
Pure Clojure Code Clojure Interop Code Host Code

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▶ Enables fast prototyping and testing of new code ▶ Java, CLR do not have any form of REPL ▶ JavaScript has a REPL available in most browsers
► ClojureScript code can be debugged in-browser via a REPL.
This is despite having been translated into optimized, minified JS. 1

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Code as Data
Code is data, why shouldn��t we treat it as such?
▶ Generation
► Helps reduce boilerplate code ► (defsomething ...) forms are common; eg (defrecord
...), (deftemplate ...), (defactivity ...)
▶ Transformation
► cljx 2 transforms annotated code ► Ex: StringBuilder (Java) vs. Google Closure��s
StringBuffer (JS)
► core.async 3 has the (go ...) macro; transforms synchronous
code into asynchronous
2https://github.com/lynaghk/cljx 3https://github.com/clojure/core.async

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Functional Programming
For many problems, functional programming provides clean, easily undestandable solutions.
▶ In Clojure
► First-class Functions (can be created and returned from other
► Function inputs are (mostly) immutable ► State is avoided except when necessary
▶ In Java
► No first-class functions (although function object pattern helps
► Mutable function inputs ► State commonly used
Not every problem can be easily solved in a functional manner. Clojure does not prevent using procedural methodology, one must merely be explicit.

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The Big Downside
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Why Clojure over other Lisps?
▶ Platform compatability (if you have to work on the JVM, you
have to work on the JVM)
▶ Nice syntactic sugar
► Contrast (make-hash-table) (Common Lisp) with {:a 1,
:b 2} (Clojure)
▶ Extensive libraries
► Aside from the host system libraries, many phenomenal Clojure
libraries such as core.async, om, compojure, ...

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Hello, World!
(ns example.hello-world) (defn -main [& args] (println "Hello, world!"))

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ClojureScript Case Study: React.js and Om
▶ React.js 4: created by Facebook
► Functional/Object-Oriented interface library ► Used in Facebook��s chat interface and for the entirety of
▶ Om 5: created by David Nolen (@swannodette)
► Clojure wrapper over Facebook��s React.js
▶ Consistently 2-4X faster than Backbone.js on TodoMVC
benchmarks 6
▶ Why use Om over React.js?
► Uses immutable structures: equality checks become ref.
equality checks
► Always batches updates onto frame renders; avoids
unnecessary DOM hits that are never displayed
4http://facebook.github.io/react/ 5https://github.com/swannodette/om 6http://swannodette.github.io/2013/12/17/

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Demo Code
Demo code is available at: https://github.com/emallson/comment-example
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