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S.  Kendrew  –  CV  
  Department  of  Physics   University  of  Oxford   Denys  Wilkinson  Building   Keble  Road   Oxford  OX1  3RH   United  Kingdom     Phone:  +44  1865273309   Email:   sarah.kendrew@astro.ox.ac.uk     Employment     2013-��present   Postdoctoral  Researcher,  University  of  Oxford   Junior  Research  Fellow,  St  Cross  College,  University  of  Oxford   • Simulation  Scientist  on  HARMONI,  the  first-��light  integral  field  spectrograph  for   the  E-��ELT
• Test,  calibration  &  science  tam  member,  MIRI  for  JWST • The  Milky  Way  Project:  galactic  scale  massive  star  formation  and  massive  
stellar  feedback  studies  with  IR  bubbles.  
• Massive  star  formation  in  the  Central  Molecular  Zone.   • Organiser  of  the  dotAstronomy  conference  series  
2010-��2013   Postdoctoral  Researcher/Systems  Engineer,  Max  Planck  Institut  f��r  Astronomie,   Heidelberg,  Germany   Systems  Engineer  on  adaptive  optics  systems  for  VLTI-��GRAVITY,  MPIA  Adaptive   Optics  Lab  (W.  Brandner).       2007-��2010     Postdoctoral  Researcher  in  Instrumentation  for  Astronomy,  Leiden  Observatory,   Netherlands   Projects:  METIS  for  E-��ELT,  MIRI  for  JWST,  ASSIST     Sep  –  Nov  2006   Science  Journalism  Intern,  ESO,  Germany   Press  office  assistant  at  ESO.     April    -��  Aug  2006   Postdoctoral  Researcher/Mechanical  Engineer,  University  College  London,  UK   Instrumentation  work  for  the  JWST/NIRSpec  calibration  source.     2001  -��  2002   National  Hospital  for  Neurology  &  Neurosurgery  and  Royal  Brompton  Hospital,   London   Medical  secretary/Personal  Assistant       Education     2002-��2006   PhD  in  Physics:  Lightweight  deformable  mirrors  for  ground-��  and  space-��based  imaging   systems   University  College  London,  UK  (Supervisor:  Dr.  Peter  Doel)     1997-��2001   Msci.  Astronomy  (1st  class  honours)   Diploma  in  Science  Communication  (distinction)  

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S.  Kendrew  –  CV  
University  College  London,  UK.       1991-��1997   Secondary  school  diploma  with  distinction.     Regina  Caelilyceum,  Dilbeek,  Belgium  (Greek/Latin  specialisation)       Teaching   2013-��2014   Astrophysics  tutor  for  4th  year  general  Masters-��level  astrophysics  course,  covering   early  Universe  and  structure  formation,  galaxy  evolution,  interstellar  medium,   advanced  stellar  astrophysics  and  high  energy  astrophysics   2012   Taught  modules  in  an  introductory  course  on  scientific  computing  with  Python,  for   students,  postdocs  and  staff  at  MPIA.     2005-��2006   GCSE/A-��level  tutor  in  maths  and  Physics,  London  Home  Tutors,  London     2002-��2005   TA  in  practical  astronomy  classes  and  observing  sessions  at  the  University  of  London   Observatory,  London     Observing  experience     • 2013-��2014  co-��I  for  large  APEX  survey  for  H2CO  Thermometry  in  the  Central  Molecular  Zone  (PI:   A.  Ginsburg,  ESO)   • May  2014:  SWIFT  observer  support,  200  in.  Palomar  Observatory   • April  2013:  4-��m  at  Kitt  Peak  (NEWFIRM  near-��IR  imaging;  6  nights)   • Oct  2012:  Participated  in  observing  run  at  Paranal  Observatory,  using  VLTI  with  the  Unit   Telescopes  and  MIDI,  AMBER  and  PIONIER.  This  was  an  engineering  visit  to  study  the  MACAO   visible  adaptive  optics  systems  in  the  context  of  GRAVITY  (4  nights).   • July  2005:  Participated  in  the  on-��sky  commissioning  of  the  bHROS  optical  spectrograph  at   Gemini-��South,  Cerro  Pachon  (8  nights).     Grants,  awards,  invited  talks     • March  2015:  Friday  Evening  Discourse,  Royal  Institution  of  Great  Britain,  London  (Giant   Telescopes  of  the  Future  &  Technology  in  Astronomy).   • June  2014:  £1300  Institute  of  Physics  Public  Engagement  Grant  for  ��Little  Green  Man��s  Guide  to   the  Galaxy��,  an  outreach  project  at  Green  Man  Festival  (Aug  2014)     • April  2014:  Invited  seminar  at  the  University  of  Hertfordshire  (Milky  Way  Project)   • February  2014:  Invited  seminar  at  University  College  London  (Milky  Way  Project)   • Featured  in  the  SPIE  Women  in  Optics  2013-��2014  calendar   • Dec  2012:  Invited  seminar  on  JWST-��MIRI,  University  of  Cardiff     • 2012:  Invited  Speaker  at  SPIE  Astronomical  Telescopes  Women  in  Optics  event  (Amsterdam)  on   public  engagement  and  citizen  science  work.   • 2012:  6000  euro  for  dotAstronomy  2012  conference,  Deutsche  Forschungsgemeinschaft  (DFG)   • 2011:  Invited  participant  for  the  SciFoo  conference,  organised  by  O��Reilly  Media  and  Google  at   the  Googleplex,  Mountain  View,  CA.   • 2009:  1250  euro  for  dotAstronomy  2009  conference,  Nederlandse  Wetenschapsorganisatie   (NWO)   • 2009:  3000  euro  for  dotAstronomy  2009  conference,  British  Council  Netherlands   • 2009:  $3000  SPIE  Outreach  grant  for  Universe  Awareness  programme  

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S.  Kendrew  –  CV  
• 2002-��2005:  Perren  (full)  PhD  studentship,  University  College  London     Professional  membership,  Committees   • Member  of  the  IAU  Office  of  Astronomy  for  Development  (OAD)  taskforce  on  Astronomy  and   the  Public  (2012-��2015)   • Member  of  the  MPIA  Strategic  Time  Allocation  Committee  (2011-��2013)   • Member  of  SPIE,  from  2006-��2009  Member  of  the  SPIE  Membership  Committee  and  from  2006-�� 2008  Co-��chair  of  the  Early  Career  Professionals  Advisory  Committee   • Fellow  of  the  Royal  Astronomical  Society     Reviewing     • Editorial  Board  member  for  Royal  Society  Open  Science  (2014-��2016)   • Referee  for  the  Astrophysical  Journal,  MNRAS,  Optical  Engineering   • Technical  reviewer  for  O��Reilly  Media  books     Skills  Programming  :    IDL,  Python,  MatLab,  C/C++.  Instrument  data  analysis:    Mainly  experience  with  spectroscopic  data:  Spitzer/IRS  (using   SMART),  CRIRES,  JWST-��MIRI  test  data  using  custom  software.  Infrared  imaging  analysis  for   NEWFIRM  (4-��m  Mayall  Telescope).  Exploration  and  statistics  of  large  numerical  datasets;  data   mining.   • CAD/Design  and  FEA:  Pro-��Engineer  and  I-��DEAS.  Finite  element  analysis  (structural,  quasi-��static,   thermal)  using  I-��DEAS,  Pro-��Mechanica.  Completed  Pro-��E  and  Pro-��M  training  courses.   • Project  management,  business:  Experience  with  project  scheduling  and  management  as   Systems  Engineer  for  the  GRAVITY  AO  systems  (2010-��present).  Completed  week-��long  Faraday   Partnership  workshop  on  entrepreneurship,  intellectual  property  law,  leadership  &   management,  systems  engineering  (London,  2005).       Science  communication  and  writing     2012   Interviewed  on  ZDF  science  programme  Nano,  interviewed  for  The  Sky  At  Night   magazine,  on  my  involvement  in  Milky  Way  Project.   2011   Writing  published  in  The  Guardian  science  blogs  (http://gu.com/p/33vmm,  
http://gu.com/p/3vf5e  )  
2008  -��   Popular  astronomy  blogger  at  One  Small  Step   2006   Science  journalism  internship,  ESO,  Germany   2004   Interviewee  on  BBC��s  The  Sky  at  Night   2003   Runner-��up,  BASF/Daily  Telegraph  science  writing  competition     2003   Researcher,  BBC,  London      
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