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The 14th International Exhibition and Conference for Electronics Security, Info Security, Fire and Safety
April 20-22, 2011 551 Exhibitors from 20 Countries 3000 Product Kinds • 20 Seminars • 115 sessions
Show Grand Review ........................................................ 02 Exhibitor Profile ............................................................... 03 International Visitor Profile .............................................. 04 Asia Visitor Profile ........................................................... 08 Local Visitor Profile ...........................................................10 Highlights of the Show .....................................................12 Media Coverage ...............................................................15 Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall Organizer: Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. www.secutech.com
Post Show Report

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Secutech 2011, the 14th International security trade fair, was held from April 20-22 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall. During the three-day event, a total of 23,782 visitors packed the floor where active business interactions were engaged. Five hundred and fifty-two exhibitors from twenty countries showcased their products, solutions and services in the field of electronics security, component security, info security and fire&safety. Parallel to the exhibition, the seminar sessions offered a rich and varied series of lectures, workshop and technology offerings. More than one hundred presentations were selectable covering topics such as HD/Megapixel, software integration, storage and management, green security, cloud computing, fire and disaster prevention, intelligent buildings and smart homes, and many more. The annual Secutech event is the international fair for the security industry in Asia, encompassing all aspects of the current security trend worldwide. At Secutech, visitors have exposure to different solutions and over three thousand ready-to-ship products. Experts provided first-hand information and advice on the latest technology development. The 14th Secutech took place under the patronage of Messe Frankfurt New Era under the Messe Frankfurt group.
Secutech 2011 Figures
Overall Electronics Security CompoSec Fire & Safety Info Security
551 Exhibitors 400 Exhibitors 40 Exhibitors 55 Exhibitors 56 Exhibitors 20 countries 16 countries 8 countries Domestic Show Domestic Show
Countries of Exhibitors
Australia ,Brazil ,Canada ,China ,Czech Republic ,Hong Kong ,India ,Iran, Italy, Japan ,South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Holland, Russia ,Singapore ,Sweden ,Taiwan, United Kingdom ,United States
Show Sponsors Area
35,873 sq.m (gross) / 13,815 sq.m (net)
3000 Product Selections / 115 Session Conferences
5% (Overall)
Visitor Count
Total 23,782 visitors (overseas- 2538 international visitors from 95 countries)
The top 5 visitor countries outside of Taiwan: Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore and USA
Invited Buyer Groups
137 Delegates (14 Countries) Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India
Show Grand Review

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Exhibitor Profile
��We��ve obtained many customers at Secutech in previous editions and that��s why we keep on exhibiting at this show.��
Mr. Andy Chen, Director of Brand Global Business Development from Everfocus
��We��ve met customers from all over the world and I think Secutech is a real inter- national show. Also, I would say 99% of the visitors are the right buyers for us. We��ve decided to join the 2012 show after the first show day.��
Mr Murat Altuev, Board Member and President, Axxonsoft, first time exhibitor from Russia
P.3 P.5
P.3 P.5
93 80 24 16 10 6 5 5 5 5 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 61 58 21 12 10 9 7 6 5 4 4 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 13
Exhibition Nature Business Nature of Exhibitors
(all figures in %)
Exhibited Product Analysis
(all figures in %) A 81% Electronics Security Equipment B 7% Component of Security C 7% Fire & Safety D 5% Info Security Manufacturer Exporter System Integrator Wholesaler Importer Installer Consulting Service Guarding Service Others Mechanical Systems Engineering Network Surveillance Analogue Surveillance Access Control Home Automation Intrusion Alarm Management Platform Transmission Intelligent Buildings Guard Service Intercom Police Equipment Personal Protection

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��The result has once again demonstrated the confidence that the domestic and international securi- ty and safety industry has in this show. The Secutech fairs are well placed to take advantage of the expanding market in Asia and the strength and leading position of Messe Frankfurt in organising trade fairs.��
Mr. Parson Lee, Mananging Director, Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd.
International Visitors by Region
Secutech 2011 once again attracted a wide variety of visitors of all countries and from all backgrounds. Some 62% of attendees came from Asia, while 38% of visitors came from all other parts of the world with substantial growth in Europe (16%). Secutech continues to underline its unique position in the Asia market collecting over half of all international overseas visitors.
P.3 P.5 P.
A 62% Asia B 2% Africa C 16% Europe D 3% Latin America E 6% Middle East F 8% North America G 3% Oceania
TOP 10 International Buyers�� Origin
2538 International Visitors

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Business Nature Aim of Visit
International Visit Count to Taiwan for Secutech
A 48% First time B 28% 2-3 times C 15% 4-6 times D 9% More than 7 times
Overall, the biggest motivators for visitors to attend the fair were mainly based on personal product distribution interest (51 %). Almost one third of all visitors are importers or agent represen- tatives for security product services (35%). Another third of the visiting crowd, 30%, chose Secutech to extend their business network and by launching their manufacturing abilities with other security professionals. Most visitors attend Secutech to obtain business opportunities in the security market (55%), so as to a large portion of the group looks for distribution or agent dealerships (51%). Product purchase of course is a vital goal at this platform (47%). Furthermore there was numerous numbers of people sourcing for latest technology/products (40%) and wanted to stay up-to-date on the latest developments by joining seminars (14%).
51 41 35 29 13 11 8 2 2 0 10 20 30 40 50
55 51 47 40 14 1 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
Wholesaler/ Distributor System Integrator/Installer Importer/Agent Manufacturer Services Consultant Exporter Others Overseas Branch Look for business opportunity Look for agent of distribution Product purchase Latest technology sourcing Attend seminar Others
��Since 2008, I attended Secutech every year, except 2010 due to the volcano ashes event. I found good suppliers of DVR and camera at Secutech. Secutech is totally different from ISC or IFSEC. Here, as a buyer, I can see the real faces of Asian manufacturers. At IFSEC or ISC, Asian makers tend to have smaller display and everyone looks similar. But at Secutech, I can identify which Asian makers have more capabilities and potential. Secutech is good for professional and international sourcing.��
CCTV42��s Top Management, Mr. Henry Firman from UK
(all figures in %) (all figures in %)

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Component Interests
As components pick up its importance in the security industry, top of the list of Secutech 2011 visitors were sourcing for image processors and image display devices. Other important areas of interest were software, storage, power supply, transmission and image sensors.
58 20 41 36 30 29 24 22 0 10 20 30 50 40 60 39
Image Sensor Image Processor Image Display Image Compression Systems Platform Image Storage Power Supply Transmission Other
Product Interests
Surveillance equipment is still the top priority for most of the Secutech 2011 visitors (72%) for Analog/ Digital & Network), followed by Access control (52%) and Transmission (40%). Thanks to the fair��s focus this year, Intrusion detection ranks fifth in terms of visitors�� interest (34%). In general, visitors wanted to learn more about multiple solution services, rather than just one.
72 72 52 34 32 29 27 24 24 19 16 1 0 10 20 30 50 70 40 60 80 40
Surveillance (Analogue) Surveillance (Network) Access Control Transmission Intrusion Alarm Guard Services Home Automation Intelligent Buildings Intercom Management Platform Personal Protection Police Equipment Others
Secutech 2011- Most Wanted Products 1. IP Megapixel 2. IP HD Camera 3. NVR
(all figures in %) (all figures in %)

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P.7 P.6
Purchasing Power
A 51% Final Decision Maker B 28% Authenticating Power C 16% Provide Suggestions D 6% None
Company Spending Budget
A 47% USD 500,000-1,000,000 B 19% USD 1,010,000-1,500,000 C 10% USD 1,510,000-2,000,000 D 8% USD 2,010,001-2,500,000 E 16% USD 2,510,000-3,000,000
Security transbonding other industries
More than 66% of IT background users have networking experiences
Secutech��s importance in security
62% of the international visitors expressed that Secutech 2011 is the only show planned for this year
P.7 P.6
Company Group Size
A 45% 1~25 ppl B 21% 26~50 ppl C 14% 51~100 ppl D 8% 101~250 ppl E 5% 251~500 ppl F 2% 501~1000 ppl G 5% More than 1001 ppl

Page 8
1574 Asian Visitors
��I��ve met several suppliers from China, Turkey and Korea so far and they are all well established companies,�� Mr. Pichai Sihsobhon, the company��s Executive Advisor. ��I expect many of them will become my suppliers. I will visit their booths after this forum to find out more. I come to the show every year because I can learn new technologies and update myself with the latest market information.��
Mr. Pichai Sihsobhon from Thailand, specialising in CCTV, access control, intruder alarm, metal detector, network video and transmissions systems.
TOP 10 Asia Buyers�� Origin
Buy from Asia, Sell to Asia
Despite of the nature mother��s hazard in Japan, Japanese visitors still topped out of all Asian visitors.
Business Nature
As public projects and all sorts of infrastructures picks up in Asia, systems integrator and installer are constantly sourcing for new solutions and products. This year, out of all business nature involved, the show has collected 45% systems integrator and installers out of all security elites coming!
P.7 P.8 P.6
45 43 32 32 8 11 2 14 2 0 10 20 30 40 50
Installer/ Integrator Distributor Manufacturer Importer Exporter Consultant Rep. Office Security Services Others (all figures in %)
Trips to Secutech 2011
A First time B 2-3 times C 4-6 times D More than 7 times

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Job Title
Secutech 2011 is as equally an important platform for both sales and purchasers in the security industry
Visiting Purpose
The main product on the demand still spans around surveillance (analogue/digital/network). Access control products and technologies like transmission are also on the top of the buyers list!
28 21 14 16 20 2 6 1 4 0 10 5 15 20 25 30 50 50 48 45 15 1 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
Sales Purchase R&D Management Marketing MIS Engineering Consultant Factory Safety & Management Others Look for OEM / joint-venture partners Purchase or source products Look for distribution / dealership opportunity Collect market information Attend international conferences Others
Product of Interest
Spending on the other hand still remain prosperous for the security market considering that Asia has most of the emerging market in the world
72 70 50 21 34 24 26 27 32 19 16 1 0 10 20 30 50 70 40 60 80 30
Digital & Network Surveillance Surveillance (Analog) Access Control (Biometrics / RFID) Intrusion Detection Intercoms Transmission (Analog / Digital / Wireless / Fiber-Optic) Management Platform (CMS / PSIM) Building Automation Home Automation Security Service Personal Safety Police Equipment Others
A 53% USD 500,000-1,000,000 B 20% USD 1,010,000-1,500,000 C 10% USD 1,510,000-2,000,000 D 6% USD 2,010,001-2,500,000 E 11% USD 2,510,000-3,000,000
Budget for spending on security equipments
(all figures in %) (all figures in %) (all figures in %)

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21,244 Local Visitor
��We continue to support the show because it is the right place for the security and safety industry. The other exhibitors at the show are actually our buyers. So, we are here to promote our products and give an update of our latest products to our clients. I am pleased to see that the show is very interactive and energetic. Secutech is definitely a platform for total security solutions.��
Ms. Ming Chen, Deputy Manager, Sales Department, is a Taiwanese agent for Western Digital, a US giant in hard drive technology design and manufacturing.
P.8 P.9
Security Channel
Locally, the line between installer and integrator are still thin. On the show ground, these people took advantages of the show to look for new business opportunities (58%). There are about 45% of the visitors who are local manufacturers themselves looking for new product and designs.
Local Visitor to the Show
Taiwan, located at the heart of Asia, has a vast security industry. Annually more than 20,000 visitors will come from all parts of Taiwan to Secutech 2011. This year more than half of the local audiences are comprised of manufacturers or installers (68%).
A 68% Security Channel B 32% Users
P.8 P.9
58 45 19 18 14 13 9 6 5 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
System Integrator/Installer Manufacturer Importer Services Exporter Distributor Consultant Others Overseas Branch (all figures in %)

Page 11
User Units Government Unit Breakdown
Like most countries in Asia, public infrastructures are where high security spending will be placed. Coming from all industry users, Secutech 2011 has a collective of visitors walking into the show ground to look for the latest security gadgets. To further dissect government��s public infra- structure planning in Taiwan, product search for Fire & Safety related products are on high (30%). Followed by central and regional govern- ment projects, the Taiwan market always makes room for security industry growth.
P.9 P.10
18 10 8 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 0 5 10 15 20 11 7 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1
IT Industry Government Education/Academic Electronics Manufacturing Bank Telecom Consulting Conventional Industries Project Consultant National Enterprises Insurance Building Public Organization Transportation Medical Services Investment Consultant Retail Petrol-chemical Industry Leisure Cultural Protection Site Media Logistics Hotel/ Resort A 30% Fire & Safety Related B 27% Central Government C 15% Regional Government D 12% Police Units E 8% Military Units F 6% Transportation G 2% Judiciary and Auditors (all figures in %)

Page 12
Highlights of the show
��I am interested in IP surveillance topics. The speakers were very clear and it helped me to gain different views and perspectives.��
Mr. Roger Lo, Sales Engineer from Metanoia Communications Inc
Conferences & Seminars
(GDSF Asia/Composec)- Secutech 2011 not only featured comprehensive sourcing options, but also showcased top-notch security education. A total of 20 seminars, comprising115 interactive sessions, makes Secutech the premier security destination in Asia. Conferences held concurrently were the Global Digital Surveillance Forum (GDSF), CompoSec, Intelligent buildings and Smart Homes and Fire & Safety related topics. Event were compensated by an array arrangement of both educational discussions with actual equipment/software display HD/ Megapixel Surveillance Forum Software & Integration Forum Storage Management Forum

Event Name Forum Name Attendance Count Attendances Audience Count
HD/Megapixel Surveillance Forum 694 1287 492 (audiences may join more than one session) Software Integration Forum 369 Storage Management Forum 90 NewTech Launch 134
48 36 19 15 14 12 10 9 4 4 0 10 20 30 40 50 0 10 20 30 40 50 37 14 14 8 8 7 6 4 1 1 0 10 20 30 40
Manufacturer System Integrator Distributor/Wholesaler Importer/Agent Services Exporter/ Trading System Installer Consultant Overseas Branch Others Research and Development Market Research Sales Purchase Management Design MIS Others Factory Control Risk Management
Business Nature Job Position
(all figures in %) (all figures in %)

Page 13
CompoSec is the only international expo for components in security technologies and applications — was held concur- rently with Secutech. CompoSec completes the security supply chain, covering a spectrum of key components ranging from chipsets and modules to subsystems and embedded software. Exhibitors include Intel, Intersil/Techwell, Hitachi, LG, OmniVision, Grain Media, Stretch, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, Gennum, Clairpixel, Pixelplus, Kiwi Semiconductors and Macro Image. A new zone for CompoSec 2011 was the Memory Storage zone, gathering hard-disk drive (HDD) and flash disk providers under one roof. Renowned brands such as Western Digital, Transcend, Innodisk, Apacer and Hitachi displayed storage solutions expressly for surveillance purposes.
CompoSec CompoSec 2011
• Conference Audience Analysis (by country)
24 19 12 10 9 8 7 4 3 2 0 5 10 15 25 20 30
• Visitor Analysis
(all figures in %) Manufacturing System Integrator System Installer Importer Service Exporter Distributor/ Wholesaler Consulting Services Others Overseas Branch
72 69 48 0 10 20 30 70 50 60 40 80 33 25 44
• Visitor Product Interest
(all figures in %) Storage Systems Design/ Components Camera Design/ Components Transmission Power Management IVS / Software Others
• Conference Audience Analysis (by job position)
A 62% R&D B 28% Sales Marketing C 5% Purchase & Finance D 2% Administration E 3% IT & Others A 40% China B 25% Japan/ Korea C 21% Asia D 3% South America E 8% North America F 3% Europe
50 30 15 0 10 20 30 50 40 60 10 20 15 12
• Exhibited Products
(all figures in %) Image Processing Compression Devices Image Sensor IVS/ VCA Storage Transmission Power and others

Page 14
Camera Excellence Award
The Camera Excellence Award was a world-first camera shootout at the showground, allowing objective judges and discriminating buyers to determine the best megapixel and HD cameras from live performance.
Refreshments! Tens of thousands of international visitors coming from all over the world were invited to the recreational dinner on the first day of the show as a tradition to welcome all of the traditional guests! Business-matching sessions connected buyers from specific countries with reputable suppliers. Buyer groups included decision-makers from Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and India.
Business Matching of Buyer Delegations International Buyers�� Gala
Camera Excellence Awards
Product on-the-glance • 1.3-3.0 Megapixel IP Camera • 5.0 Megapixel IP Camera • 650/700 TVL HDcctv (HDMI/SDI) Camera • HD and Full HD(720P/1080P) IP Camera
Public Poll: April 20- 21, 2011 Announcing the winner: April 22, 2011
–International visitor/buyers at Secutech 2011 –Selected and invited security professionals from system integrators and distributors 
World��s top camera manufactures will be stationed in public at the show, select the best quality product from your point of view
IP HD/Megapixel Top Picks
• Axis Communications: P1346 • Brainchild Electronic: CAM 332 • Brickcom: WFB 130N • Sony Electronics: SNC CH140 • Panasonic System Networks: WV SP306 • Vivotek: IP 8162P
HDcctv Top Picks
• Micro Digital: MDC-H4290C • Mintron: MHD-63MG5H • Shany: SSC-WD2311MDN

Page 15
Promotional Activities & Media Coverage!
USD 500K Local + Global Marketing Dollars Spent! 51 Media Partners (30 Publication Media; 18 Online Media; 3 Event Media)
Secutech 2011 News Update (issue 1-5)
Distributed over 20,000 copies
Print Media Promotion
A&S Magazines Series Other Security Magazines: Building & Investment Magazine, Cipa, Detektor, Groteck, Security & Building Magazine, S+S Report, India Safe, Fire & Safety, Fire & Security Alert Magazine, Security Solutions Today, Security Middle East, Vision Media,��
Internet Promotion
EDMs: 50+ Blasts (Internal database, external database of partners and other media collaborations) In-house Banner Promotion: secutech.com, asmag.com.tw Other banner promotion: IPLUSC 2011, SourceSecurity.com, TheBigRedguide.com, Certificate of Terrorism Studies, SecurityWorldHotel.com, ��
Direct mailed invitation cards
3 waves, over 30,000 copies
Booth barter exposures: Promoted over 20 security shows
ISC West, Security China, infoComm Asia, IFSEC India, Intersec Dubai, Security Show,�� Networking from foreign trade offices overseas Seek promotion channels through other Asia trade associations Overseas certificates: US Commerce
Official Media Other global Media


Page 16
Campaign Results- Multi-faceted Message Deliveries

Facilitating product search and serving as a show product preview, exhibitor products has been collected numerously and showcased in five consecutive issues. Each issue highlights the latest technology breakthroughs. The last issue was bilingual produced to serve both the local and international market.
Secutech News Updates <<HOT>>



Page 17
The 15th International Exhibition and Conference for Electronic Security, Info Security, Fire and Safety
The world��s security business centre
Nangang Taipei World Trade Center Taipei, Taiwan
Connect with global security manufacturers and buyers 18-20 April, 2012
Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., Contact: Ms. Veronica Chen Tel: 886-2-2659 9089 ext. 777 Fax: 886-2-2659 9069 www.secutech.com joanne.wu@newera.messefrankfurt.com
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