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(See rule 4)  

Form for application for an ordinary trade and import licence for the removal form a  Customs Frontier and for the import and vend of foreign loquor (potable) including

Indian- made liquours (potable) excised at special rate (not to be drunk on the premises).  

1.                  Name and address of the applicant

2.                  Names and addresses in full of the

             Partners, if any.

3.                  Exact location and full address

             of the premises where the business will be conducted.

4.                  Whether the applicant ( or any of his partners) holds on the date of this application or  

             held at any time in the past  ( individually or in partnership with others) any licence for

            the sale of foreign liquor, and if so, the details thereof .


Proof of solvency of the applicant

5.                  Whether the applicant is in excise arrears or in arrears of any other Government dues, such as sales tax, income-tax, etc.

I hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct.

I hereby undertake to abide by the conditions of the licence and the provisions of the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949, and the rule, regulations and orders made thereunder form time to time.

Date                                                 Signature of; the applicant.


        The Collector ������������������������������.]

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