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AUTHOR (First Name and Surname) 11, and AUTHOR 22


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Accepted for publication: ��������������.


   Abstract. The abstract should contain 150 words. This paragraph will be formatted as follows: Times New Roman, 10 pts., Justified, Indentation from Left 0.5 cm, Right 0.5 cm, First Line 0.75 cm, Spacing After 1 li = 11 pts., Spacing Before li = 4 pts.


   Keywords: 5 keywords, do not repeat the title.



1. Introduction


     The writing style should be scientific (concise, clear and impersonal).

     The Introduction should establish the field and the problem to be tackled, should summarize previous research and introduce present research. The paper will be written in English. The text appearing in figures and tables should be in English. For the text of the paper use Times New Roman, 11 pts.


Page Setup: Paper Size:  A4 format (21 cm width �� 29.7 cm height);

                   Margins: Top = 4.85 cm, Bottom = 4.85 cm, Left = 4.25cm, Right = 4.25 cm, Gutter = 0 cm;

                    Layout: Header = 4.25 cm, Footer = 4.25 cm;

Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

2. Type the Heading of this Section in Here


     Type the second section of your paper in here. Use as much space as necessary.

     Tables: included in the text, numbered with Arabic numerals, Times New Roman, 10 pts. Each has as title the word Table, Bold, Centered. Below you may write a caption in Italics, Centered. The exterior lines and those under the head should be double lines.


Table 1

Table name

Heading Heading Heading

     Equations style: Times New Roman 11 pts., Italic for variables, Normal for functions; size: full 11 pts., subscript/superscript 7 pts., Sub-Subscript/Superscript 5 pts., Symbol 18 pts., Sub-Symbol 11 pts. Equations will be centered and numbered on the right, in round brackets. Please write the equation number with Times New Roman 11 pts, Normal. Please leave only 1 li = 10 pts. between two consecutive equations.




where: q is the amount of contaminant removed from solution, [mg·g-1]; ����...

     All illustrations, drawings, diagrams, photographs (only black and white) maps, are called figures and should be all denoted as ��Fig.��. They are numbered by Arabic numbers (preferably sequentially throughout the paper) Times New Roman, 10 pts., Normal, Centered, Spacing After li = 8 pts., Spacing Before 1 li = 11 pts. The figures may be inserted as drawings jpg.


Fig. 1 − Figure title.


     Acknowledgements. Times New Roman, 10 pts., Normal. The title use Times New Roman, 10 pt., Bold, Spacing After 1 li = 10 pts., Spacing Before 2 li = 22 pts.




     References use Times New Roman, 10 pts., Normal. Use Times New Roman, 10 pts., Italics for the Titles.

     Citations in the text are given as: (Author, 2006) or (Author, 2006, p. 25) or (Author 1 & Author 2, 2006) or (Author et al., 2006). The form (Author, 2006 a, b) is used when there are two papers of the same author(s) published in the same year.

     The list of references is arranged alphabetically according to the first author; do not use numbers.

     References will be given in the original language, using only the Latin alphabet (use transliteration if necessary). For references with more than one author, include the names of all authors (do not use et al. or other abbreviations).

     Sample references:


    *** Hotărârea Guvernului României din 1 februarie 2003 privind înfiinţarea Centrului Naţional de Excelenţă, www.excelenta.ro/Legislatie.

    Alexandrescu V., Cârţină Gh., Bârlădeanu E., Grigoraş Gh., On the Induction Motor Modeling in Static Analysis of the Power System Voltage Stability, Proc. of the XXIVth Internat. Conf. on Fundam. of Electrot and Circuit Theory, IC SPETO 2001, Gliwice Uston, Poland, 11, 345-348.

    Alexandrescu V., Cârţină Gh., Grigoraş Gh., On the Local Voltage Stability Static Analysis, Bul. Inst. Polit. Iaşi, XLIX(LIII), 3-4, s. Electrot., Energ., Electron., 127-131 (2003).

    Corduneanu P., Ifrim C., Cleşte perforator, Brevet RO.119.135/2004.

    Heidegger M., An Introduction to Metaphysics (transl. from German), Yale University Press, 1959 (apud Read H., Originile formei în artă (transl. from English), Ed. Univers, Bucureşti, 217, 1971.


Title in romanian




     The Bulletin will translate the title and abstract in Romanian for foreign authors.

Corresponding author; e-mail: ������������.

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