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DNR-322L FW Release Notes

 FW Version: 2.10b02
Published Date: 2014/06/20



    Revision History and System Requirement:

Firmware Version Date Model Hardware Version
1.40b01 2012/12/19 DNR-322L A2
2.00b07 2013/12/24 DNR-322L A2
2.10b02 (0612) 2014/06/20 DNR-322L A2


OS Support

+ Windows XP SP2, Vista or 7 (32bit)

+ Web browser - Internet Explorer v7 to v10, Mac Safari, Chrome

+ Computer with:

- Pentium 4 – 2.4 GHz

- 512MB RAM


New Features:

1. Support IE11

      Note: For Safari, Chrome, there is only partial function supported.

         Below functions are NOT supported in Safari and Chrome

      - Live Viewer: Preset/E-Map/Fix Aspect Ratio/ Full screen/Auto Scan/Manual Recording/Remote IO/Logout server

    -Playback: Smart search/Print/Backup/Image Enhancement/Logout Server

2. Support H.264 code for dual stream for the application of mobile App.

3. Support D-Link camera repeater mode

4.  Allow to adjust recycle percentage and set the defaulted value to 10%.

    5. Support new IP cameras (Device Pack 1.5.6)

      DCS-7000L/ DCS-6045L/ DCS-5222LB1/ DCS-2330L/ DCS-2132LB1/ DCS-3714/ DCS-5615/ DCS-7110B1/ DCS-940L/ DCS-7413B1/ DCS-6004L/ DCS-6005L/ DCS-3511/ DCS-3530/ DCS-5010L/ DCS-5020L/ DCS-5211L/ DCS-5222L



1. Remove the hint of 2nd stream

2. Upgrade Remote Live Viewer to v4.1

3. Add warning message when camera connections are over the system limitation.

4.  Update Digital Certificate

5.  Replace compressed file system ��squashfs�� by ��cramfs�� to improve system performance

6.  Add EXT3 patch to improve the performance of file handling.


Problems Fixed:

Bug ID Subject
N/A Fix Java update 1.7.0_51 issue (can��t see the live view)
N/A Modify warning message as ��no camera connecting�� for mobile client
N/A Fix audio bug when user uses Safari browser
N/A Fix mydlink check internet function


Known Issues:

1. Chrome on MAC is not supported because of JAVA compatibility issue


2. When user remotely watches video which resolution is higher than D1 on non-IE browsers, Live view would crash.

3. When user remotely watches video which resolution is higher than D1 on MAC, a Java error message would pop-up. User only needs to select stream profile low/minimum for avoiding this issue.


Related Documentation:

  • User Manual
  • Datasheet



  • Please refer to Camera Support List in PMD system.


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